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Julian Assange Wants To Leave Ecuadorian Embassy For MRI Scan Of His Shoulder, Foreign Office Says No. Julian Assange should be allowed a “safe passage” out of the embassy where he has hidden for three years for a medical examination on his shoulder, the Ecuadorian government has claimed.

Julian Assange Wants To Leave Ecuadorian Embassy For MRI Scan Of His Shoulder, Foreign Office Says No

The Foreign Ministry made the request so that the Wikileaks founder, who has been living inside the London embassy since June 2012, could undergo an MRI scan. Assange faces arrest if he leaves the building, although police removed a 24 hour guard at the embassy earlier this week. In a press conference, Ecuadorian foreign minister Ricardo Patino read out a letter from Assange’s UK doctor who conducted a medical examination in August, the Press Association reports.

The letter says he is in constant and severe pain, which is growing worse and has been present since June this year. The Ecuadorian government says Julian Assange is having problems with his shoulder. Assange: the untold story of an epic struggle for justice. Assange: the untold story of an epic struggle for justice.

Assange: the untold story of an epic struggle for justice

WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "Sony altered 'Concussion' film after NFL pressure, WikiLeaks doc show @MIAuniverse"

Sept/Oct 2015

Hillary Clinton's 'Bleak Week': Emails Show Response to WikiLeaks Revelations. It was a "bleak week.

Hillary Clinton's 'Bleak Week': Emails Show Response to WikiLeaks Revelations

" That's how US State Department director of policy planning Anne-Marie Slaughter described it in a November 2010 email to Hillary Clinton, one day after WikiLeaks caused an international diplomatic crisis when it released more than 250,000 classified cables from US foreign embassies around the world. Clinton, who was serving as US secretary of state at the time, was implicated in the WikiLeaks revelations of signing off on a secret intelligence campaign targeting United Nations officials, including Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The campaign called for the collection of UN officials' biometric information, as well as their credit card details, email addresses, phone numbers, and frequent flyer-account numbers. Iceland says NO to Debt-Slavery - WikiLeaks. From WikiLeaks August 22, 2009 By Notsilvia Night (The Peoples Voice)[1] Here in Iceland people say, that if the country´s government agrees to give in to British and Dutch blackmail to pay the debts of the private internet-subsidiary Ice-Save of the private bank Landsbanki, we all will become Ice-Slaves.

Iceland says NO to Debt-Slavery - WikiLeaks

So public opinion is forcing the parliament to refuse unconditional debt-payments. According to a new agreement payments are only to be made conditional as a percentage of economic growth. Already a large group of international banks have come together to sue Iceland for full and unconditional payments. Espionnage Élysée. (on 2015-06-29) English | French Today, 29 June 2015, WikiLeaks continues "Espionnage Élysée", our ongoing publication of a collection of TOP SECRET documents from United States surveillance operations against France.

Espionnage Élysée

Today's publication comprises seven top secret documents detailing how the US has had a decade- long policy of economic espionage against France, including the interception of all French corporate contracts and negotiations valued at more than $200 million. The documents demonstrate that the US National Security Agency, far from being a rogue organisation, is carrying out an economic espionage policy created by the US Director of National Intelligence. WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "RELEASE: The Euro Intercepts - US and UK bugged Merkel-Hollande plan for Greece #NSA #GCHQ. WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "RELEASE: UK Spies Bugged Franco-German #Greece BRICS Bailout Plan, Gave Intercept To US #GCHQ.

The Euro Intercepts. The Euro Intercepts. (on 2015-07-08) Press Release English | Deutsch Today, Wednesday 8 July at 1800 CEST, WikiLeaks publishes three NSA intercepts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with a list of 56 National Security Agency (NSA) target selectors for the Chancellor and the Chancellery.

The Euro Intercepts

It lists not only confidential numbers for the Chancellor, but also for her top officials, her aides, her chief of staff, her political office and even her fax machine. The combined German NSA target lists released by WikiLeaks so far shows the NSA explicitly targeted for long-term surveillance 125 phone numbers for top German officials and did so for political and economic reasons, according to its own designations. The Hackingteam Archives. And rightly so!!!

The Hackingteam Archives

From Friday’s WIRED, also available at FYI,DavidAnonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years in PrisonBy Kevin Poulsen 11.15.13 Photo: Jim Newberry, Hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced this morning to 10 years in prison and three years of supervised release for a damaging, politically motivated computer intrusion at the private intelligence firm Stratfor in 2011. The 28-year-old Chicagoan pleaded guilty earlier this year to hacking the servers of Strategic Forecasting, Inc., where he wiped out files and databases and stole 5 million private email messages and 60,000 customer credit card numbers. The Hackingteam Archives. The Hackingteam Archives. Hi Giancarlo, The price for this item is currently set at $105,000.00 but can probably be negotiated.

The Hackingteam Archives

This item is an ideal-state item meaning that it is flawless. If you'd like to negotiate on the price please don't hesitate. The Hackingteam Archives. Assange Offers to Release Unredacted List of German NSA Spy Targets. Europe Get short URL MOSCOW (Sputnik) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide the Bundestag committee with the full list of US National Security Agency (NSA) spying targets in Germany, in an interview with Germany’s Spiegel magazine.

Assange Offers to Release Unredacted List of German NSA Spy Targets

The Hackingteam Archives. NSA Helped CIA Outmanoeuvre Europe on Torture. WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "#Assange on #Facebook's 'digital colonialism' Interview with WikiLeaks Head Julian Assange. SPIEGEL: Mr.

Interview with WikiLeaks Head Julian Assange

Assange, WikiLeaks is back -- releasing documents proving United States surveillance of the French government, publishing Saudi diplomatic cables and posting evidence of the massive surveillance of the German government by US secret services. What are the reasons for this comeback? Assange: Yes, WikiLeaks has been publishing a lot of material in the last few months. We have been publishing right through, but sometimes it has been material which does not concern the West and the Western media -- documents about Syria, for example.

But you have to consider that there was, and still is, a conflict with the United States government which started in earnest in 2010 after we began publishing a variety of classified US documents. The Saudi Cables. Over half a million cables and other documents from the Saudi Foreign Ministry. A total of 61304 published so far. Snowden Our Hero sur Twitter : "#NSA #Japan #Wikileaks #RT... 08NEWDELHI1214_a. Show Headers IMPRESSIVE DIVIDENDS BUT PRIDE LEAVES LIONS EXPOSED Ref A: 2007 New Delhi 2027 NEW DELHI 00001214 001.2 OF 003 1. SUMMARY: In a recent trip covering the length and breadth of Gujarat State, EmbOffs met with state wildlife officials to discuss lessons learned from the 2007 poaching of Asiatic lions in Gir National Park, as well as the current state of wildlife conservation in India's westernmost state.

EmbOffs learned that a combination of strong political will, education, and culture has put Gujarat at the forefront of cutting edge conservation in India while paradoxically leaving the Asiatic lion in a dangerously exposed position. Julian Assange To Be Set Free - disinformation. Julian Assange set to be cleared as sex allegations expire.

He is avoiding extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over the alleged crimes, which include violent sexual assault. Within a week, three of the four claims he faces will have reached their five year expiry date under Sweden’s statute of limitations. As a result Mr Assange, 44, is due to be cleared, Swedish prosecutors told the Times. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA. Zorbitor sur Twitter : "@suigenerisjen This Sunday is Wave at #Surveillance Day AND the #Assange protest in #London!


Frederick Forsyth campaigns for UK to violate embassy to get Assange was MI6 spy: WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "BREAKING: UK Secretary of State Hugo Swire just met with Ecuador's Ambassador to the UK See. WikiLeaks sur Twitter : "New York, Sep 8: Book launch, Julian Assange in conversation with Jeremy Scahill... Only three of 116 Guantánamo detainees were captured by US forces.