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What The 3 Stages Of Love Teach You About Crafting Great Services. Digital services, such as Google Maps and Foursquare, are a fast-growing part of our daily lives.

What The 3 Stages Of Love Teach You About Crafting Great Services

These services can be beneficial and much loved, like Amazon Prime, but poorly designed services can revile, causing customers to terminate brand relationships. Designing living entities So what is service design all about? At Fjord, we use service design to shape delightful experiences wherever people meet the products they use. Service design is about creating living entities that evolve and change over time. •In response to people’s evolving needs and expectations. It’s not that the design of services is inherently better or more important than other forms of design. Designing for love Instead of getting stuck in industry jargon, we like to compare services to human relationships. At Fjord, we aim to design services that people fall in love with. The same logic goes for digital solutions. At its best, digital service design helps create a strong bond between a company and its customers.

7 Universal Truths for Ensuring Brand Relevance. The refrain’s all too familiar.

7 Universal Truths for Ensuring Brand Relevance

We live in a time of radical transparency and thanks to the rise of social media, brands are now co-owned. Look no further than the recent twitstorms engulfing Kenneth Cole (spring collection causes Cairo uprising?) , Bank of America ($5 monthly debit fee, anyone?) And Netflix (Nutqwakflikster?). It’s only going to get more challenging as technologies empower consumers to “purchase with a purpose” and the paradigm shift becomes more pronounced. Legacy brands--namely large, multinational companies obsessed with protecting market share and corporate reputation--will have a tough time navigating the age of co-creativity unless they borrow a few lessons from their more authentic peers who are less risk averse and more confident asserting their values.

Be Human Consumers don’t expect brands to be perfect; they just want brands to be honest, and they value relationships beyond mere transactions. Have a Point of View Be the Cause Be a Catalyst for Change. Empowerment Marketing: Advertising To Humans As More Than Just Selfish Machines. Empowerment Marketing: A Resistance to the Dark Art For nearly a century now, inadequacy marketing has provided the favored weapons for fighting the story wars.

Empowerment Marketing: Advertising To Humans As More Than Just Selfish Machines

And though the cautionary tales of Groupon and Kenneth Cole show how the digitoral age is putting chinks in its armor, the approach is anything but dead. In fact, its practice remains the automatic starting point for most of us, whether we’re selling fish curry or social action. But that’s only half the story. For nearly as long, a countercurrent has run through the story wars. Media mogul Arianna Huffington, who sold her homegrown, virally powered news site to AOL for $315 million, knows a few things about what works in the digitoral era.

“It’s not a coincidence,” she added, “that this trend is escalating at the same time social media have risen to the forefront in the worlds of both marketing and activism.” Huffington is right--social media platforms are amplifying the power of positive stories. Think Small Real Beauty Courage.