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{freebies} Artists Notebooking Pages and ebooks - In All You Do. Krissy venosdale. Designers of Their Own Learning When we ask kids to read Chapter 3, we’re telling them what to know.

krissy venosdale

When we fill our boards with objectives that say “You will learn ____,” we’re explaining to them the very basis for the lesson we are delivering. When we give out a packet of worksheets that have fill in the blank answers, multiple choice, and matching, we’re telling kids to choose answers from our choices. When we ask kids to spend days and weeks in silent classrooms answering test questions, we’re telling them that knowing stuff is more important than their voice. But when we ask kids to design? Their ideas.

We put their voice first and we step out of the way at just the right time. I’m not saying it’s always easy as a teacher to do that. Worth It Before you read this, read THIS, “What is sacred in education?” We are all in education for our own reasons, our own journey, and our own “thing.” I read Kelly’s post and I thought, “Yes. The dream. That dream can get buried. Top 100 Tutorials of 2010 – the long thread. Home PomPom Pillow from Living with Punks.

Top 100 Tutorials of 2010 – the long thread

Dip-Dye Lamp and Pillow from Design Sponge. Simple Pillowcases from Made. Lazy Daisy Pillowcases from The Long Thread. Felt Flower Pillows from The Purl Bee. For Kids & Baby Skirt with Built-In Shorts from The Long Thread. Softies/Toys Recycled Glove Chipmunk from Miyako Kanamori for Etsy’s How-Tuesday. Bags and Accessories Blossom Handbag from Amy Butler for Sew, Mama, Sew! Holidays Japanese-inspired Valentine’s Day Cards from Danielle Thompson. *pictured above. First Day Activities. Boredom.


Kindergarten. Acrylic pouring. Figurative art. Art Instruction For Beginners - Art Instruction Blog Online. Essential Acrylic Painting Tips for the Beginner Artist Acrylics are a fascinating painting medium.

Art Instruction For Beginners - Art Instruction Blog Online

I never truly understood how versatile and enjoyable this medium was until I began working with them exclusively. I would like to share a number of tips that I have learned over the years. I hope you find these helpful. Thinning Acrylic Paint One should be very careful when it comes to thinning your paints. A great alternative to water are mediums that are specifically designed to thin down acrylic paint. Acrylics and Oils Read more Color Mixing with Acrylics – Technique for Matching a Color About the Artist.

Geometry in Art & Architecture Unit 3. Pythagoras & Music of the Spheres There is geometry in the humming of the strings ... there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

Geometry in Art & Architecture Unit 3

Pythagoras From Egypt we move across the Mediterranean Sea to the Greek island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, whose ideas dominate most of the material in this course. We'll introduce Pythagoras and his secret society of the Pythagoreans. We'll look at the Pythagoreans' ideas about numbers, as a prelude to our next unit on number symbolism. Our main link between Egypt and Greece seems to be Thales c 640-550 BC, father of Greek mathematics, astronomy, and Philosophy, and was one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Raphael's School of Athens Slide 3-1: Raphael's School of Athens 1510-11. Artistic World Building with Form Language Studios. Form Language Studios (its clients include Intelligent Creatures, Passion Pictures London, Passion Pictures New York, Posti Photography, Big Spaceship, Ghost VFX, BBC, Nissan, Toyota, Fiji Water) is an incredibly production company from Toronto, Canada, which deals with concept art, matte painting and other artistic services for TV, movie and game industries.

Artistic World Building with Form Language Studios

We’ve had a chance to talk with the founders of FLS – Darren Lewis (Codemasters, Free Radical) and Daniel Romanovsky – and discussed their work, their approach to visual design. © Form Language Studios, 2015-2016 Could you introduce yourself and talk a little about your company? How did you guys meet and how did you decide to practice art together? Darren: We met when we were studying at a school in Toronto that was founded by Michael John Angel. During a break I saw this guy leaning over at the waist so that he could turn his head ninety degrees and judge proportions with a fresh eye. In all we spent about two years studying there.

Color Meanings - Explore Palettes and Symbolism - Color Meaning and Colors That Go Together. Updated October 28, 2015.

Color Meanings - Explore Palettes and Symbolism - Color Meaning and Colors That Go Together

Color symbolism is the use of color to represent traditional, cultural, or religious ideas, concepts, or feelings or to evoke physical reactions. Jump right to one of the colors or color groups I cover in detail or scroll past the color list for more general discussion of color meanings and how color works. This page and all its individual color symbolism pages have been copied in whole or in part many times over by others. On these pages you will find my original, frequently updated, and ever-expanding and detailed look at the symbolism and suggested use of the many colors of our world, no matter how you want to use those colors. continue reading below our video Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Choosing colors based on symbolism can apply to everything from clothing to wall paint to home furnishings.

Leonardo da Vinci - ƎᗡOƆ IƆИIV Aᗡ.