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Everything You Can Do With a Can of Chipotles in Adobo. [Photograph: Vicky Wasik] More Mexican Food Recetas deliciosas to transport your tastebuds south of the border.

Everything You Can Do With a Can of Chipotles in Adobo

Take away my fancy olive oil, my spices, the peppers I've been air-drying in my fridge. Take my copper-lined sauciers and vintage cast iron. Because these little buggers can do it all; it's easier to think of cooking applications where chipotles in adobo don't fit in rather than the other way around. If you've never tried them, a quick primer. A can costs just a few dollars and will keep pretty much forever, so there are few reasons to not keep a couple dozen around. So what can you do with these smoky-sweet blobs? Sauces and Condiments [Photograph: J. I'm prone to eat adobo sauce straight from the can, but it takes well to dilution with fat and sugar. Braises and Chili You want deeply flavored, smoky, and rich real-deal Texas chili?

Soup and Beans Chipotles add meaty depth to meatless cooking, and I love how their smoky intensity plays with earthy beans. The Historical Cooking Project. Eater. Cook's Science. How to Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh. Weight Watchers Points Calculator. The Weight Watchers Points System is one of the useful tools for those who want to lose or control weight.

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

With this system, foods were assigned points. You count and control the total points of the food you take per day. In November 2010, Weight Watchers announced that its points system was being replaced by a new PointsPlus system in the United States and a new Pro Points system in the UK. At the end of 2012, the PointsPlus and Pro Points systems were adjusted slightly. In December, 2015, Weight Watchers announced another sweeping change to SmartPoints. SmartPoints Calculator Effective after December 2015. Old PointsPlus Calculator (U.S.) Used between November 2010 and December 2015 in U.S.

Old Pro Points Calculator (U.K.) Used between November 2010 and December 2015 in U.K. Old Weight Watchers Points System Calculator Used before November 2010. Daily PointsPlus Target Calculator Effective after 2012 adjustment. Reference. Recipe Nutrition Calculator. Genius Recipes - Burnt Toast Podcast. Our fearless Creative Director Kristen Miglore has been uncovering them in her column by the same name for five years.

Genius Recipes - Burnt Toast Podcast

But do you know exactly what it takes to declare a recipe genius? Or where Kristen finds them, how she tests them, or the ones that have taken on a life of their own? This episode of Burnt Toast is dedicated to the answers to all of these questions, and many more—it's a look at the inner workings of Genius Recipes from the genius herself. (It was also an excuse for me to sit down with a friend and colleague and get a little nerdy about cooking, but that's neither here nor there.) Play the episode above, find it on iTunes, or listen to it using your favorite podcatcher. As I mention in the episode, we talk about a lot of recipes during the show. ABCD\'s of Cooking. Shit Food Blogger. Halliebateman: conversations with needy notebooks My Best Tweets of 2015 Bone broth is the most important thing to happen to me since white men invented tacos.— your friendly SFB (@shitfoodblogger) February 2, 2015 If everyone quits their bullshit corporate jobs and follows their dreams, who will buy all this artisan toast?

Shit Food Blogger

— your friendly SFB (@shitfoodblogger) March 2, 2015 How do male chefs cook with their big ol’ dicks getting in the saucepans all the time? Deviled is the lowest form of egg.— your friendly SFB (@shitfoodblogger) April 4, 2015. Food for the Thoughtless by Michael Procopio. He Rubs A Raw Tomato Against A Cheese Grater. Now Pay Attention To The Bowl...

Take Online Cooking Classes in the Comfort of Your Kitchen on Craftsy! Explore online cooking classes on Craftsy & satisfy your palate! The Kitchn's Ultimate Guide to Grilling Like a Pro — Grilling Guide from The Kitchn. Cook Smarter. Serious Eats: The Destination for Delicious. Exploring Culinary Traditions of Africa, African America and the African Diaspora. Viet World Kitchen. Adventures in Sustainable Eating. Blog « Purple Kale Kitchenworks. Passover Desserts: Classic ingredients, the Purple Kale way Passover desserts traditionally lead us to flour substitutes and second-best ideas.

blog « Purple Kale Kitchenworks

They enforce a longing for what we can’t eat, rather than what we can. And–in my experience–even those desserts which are kosher for Passover by default (the best ones) are handled clumsily, almost to showcase the dietary sacrifice. Perhaps for this reason, at Passover, we settle for overly sweet canned macaroons, shapeless flourless chocolate cake, and meringues that chew like chalk. At Purple Kale, we think we can do better. Taking our cues from these classic desserts, we enlist their primary ingredients–coconut, chocolate, and eggs (good for Easter, too!) We make egg whites, leftover from a coconut milk-chocolate custard, into a dacquoise, a classic almond meringue, which we turn into a filled cookie.

ShareThis Just Food Conference Workshop: Cooking for Sustainability Click here to read more » Spring Internship Position at Purple Kale Kitchenworks. Smitten kitchen. Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes. Recipes, Menus, Cooking Articles & Food Guides.