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1st Original Peoples
gondwanaland australia

Genetic study points to Indigenous Australians as the oldest continuous society on Earth. Our Generation. In the name of “protecting children,” the Australian Government’s so-called “emergency intervention” into Aboriginal communities in the remote Northern Territory, has taken away all existing Aboriginal land rights, suspended racial discrimination laws and placed over 70 communities under compulsory government control with subsequent measures of course having very little to do with “protecting children.”

Our Generation


Albert Namigira. Cathy Freeman. Christine Anu. NITV. Jailbreak - ORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN PEOPLES. ASIO Persons of Interest Pt3 Gary Foley Aboriginal Gumbainggir activist, academic, writer and actor. (click/scrolldown to pt3 ) Persons of Interest is a four part series where former activists and political dissidents are given their previously secret ASIO files and asked to explain the allegations contained in them.

ASIO Persons of Interest Pt3 Gary Foley Aboriginal Gumbainggir activist, academic, writer and actor. (click/scrolldown to pt3 )

As a result, the series unravels the hidden political and cultural history of Australia that is still being unmasked today in a world gripped by confirmations of mass surveillance abuses by ASIO and other intelligence agencies such as the NSA in the United States. Using the content of the ASIO records themselves along with genuine surveillance footage, this series tells the story of spies, traitors and intelligence intrigue in Australia against a backdrop of the big political events of the 20th century; at a time when fear of Communism, outsiders and threats to the established order fostered the construction of a vast and secret network of surveillance on ordinary people.


Yorta Yorta, Mhutti Mhutti

Gondwana - Wikipedia. The adjective "Gondwanan" is in common use in biogeography when referring to patterns of distribution of living organisms, typically when the organisms are restricted to two or more of the now-discontinuous regions that were once part of Gondwana, including the Antarctic flora.

Gondwana - Wikipedia

For example, the plant family Proteaceae, known only from southern South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, is considered to have a "Gondwanan distribution". This pattern is often considered to indicate an archaic, or relict, lineage. Formation[edit] Goanna. Maralinga. News of the Wiradjuri people.

Wiradjuri Country

The Tall Man is the story of an Aboriginal man,Mulrunji Cameron Doomadgee who in 2004 was arrested by Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley (the so-called ‘Tall Man’) in Palm Island, a tropical paradise in Australia’s Far North. 45 min (click article to view) Bush Tukka. Dust Echoes: Ancient Stories, New Voices. Primitive People - Australian Aborigines (1950s) John Pilger Documentey. Hunters & Collectors - When The River Runs Dry. History of gondwanaland. I Am Aboriginal. 1st Original peoples of gondwanaland STAND... As their flag stands tall with respect. Sovereign Union - First Nations Asserting Sovereignty. Indigenous Education Resources. Indigenous Education Resources Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Indigenous Education Resources

Sites are Australian unless specifically indicated otherwise. They may be suited to either/both Indigenous Education or Indigenous Studies. They may apply to several curriculum areas. Resources cover all areas from Dreamtime stories to specific Careers advice, Indigenous readers to film guides, statistics to webquests. Listed individual resources are suitable for teacher use with all education levels unless specifically indicated otherwise. ABC and SBS ABC Online IndigenousNews, video, television, Language Map, more. Education Departments & Schools Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories Unit of Lesson Plans - Year 3 and 4Australian Curriculum Lessons.

Sydney Invasion Day Protest 2017

Invasion Day Melbourne rally draws tens of thousands of protesters. Tens of thousands of people gathered in Melbourne's CBD for an 'Invasion Day' rally on Thursday.

Invasion Day Melbourne rally draws tens of thousands of protesters

The crowd at Federation Square - estimated by some to be up to 50,000 people - is believed to have eclipsed the number of people who attended the earlier Australia Day march along Swanston Street. This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Caption Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. What's Australia Day like for an Aboriginal community? Melbourne Invasion Day rally: tens of ... Melbourne Invasion Day rally: tens of thousands march in CBD What's Australia Day like for an ... Aboriginal people lived on the land now known as Lake Tyers, also known as Bung Yarnda, for at least 50,000 years before the campaign to dispossess and eradicate them began.

Detention centre escapees arrested The final two Malmsbury youth detention centre escapees have been caught by police in Colac, bringing an end to a 24-hour manhunt. Photo gallery Jodie. 1st original native peoples gondwanaland. Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls - Maralinga. Uluru, Ayaers Rock, Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth. The Third Earth Chakra, the solar plexus, is known by the local aboriginals as Uluru.

Uluru, Ayaers Rock, Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth

This amazing sandstone formation, a part of Kata Tjuta National Park, stands 348 m (1,142 ft) high (863 m/2,831 ft above sea level) with most of its bulk below the ground, and measures 9.4 km (5.8 mi) in circumference. In October 1872 the explorer Ernest Giles was the first non-indigenous person to sight the rock formation. He saw it from a very far away, and was prevented by Lake Amadeus from approaching closer. He described it as "the remarkable pebble". Global Manipura Working. ULURU ('Ayers Rock'), CENTRAL AUSTRALIA JUNE 21st (Winter Solstice Southern Hemisphere) 2000 Unfortunately I am still waiting to hear back from the three people who took photographs of the opening ceremony, so the report is currently fairly devoid of pictures; hopefully I can rectify this soon...

Global Manipura Working

DEMENTED DESERT DREAMINGS on the journey up to Uluru from Coober Pedy. Warumpi Band, Black Fella White Fella (1987). Australian Native Music. Midnight Oil & Warumpi - Blackfella-Whitefella & Dead Heart. Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2015: Franchesca Cubillo - AWAYE! Your Voice Petition - Country Needs People. Protecting our precious environment, supporting cultural strength, creating jobs for people to support their families, opening up new opportunities for men and women, young and old, and creating genuine and positive partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Your Voice Petition - Country Needs People

Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas are a contemporary expression of the unbroken and ancient connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to this continent. We recognise the Federal Government’s Indigenous Protected Area and Indigenous ranger programs are producing environmental, economic and social outcomes for the benefit of all Australians. These programs should grow and their future should be secured for the long term. It is time to secure and strengthen the Australian Government’s investment in Indigenous land and sea management. We call for the Australian Government to: