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Page. Best Historical Places Delhi- Maqbara i Paik - dustylensindia. Maqbara i Paik Delhi or the tomb of the unknown messenger and foot soldier is a small tomb located near the Mukarba Chowk flyover on the outskirts of Delhi.Though not of a very significant historical importance the tomb is considered to be of the Mughal period. The Maqbara-i-Paik is a small architectural remain of the Mughal era. Though not important it can be studied and thus seen over as an important structure. The tomb which is situated near Badli(Outer Delhi) must be made up in to appreciate the sacrifice of the Mughal foot soldier and messenger. The area of Badli was used as a Sarai (rest house) during the long haul journey of Mughal troops.

The Tomb is in shape of a octagon situated on a high platform made up of lime bricks and plaster.Inside the tomb is the mausoleum of the unknown soldier. How to reach Maqbara i Paik; The architectural gem is located beneath the Mukarba chowk flyover on Delhi- Chandigarh bypass road. To know more about Delhi. Summary Article Name Maqbara Paik Author. Page. Agrasen ki Baoli- The hidden historical gem - dustylensindia. Agrasen ki Baoli (Agrasen’s Baoli or Ugrasen ki Baoli) is a hidden historical and architectural gem hidden among the high rises of Connaught place in Delhi. The Baoli which is also seen as an ancient well to store water is situated in the heart of Delhi but is still known to the masses. The architectural marvel came to light only a few years back. The Agrasen ki Baoli is believed to be built during the ancient times of Mahabharata by Maharaja Agrasen who was supposed to be the ruler of the old town of Agroha, now present in modern day Haryana.

The design of the baoli is seen to be of the early medieval Delhi Sultanate era probably pointing towards late Tughlaq (1321-1414 AD) or Lodi (1451-1526 AD) architectural style. It is said that the baoli was repaired on a vast and extensive scale during the Delhi Sultanate period by the Agrawal community with the help of Muslim masons and that is why the architecture of the baoli resembles the early medieval era. Recognition; Summary Article Name. Untitled. Untitled.