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Dystopia Function: Statisticians Are Jerks. Is Santa real. Physicist: The existence of Santa Claus is an established fact, beyond debate.

Is Santa real

I, like most people of my generation, have verified his existence experimentally by means of the “Cookie test”. The idea that millions of people, the world over, could leave cookies and milk out in the evening, and have them replaced by presents in the morning, without a “Jolly Agent” implies a conspiracy on a frankly Orwellian scale. That “theory” can be dismissed out of hand. Occam’s razor alone shows that this is essentially an open and shut case. Santa Claus: Judgmental and Dutch. Maxwell's Equations Long Form shirt. My friend made this in Math today..

Dystopia Function. Giraffe_farley_katz. Cuddly Cyborg. Math Jokes at - Profession Jokes. The Date Graph. - A webcomic of science, satire and dark thoughts. Kentucky Math with Ma and Pa Kettle! Cheating the Cheat Sheet. Inception. « Lord of the Rings Math » Posted by mathfail on January 5, 2010 This is too good not to post!

« Lord of the Rings Math »

Someone made it and posted it on facebook and I saved it to my computer. I can’t seem to find the link to where it was posted though. It_is_obvious.PNG (PNG Image, 744x616 pixels) Numbers. 7x13=28.