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Suprmasv. Make it easy to watch any content from anywhere in the world!


While plenty of commercial devices bring online content to regular TVs, they lack one key feature: the ability to access content restricted by IP address. I like the RPiTV project here: which you can use as the basis for what you would build for this bounty. The creator (Donald Derek) posted documentation here, and there is good information in the comments: Note: This bounty asks for hardware to be developed, but I will release the code publicly once the winner has delivered the device. Sample Use Case I’d like watching a Champions League soccer match to be as easy as watching an NBA game on a major TV network, even when I am not at home and only have my laptop with me. Completion Requirements 1. 2. 3.

Votre disque dur externe dans le Cloud. Salut à Toi: l'outil de communication multi-interfaces et multi-usages. Salut à Toi is Libre (free as in freedom), that means that it follow the free software philosophy, not only because it's the best way to develop a software, but also for the share and freedom spirit.

Salut à Toi: l'outil de communication multi-interfaces et multi-usages

In addition, Salut à Toi follow a social contract: a moral engagment with the user. By being based on XMPP SàT is naturally decentralised. That mean that there is not one big server somewhere where all the data are staying. That's the only good way to fight against censorship, and to keep control of your data (you don't want to have your private pictures or intimate messages to be in the hands of an untrusted commercial company, do you ?). Using a standard protocol is a key point: it's robust, widely used and tested, well documented. Federation means that SàT is open to the world: it can communicate on the global Jabber network. Wiki. Printcraft. An Open Source MQTT v3.1 Broker.

Using Gobetwino to Control Windows through Arduino - Electronics. A quick note on Gobetwino: Gobetwino is a program that you can download for free online.

Using Gobetwino to Control Windows through Arduino - Electronics

It uses Arduino to control Windows programs. Using it can be kind of tricky, since it isn't going to make itself work with your computer; you have to comform to what it wants. Here's some stuff to keep in mind before you start using it. -Both Arduino and Gobetwino have to be set use the same serial port. -To make Gobetwino work, you'll have to write commands for it. Gobetwino Code: The only parameter for this program is the .txt file. Arduino Code: What This Does: It takes the int value and saves it to the notepad file. Gobetwino Code The command must be a SPRID command. Arduino Code What This Does It basically clicks on the file named in the path. Can’t edit the parameters; just the SENDK command itself is enough. If you want to send a special key, here's a big list of ways to type those keys. In “File” type the path to the file you want to read. In the New Command menu, select SMAIL. Sends an email.