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Not Fake News is a blog site at that provides articles and daily commentary about today's news by a team of great writers led by Blogger-in-Chief Bob Gatty. NFN videos include interviews and supportive material for our blogs. You'll find funny stuff, serious stuff, and human interest features here.

BOB Gatty Communications Consultant For The Best Scene. Our blogs are written by a team of writers with various perspectives led by journalist and communications consultant Bob Gatty.

BOB Gatty Communications Consultant For The Best Scene

Our writers are all volunteers who simply want to share their thoughts and viewpoints to the growing Not Fake News audience. We welcome new voices to Not Fake News, so if you would like to join our editorial team, please contact Bob at Bob gatty Bob is a retired journalist and communications consultant who's career has included reporting and management position on newspapers, a national wire service, and national business publications.

His company, G-Net Strategic Communications, served numerous national trade associations where he helped launch and edited new industry magazines and provided editorial, marketing, photography and communications consulting services. Bob now lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with his wife, Jackie, where he launched Not Fake News in September 2017. Stacy fitzgerald (Editor's Note: She doesn't need much practice. cj waldron v. Easy Writing Strategies For Writers. Online Best Keyboard Warrior Ball Cap In SC. Purchase Stylish Tote Bag Online. What is Fake News and How It Affect People. To make people believe something misleading or to get lots of people to visit a website, false stories are intentionally posted or sent around.

What is Fake News and How It Affect People

These are deliberate lies put online, even though they are believed to be made up by the person writing them. Stories that may have some validity to them, but are not entirely accurate. This is because the people who write them — for example, reporters or bloggers — do not check all the evidence before the article is written, or they may exaggerate some of it. You may have seen sensationalized news stories aimed at enticing customers through a clickbait and disinformation rabbit hole. This false information spread across the different digital channels is called “fake news,” and has also become our daily reality, with no hope of slowing down. Detect a Fake And Real News Story. On a breakfast table, you drink a nice cup of tea with a cell phone in one hand.

Detect a Fake And Real News Story

When you feel relief after two sips, you want to have a daily dose of the internet. You log in to your social media feed and scroll in a hurry to touch every headline with bold letters. Suddenly you stop at a point that makes your eyes squinting at those words. It reads, “The world is going to end in the next 48 hours”. You shared the information with your contacts and touch the headline and landed on an unknown website. Best Portal For The Trending Talk Of The Town. Every once in a while, you need a news portal that can say it as it is.

Best Portal For The Trending Talk Of The Town

From talking about living room politics to the thoughts that you don’t want to say it out loud- a bold news platform congregating the latest talk of the town is all you need to keep you abreast and Not Fake News is out there doing exactly that. Using rock-solid facts to create casual news pieces on what’s hot and what’s not in politics and the current affairs is a forte Not Fake News has garnered over the years. Now, what’s the one weapon digital news portals have that can turn any piece of news into a sensation? The writers painting pictures with words and words alone. Not Fake News talented writers are a medley of talent brimming with enthusiasm, the entire concept spearheaded by former journalist and communication consultant Bob Gatty.

It’s all in the writing. As a writer, you choose the tone of your writing, the messages you wish to convey, the word choices you wish to use- and more. Online Available Fact-Based Talented Writers. America's Most Popular Baseball Bunny News. If you are a hardcore baseball fan, you eat, sleep and live baseball!

America's Most Popular Baseball Bunny News

You want to grasp even the most intricate details of the game and find fulfillment in deepening your understanding of how games have been played, won or lost—by following stories as well as using quantifiable current and historical trends. Unlike a regular fan who just likes to watch baseball, a fanatic is always striving to be better, and being better includes taking interest in the game to the highest level possible. Here are some crazy things you (and most die-hard fans) tend to do to embrace their love for America’s most popular sport ever- You want to stay updated on “everything baseball” - What’s going on in the game? Which players are doing really well? You watch the entire season, even if your team “sucks” - Keeping up with the game roster isn’t easy, especially if your team is performing horribly.

Author’s Bio – The author is a blogger. Online Cotton Ink Printed Tote Bag In SC. Have you ever come across a meme that made you go “Woah!

Online Cotton Ink Printed Tote Bag In SC

That’s so relatable” because we’ve been there too! From quotes to expressions, there are a lot of untold grievances that need an outlet and if you’re pro letting your attire speak for how you feel, you’ve come to the right place. While some speak out their opinions, others choose to let their attires do the talking instead.