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Get Your Patches at patches4less. Custom embroidered patches are a great way to liven up any apparel, accessory or garment.

Get Your Patches at patches4less

An embroidered patch is also a great way to improve a business’ or company’s branding. Placing a patch on a uniform, jersey, cap and any other clothing or accessory may seem like a simple task; however, businesses may be surprised to know that they are an effective way to get a brand name out to the general target market. The Use of Embroidered Patch. Awesome Iron on Patches Ideas. Embroidered patches are hip, fashionable, colorful, and incredibly cheap.

Awesome Iron on Patches Ideas

They are used in schools, corporations, fashion stores, clubs, fund-raising events, music events, conferences, and even in trade fairs. A Patchy Overview of Patches. You would be surprised to know that the first patch in history came into existence through embroidery at least 500 years before the birth of Christ.

A Patchy Overview of Patches

The Chinese were the first people to experiment with them, using a variety of sewing techniques and textiles to repair and create linen pieces. Over time, someone had a bright idea to stitch some pattern on fabrics and even tapestries, and these would usually be quite small. These tiny pieces of fabric came became known as “patches” from then on. Patch-making was traditionally done by hand, by sewing several times across hollow patterns to form the desired image. The textile industry evolved with the boom of the industrial revolution, and people from different walks of life started producing machines to make patch-making easier. With the rise in presence of these sewing equipment came the ease in patch-making, and this was how embroidered patches came to be.

Iron On Patches: Hot Designs. Tips When Ordering Iron on Patches. Iron on patches might seem like simple little things but they are not made as easy as how most people think.

Tips When Ordering Iron on Patches

In the same way, ordering them is not a piece of cake. Patience is a requirement for both the manufacturer and the client on this process. This is one of the reasons why it is crucial to be cautious in choosing the right company to purchase from. Our company can work well with you but these tips can also help. There are times when the customers have things in mind that they cannot quite draw or describe. Think in Terms of Stitches. Tips in Designing Your Custom Patches. The demand for iron on patches is constantly rising.

Tips in Designing Your Custom Patches

More and more people are now considering this cost efficient branding method. To a few people, designing their custom patches is just a piece of cake since they simply need to use their company or organization logo on it. However, there is more to designing these patches than just simply using a logo. It can get more difficult if you still do not have any logo or idea in mind. We can help you out when you choose to purchase from us.

Concept The purpose of the iron on patches are one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when creating a design. Simplicity. Patch Microeconomics. How we create small embroidered pieces to help organizations Believe it or not, once upon a time, patches were the only way to identify a recognized organization or unit.

Patch Microeconomics

Long before organizations were recognized legally, patches were used as a means to identify its members. As the years passed, patches are now synonymous with identifying members of a specific group, recognizing people with similar tastes in pop culture and social awareness Now that the patches are back in fashion, there is also the potential for small time entrepreneurs and established organizations to capitalize on this iconic accessory.

The Origins of Embroidery and Embroidered Patches. It is rare that we do not see patches in the uniforms of government employees, private sector workers, sports team members and many others.

The Origins of Embroidery and Embroidered Patches

These patches, either embroidered or ironed on, are used to denote the specific positions, job roles, or ranks of the person wearing the uniform. Also known as cloth badges, these are created using thread and fabric backing. Embroidered patches were born many centuries since embroidery was first practiced. Embroidery has a rich history on its own.

In fact, the exact beginning of embroidery is untraceable even by innovative archaeological encounters. To begin with, embroidery is the art of decorating strips of fabric with the use of a needle and yarn or thread. Set A Fashion Trend Using Patches. A patch is a beautiful piece of art.

Set A Fashion Trend Using Patches

They are colourful, attractive and easy to use. Things You Should Know Before Buying Patches. Show your Creative Side with Patches. Customized embroidered patches used to be only seen on the uniforms of military men, scout rangers, fire men, police men, sports teams, and whatnot.

Show your Creative Side with Patches

What used to be a necessity is now an accessory. Owning a customized embroidered patch is an avenue to show off one’s creativity. Companies are using it as a subtle way to advertise their products. Business owners use it to show off their successful business and advertise their products and services at the same time.

Now even simple movie enthusiasts are riding on the trend. If existent designs are too limiting for a creative soul, then there is always the option to be unique and come up with an original design. Circles are best for logos and corporate emblems while shield-like shapes can help emphasize bravery in a military logo. All About the Iron On Patches. The Guide to Backing Types. If you haven’t ordered a custom-made patch yet, you’d probably think it is a waste of time.

The Guide to Backing Types

Well, it really isn’t. In fact, sturdy custom patches are worthwhile investments that will last year after year even with continuous use. Finished embroidered patches are also pieces of art themselves. Each custom design is uniquely conformant with the design specifications of a particular client. Accordingly, every finished custom patch is a work of art being put into action by the specific organization. All about Backings. Benefits of Having Patches4less Embroidered Patches on Our Company Uniforms. Gone are the days when we all have frowned upon the idea of wearing uniforms at the office. The advent of companies specializing in embroidered patches, like Patches4less, paved the way for these patches to gain a niche in the corporate world. Today, we can wear our uniforms with pride not just because we work for well-established companies, but also because we represent them through uniforms that are made more tasteful and elegant with patches.

Security of Image and Positive Reputation While there are numerous companies offering customized embroidered patches, we must carefully consider how their methods would secure our company’s image and continuously build a positive reputation for us. Free Advertisement If our client needs to advertise their company, we also make sure that our design helps them implement this rather expensive business endeavor through their uniforms. Increased Professional Image Versatility. Your Custom Patch Company. The embroidered patches are such a great help into our lives.

It makes our clothing’s more creative, and it makes our personalities more visible to other people. The personality that pertains to the use of patches is on how it shows the membership in the group we have.