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Play background audio on-click in Mobile Safari (iPhone) without play controls - Some code from jonmilani. Problem: how to play audio without using iPhone's Quicktime-style audio play popup controls Solution: javascript + HTML5 audio tag (see above code) During the course of developing a specific iPhone web app, I ran into a lot of trouble trying to embed playable audio, to be played from the iPhone's Mobile Safari without the iPhone's native play controls taking over the operation.

Play background audio on-click in Mobile Safari (iPhone) without play controls - Some code from jonmilani

I didn't want the external play controls to popup, because the nature of those controls can disrupt the flow of a web app. Normally, when an audio link is viewed the web app (assuming it is installed on the home screen) is replaced with a Safari web page card in order to play the audio; returning to the app is therefore not intuitive to the user. This, quite simply, was unacceptable to me. To see it in action, visit from your iPhone Usage considerations: Libre constructeur site mobile sociale - (MWTR) View topic - [DEV] phpBBmobile Device Browser Style.

Blackbeltboy47 wrote:I am viewing it on my iPod touch and when I turn it sideways, it is easy to read.However, when I am looking at it in normal view, its kind of hard to read.I also clicked on a few links, such as ucp, there was no way to get back to the index.It definitely looks pretty good though. Thanks for that report blackbelt! Sideways would be the best way to view a site with your iPod anyways. We'll build it for that view. Yea, the index page and the viewforum page are the only 2 pages I have setup. I put the bottom section of the overall header in the index_body so all that wouldn't show everywhere.I had to add the breadcrumb in the top of the viewforum and viewtopic pages to compensate for that.When I get to the posting, ucp and mcp pages I will add the breadcrumb in the top of those pages also.

You should have been able to navigate back to the index from the breadcrumb in the bottom of the ucp page.But i know exactly what you're talking about. Thanks again for looking! Web Developer Class: HTML5 Geolocation. Many websites can benefit from knowing exactly where the user accessing their site is from, enabling a more personalized local experience.

Web Developer Class: HTML5 Geolocation

HTML5's geolocation functionality can help you do just that, as we show in this tutorial. A restaurant comparison service can help the user find restaurants near where they are currently located. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Obtaining the Geolocation Data Using HTML5 To get the current position, use the getCurrentPosition API call shown in listing 1. EnableHighAccuracy-If true, the device will use its most accurate method to get location information. Listing 1: Requesting geolocation data If the user grants permission and geolocation data is acquired successfully, the success handler function defined in the first parameter will be called and will pass in a position object shown in listing 2.

Document.getElementById("Output").innerHTML=outputStr;} Listing 2: Getting GPS Data. Listing 3. Position and Position Accuracy Listing 4. Easy HTML5 & Flash Setup. HTML ASCII Characters. - Convert .PNG format files to .ICO or .ICO format files to .PNG : Windows 7 compatible icons. Tweet Blender Widget. Home page. Site démo magusine.


Spip. Tutoriels XHTML, CSS, Accessibilité, JavaScript - Alsacréations. Mode d'emploi du Lecteur multimédia. Explication pour les rédacteurs sur la manière d’ajouter des documents multimédia dans SPIP notamment en utilisant le plugin lecteur multimédia Références Ajouter un mp3 uploader votre mp3 en tant que documents (taille maximum : 16 Mo) (la fréquence du mp3 doit être 44.000 Hz) renseigner le titre de votre document intégrer dans votre article avec le raccourci <doc61|player> <doc61|player|autostart=1> Le résultat dans l’espace public comment ajouter un mp3 dans spip Le résultat dans l’espace public (lecture automatique) Ajouter un vidéo localement convertir votre vidéo au format .

Mode d'emploi du Lecteur multimédia

Intégrer dans votre article avec le raccourci <doc54|player> le film de E Si vous voulez intégrer la vidéo en lecteur automatique, ajouter le paramètre autoplay dans votre raccourci : <doc54|player|autoplay=1> Le résultat dans l’espace public (autoplay) Ajouter une vidéo locale avec une image de départ Il est possible d’aller plus loin, en ajoutant une image de départ pour votre vidéo. le film de E (avec vignette) MP3 Player - Players - MAXI - Generator. Button Sounds. Button Wav Mp3 Sound Effects.