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StartPage Search Engine. Katherine Albrecht. Dr. Katherine Albrecht. Katherine Albrecht. Full show ( Listen as streaming MP3 | Listen as streaming RealAudio ) Hour 1 ( Download the MP3 ) Juvenile Court // Grand Theft Auto // Slender Man // Dr.

Katherine Albrecht

Laura // Start Page // Start Mail // When should kids be judged in Juvenile Court and when is Adult Court warranted? What role are websites playing in these horrific incidents? ** Stayed tuned for part 2 on this issue 'Slender Man' Stabbing: Teens to Be Tried in Adult Court 8-Year-Old Who Shot Grandmother, Marie Smothers, After Playing 'Grand Theft Auto' Won't Face Charges Controversies surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV (wiki) Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges Juvenile Justice When Juveniles Are Tried in Adult Criminal Court Dr. “Ni****, Ni****, Ni****”: Besieged Dr. Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 ) Pal Pauer // Water // Primary Water Cycle // Pal talks to Katherine about what is primary water and why it is important. The Primary Water Cycle Primary Water Questions & Answers Evidence of Primary Water New Water for a Thirsty World Essay. Katherine albrecht leads fashion institute protest nyc 300. Katherine Albrecht - Spychips THREAT! Resist RFID & Electronic Surveillance!

Twitter : "#Privacy ploy: Confuse snoops & marketers w/ false information! - @anna_m_diamond via @Slate. An interview with Obfuscation co-author Finn Brunton about online privacy. Photo illustration by Juliana Jiménez.

An interview with Obfuscation co-author Finn Brunton about online privacy.

Photo by Thinkstock You know that you’re being watched online. You know that your data is constantly being collected. The lack of privacy that tech users experience on a daily basis on countless platforms—from social media to search engines to retail sites—is obvious. Yet we quietly accept it, because most of us don’t know what else to do. Opting out isn’t really even an option. But New York University professors Helen Nissenbaum and Finn Brunton have a proposal.

Obfuscation tackles the ethical debates surrounding obfuscation and discusses the varying aims of the tactic. I spoke with Finn Brunton about Obfuscation and the discussions he and Nissenbaum hope to inspire. Who are you trying to reach with this book? Our goal for our readership is kind of threefold. At the same time, we have a couple of more specific groups in mind. People often say that you should just delete your Facebook account, say, if you don’t want your information to be collected. Twitter : "5 Things You Do Everyday That Make You Vulnerable Online - @Emily via @entrepreneur. 5 Things You Do Everyday That Make You Vulnerable Online. You probably don’t realize it, but some of the simple things you do on the web everyday could be putting you and your computer at risk.

5 Things You Do Everyday That Make You Vulnerable Online

In the case of online security, what you don’t know can hurt you. Here are a few common online activities that could potentially make you vulnerable. 1. Using public Wi-Fi networks We all do it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get us into trouble. “Public Wi-Fi is fraught with security problems. In other words, when you think you’re connecting to “Free WiFi” at your hotel, you could actually be connecting to a fake network designed to capture your passwords and other information when you try to login. Related: The Danger of the Bring-Your-Own-Device-to-Work Trend “Even if it’s a Wi-Fi network with a password in a coffee shop, you’re very vulnerable to being hacked on that network,” says Danvers Baillieu, chief operating officer of the VPN service Hide My Ass. 2.

Be sure you know what you’re agreeing to before you pass along personal information. 3. Why? 4. Katherine Albrecht I'm on the air with Songwriter/Producer Carvin Garland Haggins. Tune in now at... Grammy Award Winning Producer Takes On Urban Radio, Demanding End To Vulgar Lyrics. By Cherri Gregg PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is home to a rapidly growing grassroots movement to tackle vulgar lyrics in hip hop music.

Grammy Award Winning Producer Takes On Urban Radio, Demanding End To Vulgar Lyrics

A Grammy award winning songwriter is leading the effort, starting with urban radio stations right here in Philadelphia. READ: Rumors About Tracy Morgan Leg Amputation ‘Completely Fabricated’ Philadelphia-bred producer Carvin Haggins began his career as a hip-hop artist and then worked in urban radio. Mentored by DJ Jazzy Jeff, he’s collaborated with superstars like Will Smith and Justin Timberlake. But as an artist, father and citizen, he says he feels compelled to speak out against the lyrics broadcast over the air on local urban radio. Protest in front of Power 99. He believes these lyrics are having a negative impact on the African American community.

“It’s degrading it’s, disrespectful, it’s misogyny,” Haggins says, “it promotes gun violence, it promotes drug abuse, it promotes suicide and our kids are listening to this 24 hours a day.” K Twitter : "Google recruits programmers based on their search habits - @CdeLooper via @TechTimes_News.