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Classic Rock Music 1965 > 1966 > 1967 > 1968 > 1969 > 1970 > 1971 > 1972 > 1973 > 1974 > 1975 > 1976 > 1977 > 1978 Rock Albums. Listen to a Wall of rock Music. The Making of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds: A Video Breakdown. The Beach Boys’ classic album Pet Sounds (1966) is widely considered one of the most important rock and roll discs ever recorded.

The Making of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds: A Video Breakdown

Rolling Stone magazine ranked Pet Sounds #2 on its list of The Greatest 500 Albums of All Time (between Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Revolver) and it was voted #1 by several other publications, including Mojo, New Musical Express, and The Times. Notable for its lush harmonies, orchestral composition, unified feel, psychedelic lyrics, and unorthodox instrumentation, as well as the fact that every one of its fourteen songs TOTALLY ROCKED, the album took much more time and care to produce than most of its predecessors.

The YouTube collection Behind the Sounds breaks down the creative process behind all 14 songs, with sound clips, notations and a detailed analysis of the construction of each track.