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Vegetarian macaroni and cheese four ways
How to Become a Vegetarian Over a year ago I made the decision to become a vegetarian. After reading dozens of articles and several books, I decided to try it out for myself. Today I can assert the benefits of the switch. How to Become a Vegetarian
Animals Used for Food
While being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone (and neither is Pamela Anderson), I talk to lots of people every day who tell me they’d like to become vegetarian, but it seems like it would be too hard, and they don’t have the willpower. But becoming a vegetarian, for me and for many others, is the easiest thing in the world. If you’re not interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan, please skip this post (and don’t flame me in the comments). But I’ve had numerous people, just in the last week or so, ask me to post about becoming a vegetarian, as I seem to have become a poster boy for vegetarianism (move over, Pamela Anderson!). So in this post we’ll look at some suggestions and tips for becoming a vegetarian without too much difficulty, and some reasons you might consider it. How to Become a Vegetarian, the Easy Way | zen habits How to Become a Vegetarian, the Easy Way | zen habits