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Authentification BB / Marionette

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Advanced Security In Backbone Application - Danial Khosravi's Blog. Recently I was working on the security part of my application and I was experimenting lots of different ways for keeping the single page application secure and authorised.

Advanced Security In Backbone Application - Danial Khosravi's Blog

I saw an example of authentication in AngularJS which I found it really interesting and easy and as always(:D) started thinking how to do the same thing in my Backbone application. I tried to cover most of the advanced stuff that we need in most of web applications and usually in books and screencast about backbone there isn’t mush about it and it can be nightmare for beginners !! Backbone.js apps with Authentication Tutorial. At my current company I am working on my first large-scale production backbone.js app and I couldn’t be happier.

Backbone.js apps with Authentication Tutorial

After using backbone.js for a few months I have caught the vision and I am becoming more and more proficient. But every once and a while I still run into problems I would consider basic, but I can’t seem to find much help on the interwebs. Authentication with backbone.js apps was one of those problems. So I am posting the solution I came up with in hopes it will benefit someone else, and hopefully will garner some feedback or potentially better ways to solve authentication with Backbone.js. Starting Code Base. Marionette.js module to manage authentication. Needs a server method that checks credentials returning true or false. Started from this blog post code: Jquery ajax - add request header on backbone.

Fiznool/backbone.basicauth. Backbone/Marionette JS session handling example.