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Christine – earthempaths. “For myself it is a reaching deeper into the Intelligence that all Beings have access to … I share from that place.

Christine – earthempaths

The resonance of the heart is Real, it is our home. We are the Heart of Humanity. The impossible, the incredible, the unbelievable, the miraculous, the infinite is beating in our very center… the awakening is us BE-ing that which we are. The mind is an instrument designed to View or See .. a screen so we can perceive ourselves played out at the level of the manifest. The journey, the challenge is to step into the projection room and stop being lost in the script.” We say NO LONGER IN OUR NAME! Join Us! Earth Empaths Forum Christine, integrating into the divine body vessel, full force feminine truth speaker and intuitive Earth empath. Recognizing at an early age an acute longing and sense of discontent which have been forged into her compass and guide on this amazing journey we call LIFE.

ENTREPRENEUR:She started and ran four successful small businesses in Mexico 1980 – 2006.

Robbie Robertson

Heart Truth from Standing Rock, North Dakota – earthempaths. On this day February 22, 2017 (originally to be published on 21-2-17 however technical glitches stopped that, the message is more vital than ever.)

Heart Truth from Standing Rock, North Dakota – earthempaths

Ernesto Burbank speaks straight from his heart, truth too seldom heard on Earth. It is an honor to have walked on the sacred grounds of Oceti Sakowin, Rosebud and Sacred Stone camps. To have experienced all the veils pierced by love and the mighty power of peace. Let us rise up in song on this Blessed Day and allow ourselves to dissolve all fears and lingering doubts that have kept us from fully expressing our souls. My life was forever changed, within flows the eternal spring of gratitude for the courage of the Spiritual Warriors who put their lives on the frontline to protect our sacred ground and freedom of a chosen way of Life. Our power is the song that unites us all, it is listening to Creator that abides inside of each of us and surrendering to the everlasting love of Mother Earth. Mni Wiconi – Water is Life Ah’o Walking In Beauty.

OffPlanet Radio Standing Rock Christine Anderson with Randy Maugans.


01312017. # 01252017. RESILIENT!!! Aureosky Anonmulus Special Edition 01172016. Balance For Earth. Aureosky. Awakening. A Navajo Healing Chant Klymatic. Aureosky posts: Symbols of an Alien Sky – Official Full Movie. We present the first in the Thunderbolts Project’s series of DVDs outlining David Talbott’s reconstruction of the ancient sky.

Aureosky posts: Symbols of an Alien Sky – Official Full Movie

Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets appeared as towering forms close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears. NEWS FLASH: “ELECTRIC UNIVERSE 2013: The Tipping Point.” A breakthrough conference, Jan 3-6 in Albuquerque New Mexico. Wal Thornhill, David Talbott, Rupert Sheldrake, Gerald Pollack, Mae Wan Ho, Dean Radin, and many more, including most of the speakers highlighted in the ThunderboltsProject videos. SYMBOLS OF AN ALIEN SKY – Episode Two, The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars In this second episode of Symbols of an Alien Sky, The Lightning Scarred Planet, David Talbott takes the viewer on an odyssey across the surface of Mars.

As a scientific follow-up to episode one, it provides a definitive answer to a question posed by the reconstructed events in the first episode. Aureo Sky Update 012017.


WE WALK in Beauty" EE Raw: The People of Standing Rock. Standing Rock STANDS!!!! Native American Souix. The Opposing Dynamics of Standing Rock – earthempaths. Preface; I got stuck in the blizzard so camped in my jeep at the Prairie Knights casino as hundreds spent the night on the floor throughout the hotel.

The Opposing Dynamics of Standing Rock – earthempaths

Tired today not knowing for sure if I will get back to my sanctuary at Sacred Stone as the wind continues to howl. UPDATE from December 4th 2016: This writing will contain two dynamically opposing realities, since I have so little time to be on my computer these days. FULL ALERT: As the veterans gathered to walk to the barricade the announcement came of DAPL and their anon agents removing the barracks and their dark presence from Turtle Island, what felt like a victory was short lived celebratory mood. Energy Transfer Partners (DAPL financial corporation) quickly put out a letter to their multi-national investors assuring them that the pipeline would be completed and they would go ahead and drill and pay the $50.000 dollar a day fine. This is now verified through multiple channels. Earth Empaths stands with Standing Rock.

Alburqurque 1st Natives Support Standing Rock 2016

Winter sets in hard @Standing Rick. Aureo Sky posts Bunky Echo Hawk from STANDING ROCK - INUnity.