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Art. Craft. Woodworking. Design. Museums. Photography. Artists. Art du Japon. Arts and Crafts movement. The Arts and Crafts movement was an international design movement that flourished between 1860 and 1910, especially in the second half of that period,[1] continuing its influence until the 1930s.[2] It was led by the artist and writer William Morris (1834–1896) during the 1860s,[1] and was inspired by the writings of John Ruskin (1819–1900) and Augustus Pugin (1812–1852), although the term "Arts and Crafts" was not coined until 1887, when it was first used by T.

Arts and Crafts movement

J. Cobden-Sanderson at a preliminary meeting of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society.[3] Search the Free-Stock-Photosphere. Free stock photo search engine.