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Dual Diagnosis Helpline

Many everyday people are afflicted with some type of mental disorder or substance addiction. Alone, these distinct and equally debilitating conditions can be treated, but take a great amount of care to effectively manage. But what happens when a person has both? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately four million people struggle with alcoholism and/or drug addiction in addition to a serious mental health disorder each year. Luckily, the development of a dual diagnosis treatment framework has led to major waves of innovation in the field over the years. This expansion and advancement of treatment methodologies benefits various demographics around the nation. The Dual Diagnosis Helpline is built specifically to help those in need find resources based on the concept of dual diagnosis and help them take the first and necessary step on the road to recovery. The lack treatment for co-occurring disorders is sadly way too prevalent. Only 40 percent of those people living with dual diagnosis received any treatment for either of their conditions and only five percent received treatment for both of their conditions. Additionally, more than 50 percent of people living with dual diagnosis did not receive any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment to help them with their mental illnesses and allow them to progress in their recovery. In multiple cases, a lack of treatment can be traced back to a lack of information or a lack of access to resources for dual diagnosis help. That is why the Dual Diagnosis Helpline is here to help you find a dual diagnosis treatment provider in your area so you can get started on the path to a life free of mental illness and/or addiction. 24/7 Helpline:(855) 981-6047for help in your area

Marijuana and ADHD Treatment. Struggling With Co-Occurring Mental Disorders. Latest Bipolar Disorder Treatment. Dual Rehab Center - Easy Way To Quit Drugs & Cure. Addiction & Childhood Trauma. Biolar Disorder. Finding Reliable Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers? Recovery from Behavioral Disorder. Understanding Prevalence of Co-occurring Disorders. An individual suffers from a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis when he has both a mental health issue and a substance use problem.

Understanding Prevalence of Co-occurring Disorders

Addiction to any drug or alcohol that coexists with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder can have an adverse impact on work, relationship, health or safety of a person. Addiction and mental health problems come with their own unique symptoms and challenges, making recovery a difficult process. Thus, when both the disorders exist in an individual, the condition qualifies for an extremely complex phenomenon that needs consultation with a dual diagnosis specialist. At times, people with dual diagnosis cannot adhere to the complete treatment plan, which impacts the course of their mental illness. In fact, the two conditions affect each other in such a manner that often it becomes difficult to determine which condition leads to the other. Get an Integrative Approach to Treat the Dual Disorders. With the publishing of various medical association reports, it has been found that a great percentage of alcohol & drug abusers also have one serious mental illness.

Get an Integrative Approach to Treat the Dual Disorders

The dual diagnosis addiction treatment programs address not only the substance abuse but an underlying psychiatric disorder as well. The first step commences with a comprehensive assessment of the problem and further continues with a clear plan to develop specific treatment options. Dual diagnosis and pregnancy – how it impacts child’s health. Dual Diagnosis inpatient And Outpatient Treatment Center.

Mental Illness & Drug Abuse. Get out of the complications of Dual Diagnosis... Simple And Effective Steps to Resolve Dual Diagnosis Problem – dualdiagnosishelpline. Opiates drug addiction. Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Treatment. Addictiuon Problem in Youth. How To Find The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plan. Dual Diagnosis & Its Prevention. Looking For Top Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers? The one who are simultaneously struggling with the substance abuse and mental illness problem are recognized as a dully diagnosed person.

Looking For Top Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

If your loved one is battling with a mental illness and suffering with substance abuse, then the effective and helpful dual diagnosis treatment is required. It would be beneficial if you find the top dual diagnosis treatment centers by the downtime. It is quite obvious that there is no time to waste especially when the life of your loved ones is going down the drain fast. Fortunately, alcohol and drug treatments facilities are now offered everywhere in every country.

Therefore, you need to step ahead from your comfort zone to find the useful dual diagnosis addiction treatment for the afflicted one. Dual Diagnosis Propblem. Do You Know Co-occurring Conditions And Its Treatment? Discover 24/7 Dual Diagnosis Help. How to Deal with Dual Diagnosis in Proper Manner. Fight Against mental illness.

Seeking Help for Co-Occurring Disorders. What Is Dual Diagnosis. Call to Know Better Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plan. Effect of Co-Occurring Disorders On All Aged People. Drug Detox Treatment Programs. Addiction And Mental Disorders - Two Problems But One Solution. Dual diagnosis is more common than people think it to be.

Addiction And Mental Disorders - Two Problems But One Solution

Mental disorders, in most people, are triggered by drug or alcohol misuse. Addiction alters the brain, corroding the normal hierarchy of needs and desires. In some cases, it has been observed that people start using drugs to self-medicate pre-existing mental illnesses and to escape the emotional turmoil. A comprehensive dual diagnosis therapy can address both the conditions simultaneously. Detoxification won’t be successful unless the mental condition is also treated along with the addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Can Lead To Violent Behavior. It is difficult to live with dual diagnosis.

Dual Diagnosis Can Lead To Violent Behavior

It is not only the person suffering from dual diagnosis, even the family members are subjected to a lot of pressure while coping with the disorder. These people need dual diagnosis addiction treatment, love and care from family members and friends. According to a study, titled “Does dual diagnosis affect violence and moderate/superficial self-harm in heroin addiction at treatment entry,” it has also been observed that dual diagnosis is linked to violent behavior in patients. The study, published in the PubMed, says that heroin addicts commonly exhibit aggressive behavior and indulge in self harm in many instances. The study says that this facet, though quite common, has been poorly investigated and needs further probe. The study found a close relation between aggression from bipolar spectrum disorder and heroin addiction in patients.

Relation Between Marijuana Use And Other Substance Abuse. Some Steps To Deal With Anxiety. Necessary Treatment For Dual Diagnosis. Dual Diagnosis And Its Treatments. Do You Know Symptoms Of Dual Diagnosis Disorders? Dual Diagnosis Recovery Process. Treating Dual Diagnosis with an Integrated Approach. Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is a problem when somebody is afflicted with a mental condition and an addiction concurrently.

Treating Dual Diagnosis with an Integrated Approach

A metal condition like depression, bipolar or anxiety is often the underlying cause for an addiction. Treating only the addiction and not addressing the underlying cause will not yield the desired outcome. It is purely a case of the chicken and the egg, difficult to ascertain which came first. But irrespective of whichever came first, the best treatment for dual diagnosis disorders is an integrated approach.

Long term recovery can be expected only when dual addiction treatment centers treat the substance abuse problem and the mental disorder simultaneously. Effects Of Mental Trauma. Biapolar Treatment. Signs Of Personality Disorders And Its Treatment. Bad Effects Of Dual Diagnosis & Its Treatment. Causes of Co-Occurring Disorders. ADHD And OCD. Understand Bad Effects Of Toxic On childhood Development. Which Come First Mental Illness Or Substance Abuse?

Recovery Program For Dual Diagnosis. Understand Some Important facts About Dual Diagnosis.

Treatment For Mental Disorders & Drug Addiction

What Is Dementia & What Are Its Signs? Benefits Of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plan. Awareness Regarding Alzheimer’s disease. The Co-Existing Disorder Conditions. Alcoholism and depression is a common, but dangerous mix.

The Co-Existing Disorder Conditions

According to, 30 to 50 percent of people with alcoholism, at any given time, also are suffering from major depression. Alcohol is a depressant and disrupts the natural process of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are related to the pleasure part of the brain. For example, drinking regularly decreases the levels of a chemical that helps to stabilize mood called serotonin in the brain. When alcohol tampers with the brain’s chemistry, people can become emotionally unstable, leading to acts of violence, depression and other harmful behaviors. Depression can also be the cause of alcohol abuse. Finding The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center With Excellent Services? When administering treatment for coexisting or comorbid conditions, the proven path to recovery has always been comprehensive.

Finding The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center With Excellent Services?

Not only does the care need to encompass a combination of different options and plans to adequately address all of the afflictions. The treatment must be given over a long period of time and continue to be given even after a person steps out of an inpatient facility’s doors. Overall, dual diagnosis treatment is a process. After the initial and detailed diagnosis of what additional issues are affecting an individual, highly qualified clinical staff concentrate on delivering a variety of programs for a person to effectively alleviate his or her symptoms. The first step is an in-depth consultation. Understand What Is Dual Diagnosis? The process of dual diagnosis is utilized when a person has a mental disorder and a coexisting addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Understand What Is Dual Diagnosis?

It is possible to suffer from two simultaneous and related mental disorders but the existence of addiction is also normally the most common factor. In the United States, approximately four million adult citizens suffer from both a serious mental illness and an addiction to some sort of substance. Unfortunately, these trends are only increasing each year, especially for those seeking treatment for their personal issues. The biggest danger of comorbid conditions is that they can develop from any singular disorder. Someone who is already being afflicted with a mental disorder may turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to cope and self-medicate with his or her respective stress and pains. To combat the powerful and cyclical damage multiple disorders can do, the framework of dual diagnosis was developed. 24/7 Dual Diagnosis Helpline And Rehab Center.