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How to Create Your First iPhone Application - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Update: 01/10/2012: The original version of this article by Jen Gordon was published in August 2009.

How to Create Your First iPhone Application - Smashing Magazine

It was thoroughly revised and updated by the author in September 2012. — Editorial Team Since the iTunes App Store launched in 2008, over 500,000 apps have been approved by Apple, and thousands more app ideas are scrawled on napkins across the world every day. But question remains, how can a person with limited technical skills create an iPhone app? How much does it cost to develop an iphone application? - Stack. Top 10 Tutorials to Develop iPhone Apps. If you are tired of downoading apps for your iPhone why not develop one.

Top 10 Tutorials to Develop iPhone Apps

Don’t worry, even if you are a novice with iPhone programming there are a good number of tutorials that can guide you with the development of iPhone apps. It’s obvious that you would find it hard when developing your first iPhone app. There is a whole lot of information in iPhone SDK Development that will guide you with the tools and APIs for iPhone application development. Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition) (9780321566157): St.