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Hexie Paper Piecing Tutorial - Part 1. Okay peeps...this is a continuation of my last post where I showed you how I cut out my hexagons.Now I'll show you how I stitch them around paper pieces.I'm sure there are alot of ways to do english paper piecing but this is how I do mine and it has worked for me for lots of years...

Hexie Paper Piecing Tutorial - Part 1

I place the hexagon paper in the center on the wrong side of the fabric hexie and use a paper clip to hold down the seam allowance on one edge. The paper clip is a really handy helper. He helps to keep the paper centered by stopping the fabric from sliding around. I like to assembly line my you can see in the background of my photo! I use a single thread about 18" long in my needle and tie a knot on the end. Angry Birds. This is my Top Secret Christmas Project! My boys (husband included, but especially the boys!) Are obsessed with the game Angry Birds.

They like the game, but they really like to play a real life version they invented, where they chuck objects at each other. (Don't worry! The table cloth skirt. Measure 1"from the top and this is where your zipper top will be. pin your zipper all along (the 6 inches that is left opened) make sure the zipper is facing away from you. and at the bottom of your opening (like 1/4" lower than your opening) place a pin sideways so you can see where you will need to cross over your zipper using a zipper foot, sew down one side (pull pins out as you go) make sure you are sort of close to the inside of your "teeth" of the zipper. when you get to the needle that indicates where the end of your zipper is suppose to be (the blue needle i put sideways), sew over the zipper, back stitch a few times to make sure you make enough of a "barrier" so your zipper will stop. next you want to sew up the other side still close to the zipper. when you get to the top make sure you back stitch. and cut off the extra zipper part on the bottom.

the table cloth skirt

Beach Towel Dress. Pattern junkie. I have a lot of pattern pics stored on my computer in files with titles like "Doll Terror," "What's On Her Head?

pattern junkie

," "International Superspy" and "Dress of Evil" -- but one of the biggest categories by far is "Up To No Good. " What is it about groups of women that suggest that they are, well, up to no good? *giveaway closed* By request (+Giveaway!) I was asked to make a tutorial for either bag #2 or #3 in my earlier "Bags" post, so here it is!

*giveaway closed* By request (+Giveaway!)

The bags are very similar, but because of the heavier fabric that I'm using for this bag, I chose bag #3 with the pleating, instead of gathering. I will try to do instructions for both though.