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Eagle's Landing Day Camp

Eagle's Landing program is broad and varied, encompassing all areas of camp life. Our Supervisors and Division Leaders are certified teachers. They offer a high level of expertise for the best possible instruction. Activities and routines are geared to the age, interests and needs of the campers. Eagle's Landing is for children ages 3-15.

Day Camps for Kids New Jersey - Eagle’s Landing. Eagle's Landing - Picnics and Events. Eagle’s Landing , located on 20 beautiful shaded acres in North Brunswick, NJ is the perfect place to have your family picnic, party or company outing.

Eagle's Landing - Picnics and Events

We recognize the importance of your group outing and our staff are ready to work hard to make it memorable AND affordable. Your guests can relax, refresh and have fun! Our professional staff will take care of all the details and organize your day whether you invite 100 or 1000 guests. The first step is to choose your date. Next, review our menu and select any add-ons for your event and last, decide which entertainment options (such as an inflatable slide, carnival games or DJ) to include. All of our picnics include the EXCLUSIVE use of our facilities. New Jersey Summer Camp Activities. Eagle’s Landing offers a variety of activities to meet the interests and abilities of every camper.

New Jersey Summer Camp Activities

Our Fine Arts Program includes our large Arts and Crafts and Ceramics Studios, Performing Arts, Creative Dramatics, Wood Shop and both Baking and Cooking Studios. Our Science and Technology Labs are always popular and the home for our Mad Science, Nature, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Electronics, Computers and Go-Pro Cameras. Our 20-acre property is packed with sports fields and courts galore.

We offer something for everyone including Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Ga Ga, Lacrosse, Football, Archery, Mountain Biking and Hockey. Be sure to check out our awesome "Tower of Power" Climbing Wall and 300' Zip Line. ELDC - Camper and Parent Testimonials. New jersey summer camp crafts. ELDC Glider Fold your own Eagle’s Landing paper airplane and see how far it will soar!

New jersey summer camp crafts

Click here to download the instructions for the ELDC Glider. Click here to download the ELDC Glider! ELDC Fortune Teller. Eagle's Landing Day Camp: 5 Ways Summer Camps Change Children’s Lives. More than 11 million people attend summer camps in the U.S. each year.

Eagle's Landing Day Camp: 5 Ways Summer Camps Change Children’s Lives

Most of them are children, whose lives are influenced positively by spending time away from their homes. Although everyone carries their own experiences home, there are some changes that are common. You will learn about those changes in this blog. Lasting Friendships Summer camps are places where your kids can make lasting friendships. High Level of Responsibility There are few places other than summer programs where your children can assume a high level of responsibility without jeopardizing their own safety.

Boating, Camping and Other Activities More than 16 million children in the U.S. live in families living below the poverty line. Transcendentalism There is life outside your smartphones, PC screens and HVAC controlled homes. Confidence Boost Freedom is one of America’s strengths. Eagle's Landing Day Camp: Here is How to Prepare Your Child for His First Camp Experience. Life at camp is different from what most children are used to at home.

Eagle's Landing Day Camp: Here is How to Prepare Your Child for His First Camp Experience

It can take some adjusting to make out the most of the time at camp, but parents can help. In this blog, we share a few ways all eager parents can ease their child’s transition to camp life, especially if it is his or her first time to camp. ELDC - Summer Camp Food Service. Eagle's Landing - Summer Camp Event. ELDC - Summer Camps In NJ. Each day of the summer at Eagle's Landing is what we like to call a special day.

ELDC - Summer Camps In NJ

Campers and staff get an opportunity to show their camp spirit by dressing up or participating in different events like Silly Sock Day, Look-a-Like Day and the Carnival. This calendar is helpful reminder for each camp family what the next special day is! Not sure when the next Trip or Overnight is for your camper? Our Camp Calendar has you covered! Aside from each of the special days the Calendar has all overnights, stay lates, trips and even Color War! ELDC - Summer Camp Staff. 3 Ways to Find the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids. We are barely into the second month of February and parents are already looking for summer camps for their kids.

3 Ways to Find the Best Summer Camp for Your Kids

It usually happens that during their search for a camp, they know on some level what they want but are not always successful at expressing it. Sometimes the sheer number of options here in Middlesex County may seem overwhelming. But there are some easy ways to shorten the list. First Time Day Campers For Kids. First Time Campers At Eagle’s Landing , we have a welcoming atmosphere making it easy for new campers to build confidence and self-esteem.

First Time Day Campers For Kids

From their first day at camp, they will make new friends and develop self-reliance. Small groups, experienced counselors and kind campers all create a comfortable environment where campers can try new activities and succeed. Eagles Landing Day Camp - Bullying Prevention Resources. Bullying is when one or more people exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, hit, kick or put down another person with the intent to hurt.

Eagles Landing Day Camp - Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying happens when a person or group of people use their power to control or harm others. Bullying can also happen through cyberspace: through the use of e-mails, text messaging, instant messaging and other less direct methods. This type of bullying can also lead to persons being hurt during or between the camp seasons and be especially hurtful when persons are targeted with meanness and exclusion. At Eagle’s Landing , bullying is inexcusable and we have a firm policy against all types of bullying. Our Camp philosophy is based on our mission statement which ensures that every camper has the opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy summer while developing new interests and acquiring new skills. Unfortunately, persons who are bullied may not have the same potential to get the most out of their camp experience. Eagles Landing Day Camps. Affordable Summer Camps - Eagle’s Landing. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - How Long Should You Send Your Kid Away to a Camp?

Kid’s summer camps foster independence in your children, boost their self-esteem and instill leadership qualities into them.

Eagle's Landing Day Camp - How Long Should You Send Your Kid Away to a Camp?

They also expose your little ones to America’s social diversity and help them acquire new interests and skills. But to benefit from a kids’ summer program, your child needs to spend an optimal number of days in a camp. Too few days, and your child may not learn anything at all. And sending your child away for too many days is not always a wise use of your hard-earned money. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - 4 Things to Know Before Sending Your Child to a Summer Day Camp in NJ. Although it is still January, many parents are already looking for summer programs for their kids. Parents start their search so long in advance for many reasons, but the main ones are securing a place in a coveted camp that will help their children grow and massive early-bird discounts. But, as with all things in life, an early start is no guarantee for success.

It takes more than a long search to find the suitable camp for your little ones—you need to know how to conduct your research in the right way. Being someone who has been running a summer camp in NJ for the past 20 years, I have a few tips to offer on how best to secure a summer camp for your child in New Jersey that will help him or her grow. Determine your child’s interest before sending him to a specialized camp If your child is interested in magic tricks, not mathematics, you will do more harm than good by sending him to a math camp.

Eagle's Landing Day Camp - How does our Summer Day Camp in NJ Prevent Bullying? Summer day camps in New Jersey offer children several opportunities to enjoy a happy and healthy vacation while developing new interests and acquiring new skills. Eagle’s Landing Day Camp is no different. Here everyone works together as a team to ensure that your kids gain self-confidence, make new friends and go home with great memories. To this end, we follow several policies that add to fun and prevent bullying. What is the need? During their long careers Barry Wasserman, Ph.D. No Bullying collects statistics on child bullying in the U.S. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - 3 Ways Kids’ Summer Camps Help Your Children Grow. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - Summer Camp Transportation Program. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - Summer Program For Teens. New Jersey Summer Camps. Barry Wasserman, Ph.D., and Ruth Ann Weiss, Owners/Directors Barry has been a Camp Director for 26 years.

Prior to creating Eagle’s Landing, Barry was the Director of both Eagle River Day Camp in Monroe for 8 years and Lake-Vu Day Camp in East Brunswick for 14 years. Barry served on the Board of Advisors for Camp America, a division of the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). He has also previously served as President, Vice President and Treasurer of the NJ Association of Private Camps, and as a Board Member of the American Camp Association. Ruth Ann has been a Camp Director for 18 years. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - Summer Day Camps In NJ. Eagle's Landing Day Camp - Kids Summer Camp.