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Grand Forte Presents - Crooked I - "Mr. Pigface" OFFICIAL VIDEO HQ. Freestyle De Rue R E D K Carpe Diem Marseille. STAMINA FEAT LE CSEN - LENDEMAIN DE FETE. Stream. Chewing Gum - ODEZENNE. The Elimination of the Major Label Model. This comment was left by Ritch Esra, the Publisher of Music Business Registry, on the post 6 Reasons Why The Major Labels Are Still Screwed.

The Elimination of the Major Label Model

The four major labels have a far more profound problem which is that they can no longer sustain their business model. Last year, around this time, writer Paul Rogers' published an article in the LA Weekly that discussed the demise of the major label A&R profession. Here we are a year later, continuing to witness the decimation, if not outright elimination, of the major label model. It's now apparent that, in the face of new economic realities, the model that flourished for years cannot be sustained in its current form. Universal Music Group has already announced cuts for 2011 of over $138-million in a massive restructuring plan even after several rounds of layoffs.

We now live in a world where none of that can be sustained. Labels used to be able to rely on big-box retailers for sales of albums. 'What if this is as good as it gets? ' La légitimité de la prise de parole d’une marque. Valery__/blogs-webzines-musicaux-21... Quora Quora Quora ! Quora is the newest kid on the social media block.

Quora Quora Quora !

In this article we discuss its question based social interface as well as its benefits to both brands and professionals. Talk of the town The 90% theory Quora is based on an insight that may shock those of you who already feel saturated by too much online information: roughly 90% of what people know is locked up inside their heads. Practical experience, technical know-how, words of advice, crucial wisdom and all sorts of wasted knowledge that never make it online.

Why? So what does it take to unleash the power of such untapped content? That’s what Quora’s founders coin as inverse or reverse-blogging. So, in a nutshell, Quora is a very effective platform to search, post or reply to people’s questions and it’s also a very well presented database of answers. The mambo of Quora A little bit of Google is what I see Quora’s core is a real time search engine that acts just like Google’s search box. A little bit of Facebook is all you need. 40+ Things You Need to Watch in 2011. If the popular misreading of Mayan mythology is correct, we have fewer than two more years left on this Earth.

40+ Things You Need to Watch in 2011

That leaves precious little time for the tech industry to develop and perfect of all the cool technologies that sci-fi authors have dreamed up over the years. Still, while a December 2012 apocalypse may spell doom for the commercial viability of hovercars, it doesn't mean that the next couple of years in tech will be dull — quite the contrary. 2011 is already shaping up to be a banner year for tech and web innovation. Below is a list of over 40 websites, apps, companies, gadgets and technologies that the editors of Mashable think that you should keep an eye on over the coming year.

None of them let you zoom through the air over traffic, but they're definitely all worth a look. Be sure to click through to each article to see our full write ups on individual entries, and let us know in the comments what you're looking out for in 2011. 10 Websites to Watch 10 Apps to Watch.