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Anonymous Report: Seaworld sucks. Row breaks out over Greek medicine supplies. By Ben Hirschler LONDON (Reuters) - Wholesalers trading medicines across European borders have criticized a suggestion by manufacturers that Greek exports should be restricted to prevent shortages of life-saving drugs in the country.

Row breaks out over Greek medicine supplies

Such trade, which allows traders to buy products in low-cost markets and sell them where prices are higher, is allowed under EU free trade rules. But drugmakers have argued this could suck supplies out of Greece if Athens leaves the euro and prices in euro terms fall sharply. The European Association of Euro Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC), representing firms involved in this so-called parallel trade, said drugmakers were wrong to say supplies could be in jeopardy if Europe did not take such emergency action. "The wealthy pharmaceutical industry is exploiting the potential advent of another crisis in Greece for their own commercial purposes in portraying a medicines shortage," EAEPC wrote in a letter to EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis.

We Are Anonymous. Anonymous - United As One. Free Matt DeHart AnonUK Radio. Sabu Sexual Predator on Vimeo. Courage DeHart. Syrie « Les Baroudeurs de l’Espoir » on Vimeo. Moustache sur Twitter : "#HackingTeam can argue the Sudanese invoice is dated 2012, staff were still doing support (RCS 9.1.4) in Jan. 2014. HIX sur Twitter : "모피반대...... 개쩐다 이ㅣ거 맘에ㅔ든다... Anonymous communiqué « STOP TAFTA » AnonymousVideo sur Twitter : "►MOST RACIST STATES IN #USA ►It’s time to push back #Anonymous #StopRacism #charlestonshooting.

Baroudeurs de l'espoir. AnonymousVideo on Twitter: "►#FF #Anonymous In Solidarity With #Gaza @Opgazalab @gazaisalab @Doemela @OpPinkPower @AnonymousVideo #opGazaLab. Break The Silence In Solidarity With Gaza. Friday 25 July 2014 Hello Watch the video On July 20, 2014 Doctors without Borders issued a statement: Israel Must Stop Bombing Trapped Civilians.

Break The Silence In Solidarity With Gaza

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, the majority of the dead and wounded in Gaza are civilians, and medical workers are also coming under fire, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said. On Wed Jul 23, 2014 Israel issued an evacuation warning to Shifa hospital. On July 15th 2014 Doctors treating patients in Gaza accused Israel of using experimental weapons (DIME) on Palestinian civilians. DIME weapons are not in any treaty, are not banned, but given that the US mindlessly vetoes any resolution against Israel at the United Nation that matters little. And it is not just now, not suddenly. The Israel Apartheid State gives impunity for IDF soldiers trains together with other police forces. Sabu Sexual Predator on Vimeo.

Suits, Spooks and Sexual Predators; What Sabu Really Got Up To With The FBI. [Trigger Warning] Thousands of articles have been written about notorious FBI snitch ‘Sabu’.

Suits, Spooks and Sexual Predators; What Sabu Really Got Up To With The FBI

Universally it is accepted that his deceptions led to the downfall of the hacker group Lulzsec, that he was the protagonist in a host of resulting arrests and a primary reason Jeremy Hammond is now serving a decade in prison after accepting a non-cooperating plea deal to one count under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Keegan Stephan sur Twitter : "Weekly reminder: the FBI is flying secret spy planes all over the US: This week in NY & NYC: Beppe Caccia sur Twitter : "#Venice #Italy "with the Greek people against #Troika blackmail" sit-in now in front of State TV. #OXI #Greferendum. Maria Denaxa sur Twitter : "20.000 άτομα διαδήλωσαν χθες στο Παρίσι για τ τερματισμό της λιτότητας στην Ελλάδα.Την πρωτελευταία φορά ήταν 10.000.

Op Opus Dei. Keegan Stephan "Chance of being killed by police, black v. white, March through June, 2015. Keegan Stephan sur Twitter : "Percent of people killed by police who were unarmed, black v. white, March through June, 2015. Keegan Stephan sur Twitter : "June 2015 Police Violence Report. (Excerpts: two of the most telling statistics, IMO.) FBI Director Says Encryption Poses Law Enforcement Challenge. Widespread digital encryption presents a massive challenge to law enforcement, FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers on Wednesday, urging Silicon Valley to come up with a solution.

FBI Director Says Encryption Poses Law Enforcement Challenge

"Our job is to look at a haystack the size of this country to find needles that are increasingly invisible to us because of end-to-end encryption," Comey told the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Downing Street pelted with balls in demonstration against George Osborne cuts. Campaigners threw footballs, bouncy balls and tennis balls in their protestWere voicing their anger at budget they believe cripples poor and disabledWent from Downing Street, to Westminster Bridge, then Parliament SquareTheir #ballstothebudget protest happened as Chancellor made his speech By Euan McLelland For MailOnline Published: 13:56 GMT, 8 July 2015 | Updated: 16:29 GMT, 8 July 2015 Anti-cuts groups pelted Downing Street with balls in protest against austerity as Chancellor George Osborne delivered his first all-Tory Budget.

Downing Street pelted with balls in demonstration against George Osborne cuts

The protesters, who are opposed to cuts to disability services and tax credits, then marched to Westminster Bridge, where they completely blocked traffic. New visual timeline of Matt DeHart’s story. Anonymous PR Greece OXI. A Detailed Look at Hacking Team's Emails About Its Repressive Clients. Documents obtained by hackers from the Italian spyware manufacturer Hacking Team confirm that the company sells its powerful surveillance technology to countries with dubious human rights records.

A Detailed Look at Hacking Team's Emails About Its Repressive Clients

Internal emails and financial records show that in the past five years, Hacking Team’s Remote Control System software — which can infect a target’s computer or phone from afar and steal files, read emails, take photos and record conversations — has been sold to government agencies in Ethiopia, Bahrain, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. An in-depth analysis of those documents by The Intercept shows Hacking Team’s leadership was, at turns, dismissive of concerns over human rights and privacy; exasperated at the bumbling and technical deficiency of some of its more controversial clients; and explicitly concerned about losing revenue if cut off from such clients. Seeing “opportunity” where others see repression. Vanessa Marquez - If You Keep On Askin' Macheadfreemedia sur Twitter : "HOT DAMM ITSa NEWSDAY..... @CassandraRules...

Hacking Team Leaks Reveal Spyware Industry's Growth, Negligence of Human Rights. Hacking Team and FinSpy Clients - map created using This week’s document leak from surveillance software vendor Hacking Team provided new details on the burgeoning growth of a private surveillance industry which has spread globally without any meaningful oversight.

Hacking Team Leaks Reveal Spyware Industry's Growth, Negligence of Human Rights

While revealing many new and concerning aspects of Hacking Team’s activities, it also confirmed a number of theories we’ve long suspected about their operations. These revelations, which Privacy International’s Deputy Director Eric King has called “the equivalents of the Edward Snowden leaks for the surveillance industry,” have clear geopolitical significance, and it’s likely the story will continue to unfold as journalists and researchers around the world begin to unpack the trove of documents and emails contained within the leak and put them in context.

At this early stage, however, there are a few new insights worth noting. Tasos sur Twitter : "@AnonyMiss2209 I will not forgive I will not forget Till we meet again... Tasos sur Twitter : "@AnonyMiss2209 There is their action.There is our reaction as well... Keep the fight on.For all people for all souls. An0itslate.... sur Twitter : "SeaWorld don’t speak of dozens of accidents resulting in hospitalization #OpSeaWorld. HeadHunter sur Twitter : "is it acceptable to keep 3 whales in an 8ft deep pool for hours? #OpSeaWorld... Anonymous BlackHats™ sur Twitter : "They be like " doxxing cops is wrong! " And I'm all like .... " fuck em " ✊□... Anonymous call for protest in Myanmar. Defense Dept. Refuses to Release Report about Massacre of Civilians in Afghanistan. TaijiKen sur Twitter : "@CocaCola toxic partnership with seaworld. Do these dolphins look happy? Cruelty for profits #OpSeaWorld. Anonymous Operazione SeaWorld.

AnonymousVideo sur Twitter : "►ALERTE #StopTAFTA ►Nous sommes #Anonymous, Somos Legion, Expect US! #EU #TTIP #StopTTIP. ​Judges dismiss Afghan interpreters’ cries for help despite Taliban death threats — RT UK. Published time: July 08, 2015 14:33 Reuters / Omar Sobhani High Court judges have rejected two Afghan interpreters’ calls for help as the Taliban continues to target those who assisted British occupation forces.

​Judges dismiss Afghan interpreters’ cries for help despite Taliban death threats — RT UK

Two men, who worked with UK forces during the conflict, argued they were being discriminated against, despite being targeted by the insurgent group as “infidel spies,” while Iraqi interpreters had been given assistance. They say the assistance scheme was also unfair because, with some exceptions, it helped interpreters who had left the UK’s service before December 2012.

One of the men, Mohammed Rafi Hottak, who has already claimed asylum in Britain but says he cannot fully access the scheme, said of the UK: “I risked bombs and bullets working for them. “The people who I considered as friends and family, they are fighting me for my rights and the rights of my friends in Afghanistan.” The other individual, named only as AL, is still in Afghanistan and says he faces daily death threats. The Case Against Matt DeHart. Stanley Cohen Up The Rebels! C'Mon Everybody! The War Has Already Begun. Monday 20 April 2015 Hello Watch the video The Hacker Wars - Running time: 91 min.

The War Has Already Begun

Director: Vivien Lesnik Weisman. “The Hacker Wars” is a documentary about the mistreatment, persecution and intimidation of hackers and activists, by US government. The movie is directed by Vivien Lesnik Weisman and includes interviews by a variety of hackers, writers, journalists and activists. The Hacker Wars - Full movie HD - 1080p - 3.42.GB Free download Subtitles: English, Español, Greek, Bahasa Indonesia & Brazilian Portuguese. Get ready to be shuttled between story lines at lightning speed mirroring the disjointed lives of the protagonists and life on the Internet.

Major-adobe-flash-security-flaw-discovered-in-123562403034. Spyware company Hacking Team was compromised earlier this week, leading to 400GB of internal files, source code, and emails being made available on torrent sites for anyone to download.


While there’s some embarrassing communications contained within the leak, some serious software flaws have also been discovered. The Register reports that some source code contained within the leak includes software vulnerabilities that are being exploited by Hacking Team to break into PCs. At least one of the vulnerabilities has been patched by Adobe; users are advised to update Flash as soon as possible. Two vulnerabilities have been discovered, affecting Adobe’s Flash software and Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Hacking Team describes the Flash flaw as “the most beautiful Flash bug for the last four years,” suggesting that the company may have been using this to access people’s machines for quite some time. The second vulnerability affects an Adobe font driver in Windows. Anonymous Is Much Larger Than You Think. Complex sur Twitter : "A new study suggests that #Anonymous is 22.2 million members deep: One Million Android Users Infected With Facebook Hacking Malware Apps. Ever wondered about the number of users an Android-based malware app can infect after getting approved and published on the Google Play Store? Thousands or maybe around few hundred thousand? But, in this case, your speculations must have nosedived because a recently detected malware app has already managed to infect up to one million Android users, a recent analysis by the Middle East based IT security firm ESET reveals.

Believe it or not, a phishing malware was enclosed in a popular gaming app that goes by the name of “Cowboy Adventure,” used to compromise the user’s Facebook credentials. Anonymous Anti Censorship Carepackage. Break The Silence In Solidarity With Gaza. AnonymousVideo on Twitter: "►#FF #Anonymous In Solidarity With #Gaza @Opgazalab @gazaisalab @Doemela @OpPinkPower @AnonymousVideo #opGazaLab. Anonymous Fighting for Freedom. Anonymous Fighting for Freedom on Vimeo. #OpBEAST will take Finland on! #OpBEAST sur Twitter : "#OpBeast *new* ThunderClap Tweetstorm July17th #Anonymous #ExpectUs... Cayman ActivityGuide sur Twitter : "@SeaWorld DO Separate the $hit out of #blackfish! PROOF #dontgotoseaworld #OpSeaWorld #racism. Yes, SeaWorld Does Take Orca Calves From Their Moms. Here's Proof.

SeaWorld is backpedaling again, and no one is buying it. The struggling company is denying claims that it engages in the "heartbreaking" practice of separating orca moms and their babies — despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In an interview with NPR's Fresh Air, former SeaWorld orca trainer John Hargrove explained the tragic separation of orca Kasatka and her calf, Takara. Ąųţǫąŋǫŋ sur Twitter : "We are Anonymous We are #opbeast We got an exciting new project coming up If ya want in DM me w/o delay not u axyz. Remember Stanley Cohen: Sue Crabtree of FreeAnons on the Imprisoned and Overlooked #Anonymous Lawyer. Stanley Cohen via Fr3stanleycohen on Twitter Today’s Op/Ed comes to us from Sue Crabtree of FreeAnons, who has just discovered that one of the best-loved lawyers (no that’s not a contradiction) in the Anonymous world has apparently been forgotten by those on whose behalf he has fought time after time.

She has written an impassioned plea to activists everywhere to support this man, who is incarcerated and unable to work, and has been left penniless by his struggle with the government. IntelGroupNY Sits Down With Erica Garner…(Part 2) By now most of you either know or have heard about Eric Garner. His murder at the hands of the the NYPD sparked outrage across the nation. “I can’t breathe ” has become synonymous with the entire black lives matter movement. After Eric’s tragic death his daughter Erica took to the streets in search of the ever elusive justice for her father. Hacking Team Mexico contracts: Leaks reveal Mexican government’s spy contracts with cybersecurity firm.

Hacking Team, the international cybersecurity firm whose systems reportedly came under a massive attack on Sunday night, has held dozens of spying and software contracts with different Mexican agencies, leaked documents show. Among the Milan-based company’s clients are the Federal Police, the defense department, the CISEN intelligence service and various state governments, according to information that was published on Hacking Team’s own Twitter account by the attackers, who called themselves “Hacked Team.” The authenticity of the data could not be immediately corroborated, and Hacking Team immediately changed its Twitter account.

Mexico is the country that has spent the most on purchasing the firm’s software to spy on its citizens, says one group But the internet rights activist group, R3D, which republished the leaked information, said Mexico was the country that had spent the most on purchasing software from Hacking Team to spy on citizens. Darkodecom-hacker-site-shut-down-in-worldwide-sting-10392043. 70 criminals from 20 different countries were targeted in the 18-month probe into, a members-only website where malware was freely for sale. In order to gain access, users had prove their credentials, and show that they could contribute to the criminal community. NOTICE. Second Memorial for Paul Castaway Tonight at Shooting Scene. Yahoo Tech sur Twitter : "Major Adobe Flash Security Flaw Discovered in Hacking Team Leak. Hacking Team Emails Expose Proposed Death Squad Deal, Secret UK Sales Push, and Much More.

Late Sunday, hackers dumped online a massive trove of emails and other documents obtained from the systems of Italian surveillance firm Hacking Team. The company’s controversial technology is sold to governments around the world, enabling them to infect smartphones and computers with malware to covertly record conversations and steal data.

'Hacking Team': La policía y el CNI, entre los clientes de una firma de ‘hackers’ Sociedad Civil de América Latina rechaza software espía de Hacking Team. Hacking Team's $175,000 Apple Store And Google Play Surveillance Apps Flirt With Illegality. Forbes Tech News sur Twitter : "Hacking Team's $175,000 surveillance apps flirt with illegality: Hacking Team's $175,000 Apple Store And Google Play Surveillance Apps Flirt With Illegality. 40 maps that explain the internet. The internet increasingly pervades our lives, delivering information to us no matter where we are. It takes a complex system of cables, servers, towers, and other infrastructure, developed over decades, to allow us to stay in touch with our friends and family so effortlessly.

Here are 40 maps that will help you better understand the internet — where it came from, how it works, and how it's used by people around the world. How the internet was created Before the internet, there was the ARPANET Before the internet, there was the ARPANETARPANET, the precursor to the modern internet, was an academic research project funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, a branch of the military known for funding ambitious research projects without immediate commercial or military applications. Initially, the network only connected the University of Utah with three research centers in California.

NSF 1984: ARPANET becomes the internetOriginally, the entire ARPANET was managed by the military. CSAIL at MIT sur Twitter : "45 years ago, routers cost $500K & the Internet (well, ARPANET) looked like this. Anonymous sur Twitter : "New: Matt DeHart says he was tortured by FBI agents chasing #Anonymous & @wikileaks. An0itslate.... sur Twitter : "We Stand With You #EmptyTheTanks #OpSeaWorld... Unique New Crowdfunding Research App, Krowdster, Launches to Make Crowdfunding Easy for All. Crowdfunding gets simplified today (November 19th) with the launch of Krowdster, which has been dubbed the world’s first crowdfunding analytics, research and supporter discovery tool. Taking the guess work out of decision making, campaign creation and supporter engagement, the unique Krowdster web app is powered by big data, machine learning and predictive analytics – for projects that pack a punch.

Founder of Krowdster, Josef Holm stated, “I created Krowdster to help the hundreds of thousands of people who run crowdfunding campaigns each year. I wanted to help budding entrepreneurs make evidence based decisions, optimize their campaigns and discover supporters more easily on social media and in the blogosphere.” Easy to use, affordable and securely cloud-based, the tool makes it easy to plan and run a successful crowdfunding campaign, without being a big data guru. Miss Virago Moon sur Twitter : "Twibbon up! Join with #OpSeaWorld Truth Team & add a #Twibbon now!! AnonNOTORIOUS™ sur Twitter : "Welcome 2 #AnonFamily a new Anonymous sister, AnonyMISSKarin @KarinBorjeesson Warrioress for humanity & the voiceless. Nottinghamshire cancer patient Tom Crawford is finally evicted from bungalow home. Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants - Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Community Organization, Lobbyist. Greek Finance Minister “I Would Prefer To Cut My Arm Off”

The Finance Minister for Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, said that he’d rather cut his arm off, than agree with bailout proposals from the Eurozone on Thursday. Respect For the Unemployed. MissAnonymissD sur Twitter : "Greek finance minister says I wud rather cut my arm of than accept bad deal. “No regret, no surrender, Freedom Flotilla succeeded it’s mission,” -Interview with Basel Ghattas.

For member of the Knesset Dr. Basel Ghattas, It is true the Freedom Flotilla III didn’t reach Gaza, “ but it succeeded on its mission, it achieved by large its goals as it showed the entire world how Israelis don’t respect the International law". According to Ghattas, the Freedom Flotilla shed light on the Israeli occupation’s reality and how it turned Gaza to a closed prison.

“No surrender, let me know when it is the next Freedom Flotilla and I will be the first to participate, it is part of my political duty as a Palestinian living in Israel,” he said. - Hijack, violence and threats Explaining how Israelis “hijacked” The Marianne boat, Ghattas said that around 13 Israeli military warship surrounded the boat after midnight on Sunday. “ One of the warships had a military helicopter on its deck", he stressed. He said Israeli navy ordered the crew to turn back the boat to where it came from.