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David Bibee

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Gearing Up for High School: 10 Backpack Essentials. When it comes to packing up our bag for school, the main motto is: Less is More. When you’re lugging your backpack around all day from class to class it’s better to focus on the essentials rather than extra stuff that seems necessary at first but is actually just a pain in the neck (literally) later on. Focusing on the most important tools also helps you keep clutter at bay, leaving more time for fun and productivity rather than stress over a bag full of, excuse our French, crap. So what exactly are our essentials? Take a look and get packing! 1. Okay, this seems so obvious it’s silly but stick with us. 2. It might be tempting to bring an entire case of writing tools with you because well, they’re fun. 3. This could include a contact lens case and solution, personal hygiene products, Chapstick, hand cream, Advil, allergy medicine, a small Kleenex pack –whatever you always seem to need but never seem to have. 4. 16 oz. reusable water bottle 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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