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A child's education needs the utmost care and approach to blossom perfectly in the later stages. Dweek studios focuses on imparting such education carefully devises plans and procedures.

Educational Apps: Unleash Your Kid’s Potential of Learning. Dweekstudios.Com –An Innovative Way to Learn and Teach. Five Ways by which Technology impacted Education System. In the present days, absolutely no one could escape the purview of technology.

Five Ways by which Technology impacted Education System

The varied hi-tech innovations have successfully influenced every aspect of our life and the education system is no exception. Owing to the digital revolution, a wide-range of new learning and teaching formats has been developed in the recent past. These schemeshave effectually brought a completely new dimension in the pedagogical sector. Starting from educational applications to online courses, technology has revolutionised the traditional methods of teaching and learning. Recently, almost every school is taking up these techniques to enhance the prevailing practices of education and guide the little ones towards a definite vision. Technology Changed the Face of Teaching-Learning : 1. 2. 3. 4. Making Learning Sessions for Kids An Easy Aspect. The learning ways for kids has reached different dimensions especially with the onset of technological dependence.

Making Learning Sessions for Kids An Easy Aspect

The present day learning approach is more of a voluntary smart education. With the passage of time, it has always been felt to develop learning measures that have the engagement quotient for the kids to remain attuned to. Capturing a Child’s Imagination: Dweek Studios Emphasising the Strength of Unity. Importance of Interactive Learning Sessions for Kids.

Six Promising Facets of Educational Applications for Kids The last few decades have seen numerous... - The last few decades have seen numerous technological innovations, and most of them have an immense impact on children as well as the system of education.

Six Promising Facets of Educational Applications for Kids The last few decades have seen numerous... -

One such exceptional invention is the educational applications, which have brought a tremendous revolution in the process of teaching and learning.   Interactive Story Sessions for Kids Aiding in Learning. Best Educational Apps for kids. The Wonderful and Quirky World of Short Stories for Children. The Wonderful and Quirky World of Short Stories for Children Childhood is deemed to be the most important as well the happiest part of lives of modern-day human beings.

The Wonderful and Quirky World of Short Stories for Children

Short stories are an intrinsic part of the joys and pleasures experienced by children.Stories and tales narrated by grandmothers, grandfathers as well as parents are remembered and cherished for a lifetime by most people. Apart from filling the lives of children or adolescents with fun and glee, short stores also serve a number of important purposes. They are especially useful for intellectually challenged children, helping them understand the nuances of everyday life. Short stories are also quite helpful when it comes to developing the personality of young adults. Make them Proud of their Own Heritage and Culture Most short stories for children are sprinkled with little facts and facets about the place or region of their origin. Dweek Studios: Short Stories for Children. The Positive Impacts of Playing Learning Games with Kids. Dweek Studios shares The New Age Short Stories Aided Learning Curve for Kids..To know more visit website: - #lvbvt6.

Dweek Studios: The Fun Learning Partner of The Kids. The existing system of education is not that much functional in developing the mental activities to an extent.

Dweek Studios: The Fun Learning Partner of The Kids

In today’s world education is taken to be mandatory. But it has failed to achieve the required understanding. That is why Dweek studios have come forward to make the process of education easier and better. Vision of Dweek studio : Dweek studios have a successful hand in giving shape to ideas in a creative way. They think that the world would have been a better place to live and learn if the technology was utilized earlier. How Can Apps Help In The Learning Of Children? - from @dweekstudios on Ello. Story of Stars through the Ages. English Short Stories for Kids: Engaging Aspect of Modern Day Children’s Education. The modern day educational standards have impacted and changed the way of imparting education greatly.

English Short Stories for Kids: Engaging Aspect of Modern Day Children’s Education

It is more of an engaging activity with the aim of overall development of a child. The interactive session through games wins an upper hand over conventional forms of learning. English Short Stories for Kids: Engaging Aspect of Modern Day Children’s Education. Interactive Solar System - App & Online Games for Kids. Solar Family is an Interactive Educational Game App for kids aged 3 to 5 years old.

Interactive Solar System - App & Online Games for Kids

As kids progress, they learn all about the Solar System and the planets along with moral, language, spellings, behaviors, collaboration, problem solving and much more. The game has been designed to ensure challenges with levels of difficulty, while at the same time providing a guiding hand helping them resolve these challenges. A Proper Learning Environment Fit for a Child - Solaborate Opportunities. The changes pertaining to educational standards that have taken over the years are quite stark.

A Proper Learning Environment Fit for a Child - Solaborate Opportunities

A quick comparison to age-old practices with modern advancement in education reveals of a system that has undergone changes for the betterment. Keeping in tune with the modern day demands, an educational system lies very much defunct without the focus and development into key areas of life skills. Balancing Act: Children often tend to learn and learn up fast at a young age.

Impact of Bedtime Stories on our Children - Dweek Studios. Ever wondered what impact would a bedtime story would leave on your child?

Impact of Bedtime Stories on our Children - Dweek Studios

Do these stories ever affect the path that the kid would choose as he is growing? How much do these stories contribute to the evolution of our children? A simple answer to this would be “Yes”. However, when we go to the depth of the matter, we realise that all positive and negative aspects of these stories are embedded in the kid’s head at least until he is mature enough to make his own perceptions or until someone who is respected by kid comes along to change it. The Educational Benefits of Mobile Apps for Kids. Stories have incredible educational value as they can educate children in simple ways and also enhance their concentration level and memorizing capacity.

The Educational Benefits of Mobile Apps for Kids

Storytelling app with visual content is a great way to inherit a difficult lesson and enhance their concentration level and memory power. Short story for kid can enrich vocabulary, improve language skill and stir imagination.Storytelling apps that come with different activities make the child memorize the content without difficulty. Stories that include repetitive refrain or cumulative encourage participation works well. Before allowing them to access the app, listen to the story and watch the content thoroughly for ensuring no in appropriate content come within their reach. Constructivism in Education - Dweek Studios. Constructivism is type of learning strategy which focuses more on application of education. According to this strategy, the level of understanding is far more than other traditional methods because students construct knowledge based on their experience. Constructivism allows students to actively create their knowledge rather than being fed what is learnt by someone else.

The Constructivist Approach. Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wonders of the World Presented by Dweek Studios. Dweek Studios – The Reliabl... Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- Jul 26, 2016 / ( -- With the development of technology modern world has undergone changes; some of them bring in utterly positive changes. Technology, in recent times, has been playing a commendable role, changing the longstanding concept about education.

Many organizations have come forward with exceptional ideas to create effective learning methods for educating the kids in the best possible way. Dweek Studios, booming in the prosperous city of Ahmadabad, India is one of such organizations where expert educators dedicatedly work to find out prolific ways to educate the children without compelling them to learn. Mindfullness in Education - Dweek Studios. Mindfulness is an emerging field of research in educational organisations.

When we refer to mindfulness in education we mean training the children to direct their attention to everyday experiences with a non-judgemental approach. The origins trace back to the Buddhist beliefs and practices mainly meditation being the best source to attain a state of awareness. Google defines mindfulness as – “A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

Since a few years after research and development in the educational organisations, there have been conferences held in different countries about “mindfulness in education.” You might want to refer to MiEN conference 2016, OMEGA mindfulness and education conference 2016, MiSP conference 2016 and several other organisations working on mindfulness programs as a part of education. Advantageous Aspects of Educational Applications - All. With the evolving technology different aspects of our life are being transformed, even the time-honored learning methods are also experiencing changes with the touch of technology.

Once the advent of paper and book completely revolute the way of the customary teaching process and now possibly educational app would bring a new definition in the long-established teaching practice. The arrival of the educational app has also influenced the learning method to a great extent and now with the implementation of it students are obtaining new authentic and prolific learning experiences. It’s now considered one of the best solutions to encourage interactive learning. When one use applications to learn something all of his senses are used to extract the information, it’s beneficial to develop the fundamental skills far more quickly. Mindfullness in Education - Dweek Studios. Short Stories for Children - Comet Meets the Solar Family - Download - 4shared - Dweek Studios.

Parenting Tips For A Better Future - Dweek Studios. Educational Applications for Kids- A New Way of Learning - dweekstudios. 1. Online Learning Is Self-Paced- If your kid is not ready to learn fast, the online learning games can be monitored according to the requirements. If your child is learning a new thing and he requires time, you can slow down the motion of apps as possible. You can also speed up the topic when your child has become comfortable with the old topic. This benefit your infant will not get at the schools. 2. Short Story for Kids- A Tale on Our Solar System. English Short Stories for Kids: Changing Education Keeping In Tune to the Future. What Do Kids Learn At Kindergarten - Dweek Studios. Here is an ultimate guide for parents who wish to know everything about kindergarten right from how to choose the right school to what kids learn in a kindergarten school.

This article shall answer all your questions and worries. Your child is ready to start his school education and everyone in the family is excited or nervous about it. Positive Approach - Beautiful Cinderella Presented by Dweek Studios. Educational Apps as Boon in the Modern Learning Styles – Dweek Studios – Kids Educational Apps & Games Short Stories. Society has come across immense changes since last few years in multiple domains, educational system being one among them. The inclusion of technological devices in today’s academic plans has served as boon. What Do Kids Learn At Kindergarten - Dweek Studios. 3 Beneficial Facets of Narrating Short Stories to the Kids. Gamification in Education - Dweek Studios. Gamificationˌ ɡeɪmɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity. education, ɛdjʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/

Dweek studios – On a Mission for a Better Future by Dweek Studios. Top 3 Bed Time Stories Your Child will Love to Hear. Are you a first-time parent and not able to handle your kid at night? What Do Kids Learn At Kindergarten - Dweek Studios. BubbleBud Kids Introduction - English Short Stories for Kids. English Short Stories for Kids – What are the Benefits? - Dweek Studios - Educational Applications for kids. Short stories are literary works which narrate a real or fictional event set in a specific time and location. Solar System Kids Story - Comet Meets The Solar Family - Dweek Studios. Education is most effective when there is a purpose to pursue it. During the early years of life, children have not identified their purpose and all efforts to make them learn something make no sense. Short Stories for Kids Online with Dweek Studios — New Generation Kid’s Story- “The Hare and... Kids Story - The Lion and The Mouse. Story telling if approached in the right ways is an art that will make this world a better place to live in.

Dweekstudios.quora. Dweek Studios – The New-Age... Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad -- May 26, 2016 / ( -- The modern world is an extremely dynamic place. About Dweek Studios - Dweek Studios. Kids Short Stories, Educational Apps & Games for Children. Choosing Right Pre-School for Kids- Guide for Parents (with image) · TomClark. English Short Stories for Kids: Pros of Storytelling That Enhances a Child’s Personality.