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RGB leds / multiplexing / ...

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LED - Fab Lab Bcn WIKI. From Fab Lab Bcn WIKI A light-emitting diode ( LED ) is a semiconductor light source.

LED - Fab Lab Bcn WIKI

LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices, and are increasingly used for lighting. Digital Addressable RGB LED w/ PWM waterproof flexi strip - (1m) ID: 306 - $35.00. Digital RGB LED Strip tutorial.

I2C interface - 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver

MCP23017 - i2c 16 input/output port expander. 74HC595 - Shift register. RainBoard - RGB LED Rainbow Fader. Before we begin, here is a parts list of everything we will need for this Instructable as well as links to vendors where these items can be obtained.

RainBoard - RGB LED Rainbow Fader

When designing this circuit I made sure to select common components that can be found just about anywhere that sells electronic parts. I found all of the items here on eBay, but many of the standard on-line electronics distributors (Digikey, Mouser, SparkFun etc.) should have these items in stock. ULN2803 - DIP 8-Channel Darington Driver. Print Page - Is an Arduino fast enough to read its own PWM lines? (cool or dumb idea)

MAX7219 - LED Matrix/Digit Display Driver