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Image retrieval. The first microcomputer-based image database retrieval system was developed at MIT, in the 1990s, by Banireddy Prasaad, Amar Gupta, Hoo-min Toong, and Stuart Madnick.[1] A 2008 survey article documented progresses after 2007.[2] Search methods[edit] Image search is a specialized data search used to find images.

Image retrieval

To search for images, a user may provide query terms such as keyword, image file/link, or click on some image, and the system will return images "similar" to the query. The similarity used for search criteria could be meta tags, color distribution in images, region/shape attributes, etc. Free photos for education. EduPics Coloring pages, photos and crafts. Your intuitive search assistant. Picsearch Image Search. Imense® - Home. Multi-service image search. Sprixi image search engine. Tag Galaxy.

NachoFoto - Semantic Time-Based Vertical Image Search Engine. GoLexa Search Tool.... Incogna - Image Search. FlickrStorm. Search on Flickr with some Magic. A Flickr™ Search Tool. Qflick Flickr search tool. Flickr Image Search. LiteFlick. Search High Quality Flickr Images. Picitup Demo page. MorgueFile free photos for creatives by creatives. How to Search Images Online – Most Advanced Methods. Image search is evolving rapidly.

How to Search Images Online – Most Advanced Methods

Today the machine understands much more about images than just a year ago: it can read the text on the image, see its colors and classify it based on its form, shape and textures. So which advanced image search methods can we use today? Image search based on image content (face / landscape / photo / product image search) Face search has been a hot topic recently. Terraserver - Maps. GOES IMAGE SEARCH ENGINE. Google Images. Qrobe - Search Engine.

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google. Quality Image Search Engine. Creative Commons Search. Icon Search Engine. Piccca - Image Search Engine. Pixable Web. See it happen - Free stock photo search engine - the largest free stock photo re. Corbis Images – Premium Quality Stock Photography and Illustrations. Women's handbags, ladies shoes. Stock Photography - Search 9.4 Million Stock Photos, Stock Footage Video Clips, Royalty Free Images, and Illustrations.

Everystockphoto - searching free photos. Masterfile Stock Photos: : Search millions of Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Illustrations. SpiderPic.

Content Based Image Retrieval

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