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Anarchists Gather in Acapulco to Take over the World…Then Leave You Alone #Anarchy #anarchism #anarchist. DETAILS: Individuals subjected to #surveillance 'appear' to be under #FISA warrants.

Possible Faux Attacks & False Flag Events

Sharks take 7 to 14 yrs to reach maturity. Stocks take a long time to recover from overfishing #FedExtinction. 10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations. Mysteries Prehistory literally means the time “before we had written records” (roughly the time before the 4th Century BC) and ancient history is the time since our recorded history.

10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations

Our concept of ancient history was originally firmly determined by the bible. Written from an insular point of view, the histories of some ancient cultures were distorted, badly neglected or even omitted. The existence of inexplicable monuments, certain man-made marvels and archaeological finds pertaining to our ancient- and prehistory, are leading more and more archaeologists to believe long forgotten advanced civilizations existed. As most of our ancient records were lost during the destruction of the great libraries, the following genuine mysteries are the only remnants of their existence.

Ancient knowledge was a lot more refined and developed than we have been taught hitherto. Despite wars and several invasions, India’s ancient history was largely preserved. Intercepted Podcast: Trump Declares War on The Planet in Real-Life Remake of The Purge. Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher,and other platforms.

Intercepted Podcast: Trump Declares War on The Planet in Real-Life Remake of The Purge

New to Podcasting? Click Here. Donald Trump is treating the health of the planet as a short sell. The deadly game? Make as much money for big oil as possible before the planet goes up in flames. House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes: If I really wanted to, I could have snuck on the grounds late at night, and probably nobody would have seen me. Sen. CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer: Why did you meet with a source on the White House grounds the evening before you came out in that news conference? Jeff Rense & Benton L. Bradberry: The Myth of German Villany #holocaust #myth #germany #hitler. LIVE: Stream 2 on #spreaker. Synthetic Biology - Inventing the Future. Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs - 2012 (Full Documentary)

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God of Many Understandings - Miguel Conner. Humanities Resources - Cornerstone College (Mt Barker, SA) Gen.Anime. From Grandmother to Granddaughter: Rachel Perkins tells her own tale. Rachel Perkins arrives in a bustling wave of energy.

From Grandmother to Granddaughter: Rachel Perkins tells her own tale

Her hair is windswept, her face is clear and make up free. Her feet are grubby from the red Gulkula dust. She pushes up her sunglasses, kicks off her thongs and moves quickly onto the stage barefoot. She accepts a drink, but declines any powder to take the shine off her brow and cheeks. Her body language is relaxed and open. I look at her and know intuitively that this is not going to be an interview; this is going to be a conversation. She is my Grandmother - it is her role to guide me and it is my role to learn. HIV & AIDS - VirusMyth HomePage. STUDIO's. OFFSHORE $$

Politics. Brain and Religion. Every UFO Sighting Since 1933, Mapped. This animated data viz reveals that aliens don't shy away from cities.

Every UFO Sighting Since 1933, Mapped

If only this data viz were around when Mulder and Scully were searching for little green men and women. It shows UFO sightings since 1933 in sequence—fittingly, as little blinking lights over a map of the world: The intergalactic graphic was created by MBA candidate Christian Pearson using web-based software and data from the National UFO reporting center. It's a part of QuantBait, a visualization initiative through which Pearson wants to tell stories about economic, political, and social issues.

This UFO sighting map "was a fun way of conveying the point that beautiful data visualization can provide deep insights," Pearson writes via email. When you watch the map closely, you'll notice that the number of sightings really picks up around the 1950s and 1960s. Austarity. Why do you think they want us dead? FREE ENERGY COVERUP. Based on a True Story. Woodstock Earth Blog. The Patch is created in the gyre of the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone Graphic courtesy of Wikipedia Seven eighths of our planet is covered by water.

Woodstock Earth Blog

When you look into an ocean from the shore or from the deck of a ship, particularly in bad weather, you can’t help feeling overwhelmed by its omnipotent, omnipresent, and infinite nature. By contrast, you feel very small, fragile, and powerless. But, beyond this romance, man, for centuries, has been using our oceans as a dumping ground for everything from garbage to toxic and nuclear waste to sewage sludge with no guilt or remorse, believing that our oceans’ capacity to absorb our waste is also infinite. (The estimate of “twice the size of Texas” (roughly 500,000 square miles) may be conservative, as we have seen this estimate several years ago, just as we have heard “twice the size of the continental United States”, and even larger.

The north Pacific Garbage Patch and the other four major Gyres on a continuous ocean map. Brain. Enlightenment. Veritas Radio - John Herlosky - 1 of 2 - A Sorcerer's Apprentice. Read it! Think. Value & The Brain.

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