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E2LOGY provides custom Web, Mobile, Cloud & Analytics development services to Businesses. It is headquartered in India and incorporated in USA with local representation in USA, UK & Australia

10 Timeless Web App Development Tips. 10 Timeless Web App Development Tips Designing web applications can be at times even more difficult than designing websites.

10 Timeless Web App Development Tips

Designing Android App for Interaction & User Engagement. Android is one of the most widely used mobile platforms and certainly notable for its simple but attractive user interface.

Designing Android App for Interaction & User Engagement

It is for this reason that developers all over the world simply love to create apps for the Android smartphones that in turn can fetch them substantial financial returns. However, coming up with a good Android app can be far more challenging than one might think initially. Software Development Methodologies By E2Logy. How Web Marketing Services Can Help Your Business Thrive. Sep 14, 2015 In today’s corporate world, reputation and social image is held with high importance as it can make or break our careers.

How Web Marketing Services Can Help Your Business Thrive

We need to focus on establishing a good image as a poor one can affect us detrimentally, whether there is any shred of truth to it or not. A good reputation can invariably bring you more clients and establish your foothold strongly in the market. The same can be said about your business enterprise. Whether you are the owner of a small or a large business, you should focus on developing a strong reputation in the market as this will bring you success both online and offline. Internet marketing tools that can help you to built solid market reputation Over the last few years, business corporations all around the world have understood the importance of investing in internet marketing services. How to Select Mobile Application Development Services? - E2logy Tech Blog.

Software Testing Services: Know it Well Before Implementation. In today’s technology driven world, companies and individuals make use of a wide range of software programs to carry out different tasks.

Software Testing Services: Know it Well Before Implementation

The efficiency of software programs can vary greatly, and different programs within a single niche can perform differently. Before launching a software program, a manufacturer carries out a detailed evaluation process known as software testing. Software testing is a process in which the performance of a program is evaluated to determine the ratio between the input and output. 10 Fail-Proof Way To Achieve Success On App Store. As the numbers of people using smartphones are rising with every passing day, more companies are now realizing the full potential of a comprehensive app development strategy.

10 Fail-Proof Way To Achieve Success On App Store

An app not only helps a company to create its brand image but it also serves as its voice, thereby reaching out to millions of people at the same time. However, while some apps find immense favor with the users, others fail to even touch the level of success that it originally aimed for. How to Create a Powerful Test Strategy for Mobile App ? - E2logy Tech Blog. There was a time when communicating with someone at a long distance depended mainly on the telephone that used to adorn the corners of a room.

How to Create a Powerful Test Strategy for Mobile App ? - E2logy Tech Blog

However, all of that has changed with the advent of the digital age when high end computers and mobile phones are the norm. Mobile technology has not only made it possible for us to be in touch with anyone, anywhere in the world at any given time; it has also completely transformed the way we carry out our day to day businesses and affairs. Judging by the way we are currently using mobile phones and their apps, we can safely say that this technology is here to stay and will play a greater role in the future as a major contributor to global change.

Should I Hire a Mobile App Development Company Overseas? Saas App Testing – Major Challenges & How to Overcome Them? — Testing Excellence. This is a guest article from E2logy As days go by, cloud computing is becoming more and more the buzzword in the tech circles.

Saas App Testing – Major Challenges & How to Overcome Them? — Testing Excellence

It is now a major trend among corporate firms all around the world and industry pundits predicts that this is going to be more so in the coming years. Companies among all kinds of market niches will adopt cloud computing within the next few years, and so the technology that makes cloud computing will also go through a range of evolutions of its own. 7 Guidelines for Mobile App Design – Developer’s Advice. The best mobile apps are a fine blend between efficient design and skilled engineering that in turn provides with great user experience.

7 Guidelines for Mobile App Design – Developer’s Advice

Fine aesthetic sense is a major driving factor, along with efficiency on the platform for which it is made. Too many times, developers focus solely on the functionality and use, thereby ignoring the structural and aesthetic aspects of an app. What you Need to Ask Yourself before Developing Mobile App? As the trend of using smartphones is spreading all over the world like wildfire, numerous people are thinking of developing apps on their own.

What you Need to Ask Yourself before Developing Mobile App?

Choose Best Cloud Service For Your Business. In today’s corporate world where companies have to handle a large number of information that needs to be accessible to multiple employees and workers on a 24/7 basis, it is important that a cloud computing service provider is chosen that is easy to use, flexible, comes with great security features and can be customized according to one’s own needs.

Choose Best Cloud Service For Your Business

However, it is important to remember that not all cloud computing systems work in the same way or offers the same kind of security. What Every Mobile App Developer Should Know about Android M? Recently at the Google I/O 2015 held in San Francisco, the developer preview for the latest Android operating system was launched. Named as Android M, this new Android version aims to go back to the basics and focus on strengthening the various features and functions. While its predecessor Android Lollipop 5.0 had an entirely new look, some users complained about some of its features becoming not so user-friendly. In this new Android version, there will be a somewhat less focus on the look of the operating system, but instead the features and functioning will be made much simpler. The new Android OS with a simpler interface is surely going to appeal to people who didn’t quite prefer the somewhat complex systems and workings of Android Lollipop 5.0. App developers for the Android platform all over the world are already warming up in this new version, and waiting for the time when most of the Android devices are going to get this update.

Responsive Design Problem And Fixes. Jun 2, 2015 Responsive design essentially means an approach to web designing which concentrates on providing the users optimal viewing experience. It provides the users easy reading and navigational experience with minimal panning, resizing and scrolling, be it a desktop, tablet, mobile phone or any other device. Mobile Application Development - Mistakes That Can Destroy Your App. Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Right from banking, booking movie shows to even downloading music there are numerous mobile apps for them all. People are using mobile devices on the go to buy products and services.

But like everything this also has its share of flaws owing to some misconceptions and negligence of people. There is a large variety of mobile devices which vary not only in screen size but also in platforms, be it Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Where there are companies which choose iOS over other platforms the fact can’t be ruled out that Android still reigns supreme owing to it’s compatibility, especially in Asian countries.