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Greening Australia - Transforming our Landscapes Welcome to Greening AustraliaGreening Australia welcomes everyone committed to protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of our unique landscapes. If you're ready to get out and get active for the environment, Greening Australia has a world of ways to address critical environment issues. To learn more, play the video above or click here to read more about Greening Australia. Greening Australia - Transforming our Landscapes
TheRealEwbank TheRealEwbank Overview of the Australian government’s proposed carbon-pricing scheme prepared for the Breakthrough Institute. Last week, the Australian government unveiled the details of its long-anticipated carbon-pricing scheme, which include a fixed-carbon price of $23 per tonne as well as several measures to encourage the research, development, and deployment of renewable energy technologies. In contrast to the death of cap-and-trade in the United States last year, the passage of Australia’s national carbon price legislation is virtually guaranteed. Unfortunately, much of the legislation rests with the magical thinking that international offsets will drive the country’s decarbonisation, rather than full-scale efforts to drive the development and deployment of clean energy technologies. Under the proposal, Australia will have a fixed-carbon price of $23 per tonne from July 1 2012, before moving to a cap-and-trade scheme in three years time.
Podcast The Good Stuff features interviews with changemakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and folks just like you who are growing Solutions in their communities. Listen Teaching Tools Whether you’re a teacher, a faith leader, or just somebody who is interested in learning more about how we make, use, and throw away Stuff, we offer a diverse set of curricula and resources for all ages. Learn Blog Our latest take on what’s happening in the world of Stuff -- what’s good, what’s not so good, and what people just like you are doing to grow Solutions in their communities. read The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff

For the past three years we have conversed with the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming. They have shared their insights and experiences… and contributed their words to our rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustainability. To spread their knowledge our photography project has grown to include short films, study guides, traveling shows, a book and lastly a website where people can add their own terms to this ever-evolving lexicon. The Lexicon of Sustainability The Lexicon of Sustainability
TreeHugger The top ten posts of the week, all lit up with LEDs Keep warm with scarves in comfy tents or tiny apartments. TreeHugger


Green Alliance Green Alliance Green Alliance is an influential environmental think tank working to ensure UK political leaders deliver ambitious solutions to global environmental issues Resource resilient UK The latest edition of our journal Inside Track focuses on the concept of the circular economy, with expert commentary from business and other stakeholders.The features look at how it can be made to work in practice and its resource security and business benefits. Dan Rogerson MP describes how Defra is acting to support the shift to a more circular economy in the UK. Inside Track 33: Resource resilient UK
Community by community, we are demanding action on climate change. At The Climate Reality Project, the members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps are our front-line agents for change. These Climate Leaders have been trained by our Chairman, Al Gore, and deliver Climate Reality presentations in schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and government forums. Climate Reality presentations educate people about climate change, and build local networks of climate activists who work in their own communities and countries demanding solutions. Use the search tool below to find a presentation happening near you, or sign up to host a Climate Leader presentation in your community today. Interested in becoming a Climate Leader? The Climate Project The Climate Project
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Statement on the Passing of President Nelson Mandela December 5, 2013 4:59 PM Today marks the passing of one of the greatest leaders and visionaries in the history of our world, Nelson Mandela. Continue Reading
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