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Beautifully Hand Crafted Rocket Cookstove. Beautifully Hand Crafted Rocket Cookstove. Model bucatarie de vara rustica cu gratar si cuptor pe foc de lemne.


Pin by Paul on DRAGONS AND MYSTIC. Under Desk Tool Drawer [Modeller's Delight] The Coolest Stuff Ever! Ninja Tiger Climbing Spikes. Webbed Finger Swimming Gloves. Offroader Braked. Offroader Braked with extended range of standard features R49734.04(Incl.VAT) - without tent or R 62911.54(Incl.VAT) - with tent The Offroader is the largest in the range and comes standard with brakes and heavy-duty coupler.

Offroader Braked

Features are shown below. Standard Features Rear large draw-out rackSide draw-out rackCoupler 'Sigma Autoreverse type'Washing table nylon storage rollersLockable water tank filler capStainless steel washing table mounting bracketsTwo pad-lockable jerry can holdersOne heavy duty roof rack with table compartment able to carry a large tentTwo pad-lockable enclosures (equipment or tool box)Two extending supporting back stays and one jockey wheel to provide levelling and stability when parked on uneven ground15 inch 6 stud rims with 215 Trakgrip tyres for rough terrainOne spare wheelEpoxy coated in white, beige or green, manufactured from quality zinc galvanised sheet steel4 ring holders to tighten luggageAdjustable jockey wheel. Optional Equipment New Nosecone Jockey Wheel. Abeer seikaly weaves shelters for disaster relief using patterned fabric. Mar 06, 2014 abeer seikaly weaves shelters for disaster relief using patterned fabric abeer seikaly weaves shelters for disaster relief using patterned fabricall images courtesy of abeer seikaly ‘weaving a home’ by jordanian/canadian designer abeer seikaly proposes a disaster shelter for refugees that is based on temporary huts of nomadic tribes. the use of structural fabric references ancient traditions of joining linear fibers to make complex three-dimensional shapes – the resulting pattern is easy to erect and scale into various functions, from a basket to a tent. the project incorporates technological advances and new methods of assembly of the material, envisioning a system composed of durable plastic members that are threaded to form a singular unit. these flexible envelopes fold across a central axis, with the hollow structural skin enabling necessities such as water and electricity to run through it, similar to a typical stud wall. view of the tent structures closed during winter.

abeer seikaly weaves shelters for disaster relief using patterned fabric

Shapeshifting shelters for refugees in hot and cold climates. With roughly 600 Syrian refugees crossing into Jordan every day, it’s no surprise that local architects are designing various housing solutions for the devastating influx.

Shapeshifting shelters for refugees in hot and cold climates

Abeer Seikaly’s collapsible woven shelter is lightweight and mobile, while Yahya Ibraheem’s shapeshifting shelters can be customized to fit a suite of climate conditions. Ibraheem wrote his Master’s thesis for the University of Salford, Manchester about the many ways in which parametric modeling can enhance architectural design solutions of temporary shelters in disaster areas. Using Grasshopper, Ibraheem takes the ancient method of constructing teepee-like temporary shelters out of branches or trees, cuts off the empty pyramid point, and then models a shelter with diagonal lines that are proven to be the most resilient in rough winds.

Interior partitions can create several rooms in any number of configurations designed to match the particular group of people who will inhabit them. Reusable, stackable Exo emergency shelters for Syrians in need. Our breakaway story about collapsible woven shelters (click here) designed to restore dignity to refugees around the world was so popular, we decided to look around for similar projects.

Reusable, stackable Exo emergency shelters for Syrians in need

Cue Exo emergency shelters by Reaction Housing, which has partnered with the Maram Foundation to deliver short-term security to Syrians in need. That the solar-powered collapsible shelters potentially provide some sense of security and ownership to the person who owns them, or the fact that it could make a great tent for festivals, is perhaps what makes Abeer Seikaly’s design so compelling. But sometimes in emergency situations, aid workers find themselves faced with hundreds or thousands of people who were very suddenly displaced from their homes – either by natural disaster or a sudden eruption of violence.

In this case, volume takes priority over aesthetics, which is why tents have always been the go-to solution for disaster relief organizations. And he’s starting in Syria. INgSOC - bicicleta dintr-o altă lume - În ciuda faptului că tehnologia nu este nouă, aspectul bicicletei care nu are spițe în roți, și doar o margine goală cu pneul, provoacă o senzație de altă lume.

INgSOC - bicicleta dintr-o altă lume -

Și dacă totul este combinat într-o singură unitate cu un cadru care ar arata grozav pe paginile cu benzi desenate Marvel, atunci originea extraterestră celor văzute nu oferă nici un motiv pentru îndoială. « Tot mai mulți angajați preferă să meargă la muncă cu bicicleta în locul mașinii.