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Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview Mirror - 10% OFF NOW AVAILABLE – Bossun Bike. Is safety important for you?

Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview Mirror - 10% OFF NOW AVAILABLE – Bossun Bike

This is Perfect for being safe in any type of traffic or event, on any type of road! Internet Exclusive - not sold in stores! & We pay for shipping! This comfortable, wide angle wrist rearview mirror will not only keep you safe by helping to prevent accidents, but is also extremely convenient to use! With a soft, breathable, durable fabric used, it will provide you with long lasting comfort, from those long hauls to the quick ride. Do you use your headphones while riding, if so, this will allow you to compensate for loss of hearing awareness with added visual awareness.

Just simply slip on the wrist mirror, fold it back and attach the velcro to the desired position, that's all you need to do for added safety! Click the Add to Cart button now to improve your ride experience! Bicycle Brake Light – GOT TO HAVE IT. America's Bicycle Travel Experts. Bikeway Stress Levels. What is Traffic Stress?

Bikeway Stress Levels

When cyclists travel on roadways, they encounter varying levels of stress from traffic. A quiet residential street with a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit is considered a very low-stress environment for cyclists. But a six-lane suburban highway with a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit represents a high-stress environment for cyclists who must share the roadway with traffic. As a result, fewer people are likely to cycle on the highway. More Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) is an approach that quantifies the amount of stress that bicyclists feel when they ride close to traffic [1]. The LTS methodology assigns a numeric stress level to streets (and other places where people can bicycle, like trails), based on attributes like traffic speed, traffic volume, number of lanes, frequency of parking turnover, ease of intersection crossings and other characteristics. [1] Mekuria, Maaza, Peter G.

. [2] See modified level of traffic stress approach. Video Examples. Mountain Biking at Wisp Resort. Mountain biking is taking on a whole new attitude and altitude at Wisp Resort.

Mountain Biking at Wisp Resort

It’s called freeriding and it’s making headlines all over the country. The 2 Pump Tracks located at the Mountain Park will keep you entertained for hours as you hon in on your pedaling, pumping and jumping. Freeride bike rentals, instruction/clinic and tours available. LIMITED BIKE AVAILABLITY - Call Now to reserve your Mountain Bike! - 800.462.9477 Hours of operation may vary; please check our Hours of Operation page Save time --download and complete the Release Waiver Trail, Lift, & Track Passes: *Prices do not include applicable tax. Sheldon Brown-Bicycle Technical Information.

Bicycling maps & trails

Bicycling shopping list. Bicycle brochure 2010. Create the Silver Spring Circle: A New Campaign for Montgomery County. Improvements are Needed in Downtown Silver Spring Downtown Silver Spring is growing.

Create the Silver Spring Circle: A New Campaign for Montgomery County

Young adults, families and older residents are attracted to the convenience of living near the places where they work and play. And with the dense mix of transit, offices, entertainment, shops and homes, it should be a paradise for walking and biking. But, it’s not. With high speed traffic and a lack of dedicated space for bikes on the busy streets in downtown Silver Spring, most residents don’t feel safe biking in the road. Today, WABA’s Action Committee for Montgomery County is pleased to announce a campaign to Create the Silver Spring Circle.

The Silver Spring Circle would convert excess road space in and around downtown Silver Spring into protected bike lanes, and place parked cars or vertical barriers between bicyclists and car traffic. Come to our Campaign Kickoff! When: May 14 9:30 amWhere: 2nd Ave & Spring St Click here to RSVP Can’t attend? Map of the proposed Silver Spring Circle. DCBR.17mile.1.27.16. Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair. Bicycle Tutor - Bike Repair Video Tutorials. Bicycle Repair, Bike Repair, Bicycle Tune-Up Guide, Derailleur adjustments and More. Folding Bike Demo. Montague Bikes. Washington DC Mountain Bike Meetup (Washington, DC)