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The entire team at Dupage Waterproofing welcome our customers, community and business partners to experience our online platform.

Sump Pumps, Foundation Leak Repair, Dupage County, IL. The usage of installation of a sump pump, usually found in a basement, is unfortunately a retroactive measure to eliminate moisture and prevent further water damage such as flooding.

Sump Pumps, Foundation Leak Repair, Dupage County, IL

The basement of your structure does not have to have resulted in either, flooding or moisture build up. However it doesn't always have to be a retroactive approach. We often facilitate home buyers with sump pump inspections to diagnose the basement as well as the functionality of the sump pump.Water DamageIf you know or have been advised of the impending possibility of water collection, leakage or moisture surrounding your property, it would be appropriate to enlist the services of an experienced professional to diagnose the problem and the use of a sump pump can eliminate any potential concerns. Far too often we find the general consensus surrounding sump pumps indicate a problem or carry a negative connotation.

Waterproofing, Basement Repair, Dupage County, IL. Waterproofing your commercial or residential building is the first preventative step to keeping your home’s value and integrity.

Waterproofing, Basement Repair, Dupage County, IL

Without the proper waterproofing steps in place your home can be prone to penetration and weakening by the moisture that intrudes into the unwanted spaces. Your expert team at DW are experienced and fully trained in waterproofing services offered to the residents of Dupage. Our services include methods such as the cementitious waterproofing method, liquid waterproofing membrane, bituminous membrane and coating, and polyurethane liquid membrane.

From these options we will decipher the proper type of waterproofing for your building.Cementitious WaterproofingWe love the ease of this method! It offers affordable options for consumers who are looking for instant waterproofing without an outrageous bill. Crawl Space, Waterproofing Near Me, Dupage County, IL. Crawl spaces appear underneath buildings and are usually between one to three feet in height.

Crawl Space, Waterproofing Near Me, Dupage County, IL

Your crawl space is great for air circulation through your home or residential building. The space also provides room for contractors to move and repair your damaged plumbing, electrical or other systems underneath the carriage of the house. Keeping your crawl space waterproof can be done using several various methods and is guaranteed to be completed affordably and efficiently by the professional team at DW. Our outstanding customer relations have made us the unfaltering choice for residents of our great community.EncapsulationA popular and strongly recommended method to waterproofing your crawl space is encapsulation.

This process will take away the opportunity that moisture and water have to penetrate the barrier and create damage to your foundation or crawl space. Yard Drainage, Wet Basement Repair, Dupage County, IL. Our homes are not the only aspect of our property that requires adequate waterproofing and maintenance.

Yard Drainage, Wet Basement Repair, Dupage County, IL

When it comes to keeping our homes safe and secure we know that exterior elements can cause damage to your home just as internal factors. Standing water holds huge potential for damage if not properly taken care of upon realization. If the property is not kept to standard along with the foundation, crawl space or other areas there is a huge potential for additional expenditures. From flooding to gutter drainage, our team is versed in all repair and prevention tactics that will surely deliver the highest level of results.Standing WaterStanding water in your yard can create problems for your home and health of your lawn.

Finding a remedy that will remove the standing water away from the property is important to the continued health of your structure and property. Sump Pumps, Foundation Leak Repair, Dupage County, IL. Concrete Raising, Basement Cracks Repair, Dupage County, IL. There are many solutions service providers can enlist when fixing rising concrete, however it is more crucial to not only resolve the current rising concrete but to thoroughly understand its source.

Concrete Raising, Basement Cracks Repair, Dupage County, IL

In our experience, there is a high possibility the damage to the concrete is a result of water leakage and this then leads to the expansion and contraction of water further weakening any material. Through thorough investigative techniques, our waterproofing experts will find the cause and come up with a solution for your concrete settling repairs.Mud JackingThe method of mud jacking is used to lift settled concrete. Settled concrete is sunken and no longer lays at the gradient in which it was first applied. Mud jacking will last a period of five to seven years depending on the level of traffic that the space endures as well as the maintenance that is provided. If you are considering this fix, remember that it will not fix the initial issue of your sunken concrete. Foundation Repair, Drain Tile In Basement, Dupage County, IL.

Waterproofing your foundation and maintaining its resistance to water penetration is important for the longevity and safety of your foundation.

Foundation Repair, Drain Tile In Basement, Dupage County, IL

With cracks and leaks your foundation will continue to deteriorate, causing severe health and safety concerns for you and your structure. Our professional team of waterproofing experts has bountiful experience dealing with the steps of foundation repair. We deliver efficient and proven results using top of the line repair equipment that securely repairs your foundation damage. If you come across cracks, drooping, sagging or other inconsistencies in your foundation, call DW first to assess and create an action plan for repairs.Warning SignsHow do you know if your foundation is in danger of peril?

There are signs that all homeowners should be aware of and react to immediately when spotted. Waterproofing, Basement Repair, Dupage County, IL. Waterproofing, Basement Leak Repair, Dupage County, IL.