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amazon Well well well, I must say, I am very surprised to see that I'm the first person reviewing this gem. :) I am an American and while I'm probably not supposed to own this album yet (hits the States in May), I preordered it like some smart few as an import from the UK. So when it arrived March 2nd, I threw my hands in the air and danced around my kitchen, grinning profusely and having the sudden desire to bake cookies, fly kites, have water balloon fights with three-year olds, and maybe wear floaties to the beach. It is just that happy. A fan of fine lad's older stuff, I knew this album would be... erm... peculiar... but oh my. Peculiarity is good. amazon
Mimosa (Jurema) Vault : DMT for the Masses NOTE: Before performing any extraction procedure, it is always a good idea to read the entire description of the process from start to finish. Please see the Addendum at the end of this tek for additional tips, refinements, and clarifications regarding to the processes described. Also see the related article Keep that Mimosa Mud? by J.

Mimosa (Jurema) Vault : DMT for the Masses

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Travel + Leisure photo editor Whitney Lawson evaluates five snapshots from finalists of our monthly photo contest and explains why they work. This shot of Prague is set apart by its aerial perspective, which makes the people and buildings look almost like toys. Most European cities have churches or clock towers that you can climb for a couple of euros—it’s the easiest way to capture the streets below from a unique vantage point. The shooter used a center spot filter to focus on the middle of a London stairwell. The result is dreamlike and intriguing. To create a similar effect digitally, upload your photo onto, a website that will simulate the technique. T+L's Photography Tips - Carry On T+L's Photography Tips - Carry On

Culture Vaults : Resonant Frequencies and the Human Brain

Culture Vaults : Resonant Frequencies and the Human Brain One of the great revelations of 20th century science is that all existence can be broken down into simple wave functions. Every photon, energy emission, and elementary particle rings with its own unique wave signature. When we see a color, we are actually seeing a distinct frequency of visible light.
The Archaic Revival
Mimosa tenuiflora Mimosa tenuiflora Mimosa tenuiflora, syn. Mimosa hostilis (Jurema, Tepezcohuite) is a perennial tree or shrub native to the northeastern region of Brazil (Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Pernambuco, Bahia) and found as far north as southern Mexico (Oaxaca and coast of Chiapas).[3] It is most often found in lower altitudes, but it can be found as high as 1000 m.[3] Description[edit] The fern-like branches have leaves that are Mimosa like, finely pinnate, growing to 5 cm long. Each compound leaf contains 15–33 pairs of bright green leaflets 5–6 mm long.
Ayahuasca Info Ayahuasca Info This website is dedicated to a magical potion from the Amazon basin which is known as ayahuasca. Here you can find information on the different ingredients that are used to make this brew, the way it's used by indigenous people, and what you can expect when you take it yourself. Traditionally this beverage contains a combination of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the leaves of the Psychotria viridis (or alternatively the Diplopterys cabrerana). It has now been determined what the active components of these ingredients are, and some people have used plants from other parts of the world to make similar herbal potions. You can read about this in the botany and chemistry pages.