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Visualização de status. Tecnologia on Flipboard. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. Trezentas Coisas Gratuitas e Sensacionais para Empreendedores e Startups — Medium Brasil. JavaScript Transform Rotate Image Spin Smooth Animation Tutorial. Banco de Imagens e Planos de Assinatura. Mobile App Development Platform, .NET UI Controls, Software Development Tools for Web, Mobile, Desktop. GVinci. Empreendimento com o App Inventor. Em tempo de crise global e transformações no sistema tradicional de aprendizagem e trabalho, as respostas aos questionamentos surgem de forma clara, a partir do empreendimento: a possibilidade de embarcar em projetos novos e inovadores, aproveitando os avanços nas tecnologias móveis e a alta taxa de penetração móvel na sociedade atraem oportunidades de negócio impossíveis de ignorar.

Empreendimento com o App Inventor

Workbench 6.0. Workbench 6.0. Studio for Rapid Web Application Development and Visual Web Reporting; DemoCharge Screen Recorder. Features Visual IDE and Code Generator Rapidly build web applications by generating robust, scalable programming code in ASP.NET (C#), ASP, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, ColdFusion and Perl. Database-to-Web Converter Convert any database into a Web application in just a few minutes. Web Reports, Calendars, Galleries, Charts, Ajax and more... Transform yourself into a Web guru by using our powerful development environment for quickly creating advanced Internet applications.

Pre-built Solutions Customize and enhance any of the examples included with CodeCharge: Community Portal Online Store Task Management System Employee Directory Bug Tracker Forum / Message Board Full List of Features Online Demos & Examples Benefits Reduce Development Time Eliminate time-consuming programming tasks and build scalable, robust Web Applications in a fraction of the time. Minimize Errors Avoid costly programming errors and misspellings by generating consistent, well-structured code. Sample Applications. Ferramenta de Desenvolvimento WEB PHP - ScriptCase. How to build an app: 45 great tutorials. Marketing de Conteudo. 20 Examples of Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs. Your customers and clients are visiting your website from many different devices, from smart phones, tablets, netbooks and more.

20 Examples of Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs

Growing day by day, this has tested the traditional forms of developing a web design and helped craft a new way to meet your users’ needs. This is called responsive design. A brief explanation Responsive web design has very quickly become a new buzz word in the design industry. Fixed widths will be a thing of the past as fluid layouts have taken over with media queries and more style sheets to aid the changing screen resolution of gadgets and devices.

Innovative technology has changed user’s experiences and expectations of websites. Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs Responsive designs work well for a number of styles and trends; today we will be discussing minimalistic responsive websites. Although developing a minimal website takes as just as much thought and planning, making it responsive is slightly easier. Desenvolvimento Web com XHTML e CSS - Zend Framework. How to Prevent Image Bandwidth Theft With .htaccess. Protect your images from being linked by other websites while you pay the bandwidth!

How to Prevent Image Bandwidth Theft With .htaccess

By Christopher Heng, If your website displays beautiful pictures, you may encounter the ugly situation where your photos and other images are used without your permission on other sites. Even worse, those websites "hotlink" your pictures, that is, they don't host the pictures directly on their site, but embed them into their pages by linking to the copy on your site. This way, not only do they infringe your copyright, but they also make you pay for their bandwidth. System Requirements The solution outlined in this article requires your site to be hosted on a machine using the Apache web server. If this is not the case for your website, you cannot use the suggestions given here. Steps to Take Protecting your images using a .htaccess file is trivial. Put all the images you wish to protect from being stolen (bandwidth-wise) in a separate directory. That's all there is to it.

Free favicon.ico for your website (animated, static, text, iPod icons) Favicon.ico Generator. Build a Killer Website: 19 Dos and Don'ts. I’m continually surprised by how many people call my design company with very firm ideas about what they want on their business website and yet, they haven’t thought through some of the most basic questions first.

Build a Killer Website: 19 Dos and Don'ts

For this reason, our first question is always “Why do you need a site? ,” not “What do you want on it?” At bottom your website is a marketing tool. For many businesses, it’s the only source of business. If done right, it can be a major part of yours. Here’s my quick-hit list of the top dos and don’ts before you get started: Do: Set smart goals. Don’t: Do it yourself. Untitled. Faça uma Fan Page Profissional use o nosso App e melhore o seu conteúdo no Facebook!


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