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Dynamologic Solutions is an affordable website design company that offers web development services and delivers responsive yet robust products.

Dynamologic Solution. The Hob Mob is a social networking website (Hob from hobbies and Mob for crowd), that provides a platform to individuals sharing common interests, hobbies and passions to crowd together in one place.

Dynamologic Solution

Members can maintain their own blogs and can promote their interests by posting photos, videos, text and websites. Interests receive ranking based on their popularity and number of subscribed members. Members also receive points-based ranking for sharing content. Tools and Technologies: Visit Website Features The Hob Mob has 18 different interests by default, including Arts, Music, Gaming, Travel, Sports and Shopping. Dynamologic Solutions Recognized as a Top Web Design and Development Service Provider in Pakistan.

Did you know that good web design, backed by a fully developed website, has become an integral part of a successful online marketing campaign?

Dynamologic Solutions Recognized as a Top Web Design and Development Service Provider in Pakistan

A finely tuned responsive website with an aesthetic design can have many benefits, which includes, but is not limited to, an increase in leads and sales, according to a 2019 Forbes article. Dynamologic Solutions is no stranger to this fact. We have been operating in the web development and design industry since 2007. We are eye-witnesses to the digital revolution, and consequently, we have adapted to every change. Headquartered in Islamabad, we have worked with businesses around the world. Because of our dedication, Clutch, a top B2B ratings and reviews firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., named us one of the top web designers in Pakistan. Not only did Clutch list us as a top web designer, we are also featured on its Leaders Matrix. An e-commerce shop client recently gave us a 5-star rating. Dynamologic Solution. ShySkySpy – America’s Last Stand is an online card game that is in fact an American political breathe-out platform to not only play an innovative card game but also enjoy friendly humorous political discussions and share views on various American political entities.

Dynamologic Solution

A general public take on what’s on the white house’s platter! Tools and Technologies: Visit Website Features ShySkySpy features games for two kinds of audience; Free players and Premium Subscribers. Dynamologic Solution. Fantasy Champ is your no-strings-attached daily fantasy sports experience which lets users to enter into as many leagues and sports and earn some real money simply by picking their team and using their knowledge to beat the pack.

Dynamologic Solution

Get hooked onto Fantasy Champ, compete with your like-minded folk and become a millionaire! Tools and Technologies: Features A new user can register onto Fantasy Champ using a valid email address, Facebook or Twitter. Once a user logs in, the upcoming games, history displaying the recently completed contests and access their friends from their profile. Dynamologic Solution. Cricket interact is a social networking website designed exclusively for the Cricket lovers.

Dynamologic Solution

It is an entirely cricket based platform where fans from around the globe can interact with each other, share cricket related content and hold passionate discussions about cricket players, strategies, upcoming series and game techniques. Tools and Technologies: Features Cricket interact comes with personal accounts that are managed entirely by the users. Public profiles can be viewed by all the members of the community and friend requests can be sent, received, accepted or declined by the users. Dynamologic Solution. Dynamologic Solution. Niche Software Development Services. Affordable Mobile App Development Services. Marketplace Development Services. Custom CRM Development Services. Fantasy Sports Software. Frequently Asked Questions If the same design is being used for all the applications and websites, how will my app/site be unique?

Fantasy Sports Software

In terms of aesthetics, the look and feel will be similar. There will be no stark difference, and there is a high possibility that your software might end up looking like the rest. However, software is only 50% of your business and the other 50% is your marketing efforts. How you get users and what kind of innovative game ideas you have, this effort will be your own unique flavor. Niche Software Development Services. Professional Infographic Design Services. Best Logo Design Company with Freelance Designers for Hire. Security Vulnerabilities in PHP. PHP, a popular programming language among web developers for producing dynamic and interactive websites, suffers from numerous security vulnerabilities.

Security Vulnerabilities in PHP

Being equipped with certain features friendly to the beginning programmers, it tends to entice a programmer into leaving a number lacunas that may compromise the security of a web application. However, sound knowledge of these security loopholes can render this language as secure as any other present in the programming ecosystem. As the title would suggest, in this series of articles we’ll endeavor to underscore some of the basic concepts pertinent to security vulnerabilities prevalent in PHP. Injection Attacks According to Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Cross Site Scripting and Injection Attacks are the most common security threats for web applications. Which Mobile App is Best Suited for my Business? The past decade witnessed a monumental shift in the world of technology.

Which Mobile App is Best Suited for my Business?

The increasingly widespread use of smartphones is fast rendering PC usage redundant. As the mobile ecosystem continues to expand, businesses are feeling the need to evolve with changing consumer preferences. In light of the same, our clients at Dynamologic Solutions often come to us with a dilemma–the choice of the right mobile app for their business. We usually find the clients to be torn between the choice of native versus the HTML5 mobile app. It’s okay if you can’t differentiate between the two. What is a Responsive Website and Why Should I Get One? Had you been asking this question only two years ago, it wouldn’t have surprised me.

What is a Responsive Website and Why Should I Get One?

Since then, however, the technology ecosystem has evolved greatly. Today, if you’ve plans to launch a website and have consulted a developer who has not discussed the option of a responsive website with you, I’d suggest you reconsider his appointment. What is a Responsive Website? The name is self-explanatory. New Logo Announcement. Big news!

New Logo Announcement

We are pleased to announce that after eleven years, Dynamologic Solutions has a new brand identity. The updated branding includes a new logo and website. 85 Best WordPress Themes of 2018. The internet has well evolved from its intended purpose. From being able to connect a few computers, it is now connecting the entire planet.

It has now become a platform of boundless opportunity for those who want to make their voice heard all over the world. The primary reason for the internet becoming such a behemoth is because of the world wide web. The web has taken the world into a new age of art, literature and commerce. 50 Best Magento themes and templates of 2018. If you have just started to research about running an online shopping business, then you have probably heard of Magento. If you have not, then let us tell you. Magento is by far the most popular content management system software built for providing solutions in the online shopping industry.

Magento plays an integral part in automating the day to day operations of major online businesses. How To Create A Successful Mobile Application. The mobile application market is one to marvel at. Google play store now has over 1 million apps in all the major categories. The result is that the application market has become highly competitive and in the midst of such cut-throat competition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for business to get discovered by their potential customer base. How To Create A Successful Mobile Application. How to Play and Win in Fantasy Football? In fantasy football, it can sometimes seem as though the same players are always winning. Out of spite for the game, many tend to say that the fantasy football software is rigged. However, that is not the case. The key to succeeding in fantasy football is to play the game right.

The 2018-2019 Premier League season is now in full swing. All the players have been drafted by both the PL draft authorities and the fantasy football draft software in the virtual arena. There are a lot of different options for individuals who want to play fantasy football. In the next season, old rivalries will be rekindled both on-field and off-field in the virtual gaming sphere. Again, sometimes it might feel as though the same old faces are winning. So without any further delay, let us start… Selecting the Right Formation In order to maximize the return of points that you gain each week, it is important to get the best players into your starting XI.

Better the squad, better your odds are at winning. Voice Search - A Comprehensive Guide. In the past decade, we have seen Google rise in terms of innovation with bold steps. Perhaps their greatest innovation came in advancing the voice search technology and natural language processing technology. What is Fantasy Sports? Fantasy sports. Affordable Web Design Services. Link Building Services With Effective Results. Content Writing Services for All Industry Verticles.

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