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The ruble continues to strengthen because virtually no professional forex trader sees much developing with #Russiagate hoax. Keiser Report: Heading for Global War (E1048) @maxkeiser @stacyherbert. ...and if my sister had a dick she'd be my brother. I remember it as clearly as the shots ringing out from the grassy knoll thanx Max what a ledge with respect. WATERisLIFE □❤️□❤️□ oil is .... Banks & Cocaine. Videos. Michael Ruppert talks to Max Keiser about PeakOil and Collapse. Max Keiser on the Greek Crisis 2 (22-4-2010 GR-subs) Helen Skopis talks to Max Keiser about the Crisis in Greece (no subtitles) Not true in Europe where cowards are rewarded (George Osborne, for example). Keiser Report: Economic Populism.

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