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Eagletech Academy

Learn industry-demand computer courses from EagleTech Academy in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah, Hooghly and get the best jobs. The practical based computer training programs help you to be 100% efficient.

Hire Talent From EagleTech Academy – Practical-Based Computer Training Institution. EagleTech Academy – Practical Computer Training Institution. Professional Tally Program. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that was released in India on 1st July 2017 and has been created applicable throughout India replacing multiple cascading taxes levied by the Central and State Government.

Professional Tally Program

The GST rollout, with one stroke, has transformed India into a unified market of 1.3 billion citizens. Manpower who will comprehend the concepts of GST and implement the exact same according to contractual obligations will be needed by introduction of GST. Practical Google Paid Marketing Training. Paid Advertising this way can help increase visibility and enhance brand awareness via the immense screen network and a huge number of users of Google.

Practical Google Paid Marketing Training

It makes it possible for you to retarget clients who are aware of your brand but that have not made a purchase. And it can let you monitor and analyze audience data, measure keyword performance and website traffic, get the most out of SEO. Acquire new leads and Company from effective Google Advertising Optimize Google Ad Efficacy to Acquire business and save money Know and Boost Google Search Network Advertising A Sensible and Organized approach to rapidly creating Winning Google Advertising Understand the Fundamentals of Google Ads – like Broadcasting the New Google Ad Console and where to Gain additional Tools to Boost Your Google Ad Knowledge. Click Funnel - EagleTech Academy.

Professional Angular Training. Understanding AngularJS will get you a job or enhance it.

Professional Angular Training

It is a skill that also makes your internet software life easier and will put you in demand in the modern web development industry, that’s why it’s backed by Google and popular. This course will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge that you want to deeply comprehend and build AngularJS software – and we’ll construct a single page program along how We’ll layout custom solutions, construct habit directives, comprehend two-way, design a weather forecast app as a single page application, and a lot more. Both finished source code and starter is supplied as we proceed. Learn fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS. Write quicker, better AngularJS code by discovering how AngularJS itself is built. EagleTech Academy – The Best Computer Learning Institution.

JavaScript has been the most popular programming language for the last 6 decades.

EagleTech Academy – The Best Computer Learning Institution

The strong Node.js runtime environment continues to be ranked the technology most commonly used by professional developers. Node.js is a event-driven JavaScript runtime. Node has potential uses including being a wonderful atmosphere for building efficient network applications for JavaScript development. This course is a good introduction into the concepts of web development. You’ll learn the different parts that form the backend of a website or web application, and you’re going to obtain familiarity with all the Node.js runtime environment.

React native Practical Training Program. In this course, you will find out how to build user interfaces to the internet with React, also for iOS and Android with React Native.

React native Practical Training Program

You will also learn how to control state predictably on your applications. This class concentrates on developing truly cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps using React Native (Ver 0.55) and the Expo SDK (Ver. 27.0.0). Build A Successful Career With EagleTech Academy. To have a secure future, you need a job that pays you a high amount and gives you satisfaction.

Build A Successful Career With EagleTech Academy

Unemployment is a major issue in India and many students are still waiting to get a job. If you want to make your career path in a competitive situation, you need professional training in a particular field that makes you confident to solve the job challenges. To reduce the burden of unemployment, EagleTech Academy is helping students to learn courses and apply for the best job opportunities.

We are in the mission of making students capable of handling professional challenges and this is why we are focusing on practical learning. We saw that even after completing training, many students fail to make a mark in their professional fields. Python + AI + ML - EagleTech Academy. IoT and Embedded Training Program. The explosive growth of this”Internet of Things” is changing our world and the rapid drop in cost for average IoT components is allowing individuals to innovate new products and designs at the home.

IoT and Embedded Training Program

Within this very first class in the specialization, you will learn the present elements of typical IoT devices the significance of IoT in society and tendencies for the future. Limitations IoT design considerations and interfacing between your device and the world will also be covered. You’ll also learn how to generate design trade-offs between software and hardware. We’ll also cover key elements of networking to make sure that pupils understand how to connect their devices to the web. Please note that this class doesn’t include discussion forums. Basic Programming - EagleTech Academy. Learn the basics of programming through C++, Java Basic, and Visual Basic.

Basic Programming - EagleTech Academy

Explore possible programming paths with our final project selection. Get confident in your ability to think and problem-solve like a programmer. Be primed and ready for our career-ready programs after mastering these projects. Intro to programming Drawing basics Coloring Variables Animation basics Interactive programs Becoming a community coder Bonus: Resizing with variables Text and strings Functions Logic and if Statements Debugging programs Looping Writing clean code Arrays Objects Object-Oriented Design Becoming a better programmer. Basic Computer Training Course in bally Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah, Hooghly. Nowadays is necessary in this tech world, since some functions can not be achieved without a computer.

Basic Computer Training Course in bally Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah, Hooghly

We offer the computer courses for beginners and gives support for non-technical individuals. It can help you to be proficient in using computers. You are losing your career development if you don’t go along with technical means. There are various experts who have demonstrated it is a superb course to get a wide understanding of computers. About Basic Computer Course Today it is a common thing for kids and children as we all know, yet some people are not well trained in utilizing computers for performing activities that are little. iOS App Development Training Course in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah. Designed by Industry Experts‎ Become a successful IOS App developer with our Professional IOS App Development Course.

iOS App Development Training Course in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah

What You Will Learn You will start by learning the basics of iOS app development using the Swift programming language and Xcode, Apple’s development environment. You’ll develop your first iOS apps using layouts, views, UIKit, and more. Then, you’ll progress to build more complex and advanced applications, using networking, and Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch and Core Data, and will be ready to publish your capstone project to the App Store. EagleTech Academy in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah. Designed by Industry Experts Become a successful Android developer with our Professional Android App Development Course. What You Will Learn We built this Eagletech Professional Training program in partnership with Google for students with intermediate programming skills who want to become professional Android developers.

By the end of this program, you’ll have a diverse portfolio of projects to show employers, including your own app on Google Play. EagleTech Academy in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah. Designed by Industry Experts‎ Enroll for Graphic Design Courses in Howrah. We are the leading Professional graphic design training Institue in Howrah. What You Will Learn User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are high-demand fields in the IT, media and entertainment industry. Practical Full Stack Developer Courses in Bally, Belur, Uttarparah, Hooghly. Designed by Industry Experts Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Back-End Web Development. What You Will Learn The goal of the Full Stack Web Developer Training at Eagletech Academy is to provide learners with the unique skills they need to so they can build database-backed APIs and web applications. Frontend developer training in Bally, Belur, Uttarparah, Hooghly.

Designed by Industry Experts‎ Make your websites interactive with JavaScript & jQuery. Go from basic HTML & CSS to becoming an expert at Front-End Web Development. Start Learning from Industry Experts‎. Want to explore the world of codes with your deep knowledge? EagleTech Academy Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah. Contact Us – Practical-Based Computer Training Institution. Digital Marketing Training in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Hooghly. EagleTech Academy in Bally, Belur, Uttarpara, Howrah. Learn Professional Computer Courses. About us – Computer Learning Institution in Bally, Belur, Howrah, Hooghly.

EagleTech Academy is not just a computer training center where students learn theoretical and practical skills. It is a place where students are guided comprehensively to lead the competition. We have divided our teaching techniques into two essential parts so that students can adopt skills, steps by steps. Knowledge AreaProfessional Attribute Knowledge Area: This part is completely dedicated to theoretical and practical learning skills. But we aim to make our students a leader who can invent things, who can imagine bigger, who can turn dreams real. Learn Professional Computer Courses.