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Nikola Tesla History. HyperNormalisation. Banned Sci-Fi Channel UFO Special! - James Doohan, Bob Lazar. Good Copy, Bad Copy. The Great Mutable Cross of 2016 Prediction - Naomi Bennett Blog. Astrology Prediction of September Eclipse 2016 There has been a noticeable shift in social thinking and group action since September 2015 when the Lunar Nodes moved into Virgo/Pisces where Neptune has been for several years.

The Great Mutable Cross of 2016 Prediction - Naomi Bennett Blog

Then Saturn moved into Sagittarius and a bit later, Jupiter moved into Virgo. These movements from Cardinal signs into Mutable signs have created a real shift in group and social thinking. Classified Anti Gravity Craft - Full Documentary. Entropy, Order and Disorder Energy - Documentary. The Most Mysterious History Events On Earth Ever - Best Documentary 2016 Docu...

T.M.D. (Theatre Missile Defense) Space Programs Shocking True Purpose.

T.M.D. Secret Space Programs Shocking True Purpose Revealed [FULL VIDEO] Zohar StarGate TV Published on Nov 18, 2015The glory days of NASA are over! today the military industrial complex is marking towards world dominance through space technology on behalf of global corporate interest. To understand how and why the space program will be used to fight all future wars on earth from space, it's important to understand how the public has been misled about the origins and true purpose of the space program. This video tells the story about the history of the U.S. space program and reveals how the military has taken over the program in order to move the arms race into space. – dvinestone

Entropy (Order and Disorder) Energy. The Ultimate Black Knight Satellite Documentary.

The Ultimate Black Knight Satellite Documentary Published on Aug 23, 2016According to multiple accounts, the Black Knight Satellite has been transmitting radio signals for as long as we've been able to recognize the fact. The US and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object” Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from the black knight satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs. Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”. In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas. The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th 1954. The Time Magazine wrote about the Black Knight Satellite on the seventh of March, 1960. In 1957, an unknown “object” was seen “shadowing” the Sputnik 1 Spacecraft. According to reports, the “unidentified object” was in Polar orbit. There has been much discussion, de-bunking, and disinformation regarding this topic. What is true and what is false...that's probably the main question here. – dvinestone

The Best Documentary Ever!! - The Story Of Earth And Life. Agent Orange and Atom Bomb Tests. Espionage History Archive. In his analysis of the modern world, French Traditionalist thinker René Guénon noted that the true masters of revolutions, materialism and secularism were not actually ends in themselves, but only the initial phases in the occult processing of society.

Espionage History Archive

The ultimate end of the cryptocratic elites, Guénon believed, was the destruction of sacred tradition and the enthronement of infernal forces in a new counter-religion. With the experience of the Bolshevik Revolution and early-period Soviet intelligence’s forays into the realms of the esoteric, we have a powerful example of Guénon’s thesis in action, as recounted by contemporary Russian journalist Georgy Filin. Sami sorcerers and Buryat shamans, connoisseurs of cryptography and ancient poisons, hypnotists and psychics, telepaths and clairvoyants – who wasn’t brought in to work in the OGPU [Unified State Political Directorate] Special Department directed by one of Lenin’s closest colleagues, Gleb Bokii.

Original Article Like this: Are we close to an Alien Invasion ? UFO Documentary. Naughty Grandpa. RUSSIA’S HOOLIGAN ARMY (BBC Documentary, 2017) To The Last Drop.


6 BILLION PEOPLE HUMANS TO BE KILLED BY THE ELITE - NEW WORLD ORDER DEPOPULAT... Nova: The Spy Factory Full Video. Edward Snowden, A Truth Unveiled Documentary. The Aquarius Initiation (2002 Edition) The Dark Ages (Full Documentary) Unmanned: America's Drone Wars. POLO & PAN - Dorothy. The Mark of Cain and The Origin of Freemasonry. Thought Maybe. Our Generation. In the name of “protecting children,” the Australian Government’s so-called “emergency intervention” into Aboriginal communities in the remote Northern Territory, has taken away all existing Aboriginal land rights, suspended racial discrimination laws and placed over 70 communities under compulsory government control with subsequent measures of course having very little to do with “protecting children.”

Our Generation

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version. The Battle of Chernobyl. John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire. The Dark Ages Complete Documentary. Al-Qaeda Does Not Exist. Creating Media that Makes an Impact. The Collapse of The American (or any country run by a federal reserve system) Dream Explained in Animation. Shocking Ouija Board True Stories.

Secret Systems & Societies

Documentary - The Internet's Own Boy The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary. The IRA's Secret History (Full Documentary) Children of Men: Don't Ignore The Background. NASA hacked: leaked documents expose chemtrailing operation. Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture. PEACE & LEFT 2 - Full Surf Movie by Hugues Oyarzabal. Hunger Games Society Are YOU PAYING Attention. ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal. Summer Of Rave. Projet Montauk Conspiracy Voyage dans le Temps gouvernement ET Cover Up P... Lansky, Trafficante, JM-Wave, And The Creation Of Paradise Island. THE Great Deception of Man's History Illuminati NWO Freemason Antichrist UFO ... DISCLOSURE ET CONTACT. The Mystery of Empty Space. The New Atlantis - Foundational Principles Of The N.W.O & The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings.

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