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DTN is an independent, reliable source of actionable insights dedicated on feeding, fuelling and protecting the world. We focus on empowering agriculture, oil and gas, trading, and weather-sensitive industries through constant, leading-edge innovation. The company is based in Minneapolis with offices worldwide.

What is Insect Insider? Impact Forecasting: The Future of Weather Companies. Re-cap of the Energy Information Administration Short-Term Energy Outlook. Discouraging Times for US Wheat Producers. Hurricane and Tropical Outlook for 2019. How Does Early Pest Detection Increase Yields? The Truth About Tornadoes. Meet our Experts: David Daniels. US Biodiesel Demand Bleeds Lower on Exemptions. Meet our Experts: Sheri Seger. The Value of a Meteorology Degree Goes Far Beyond “Forecaster” Ag Day, Meet America’s Best Young Farmers and Ranchers - DTN. March 14, 2019 Every year on March 14, we celebrate National Ag Day; a time when producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America gather to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture.

Ag Day, Meet America’s Best Young Farmers and Ranchers - DTN

Awos. More accurate weather information for reliably safer flights.


When it comes to safe operations in an Airport, weather is a key element in the equation. The MetConsole Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) provides you a fully ICAO/WMO compliant tool for the timely delivery of the accurate weather information you need, to keep your airport running smoothly, and keep passengers and personnel out of harm’s way. MetConsole AWOS is designed as a software centric solution, hardware independent and fully customizable and extensible to meet your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to have full control of your AWOS during its whole lifecycle. Atis. Flight Forecasts. Where weather safety takes flight.

Flight Forecasts

Energy Trading. The energy market is currently facing many challenges, with none greater than the current record supply and depressed price of crude.

Energy Trading

In order to operate profitably, traders have had to sharpen their cost-cutting efforts and drive maximum efficiency in their organization. They also crave the most powerful market data and analysis available, so they can maximize top-line revenue and bottom-line profit by making the best trading decisions possible. DTN delivers for traders on all fronts. We help improve your analysis with clean and comprehensive spot, futures, and historical data. You can stay on top of market-moving events with proprietary energy market news, plus content from leading third parties with our energy market data software. Commodity Trading. Fuel Tab. Fuel Administration. Data Connect. Massive amounts of pricing data flow at near-continuous rates in the $518 billion refined fuels industry.

Data Connect

You need to be able to cost-effectively, quickly and reliably move data – or inefficiencies and errors will hamper your sales strategies and hurt your bottom line. DTN DataConnect Messaging doesn’t just handle and integrate data – it gives you a competitive edge. Fastracks. Back in the day, 24-hour pricing was standard in the fuel buying industry.


But today, thanks to technology and other industry evolutions, rack prices change multiple times every day. Accordingly, buyers need real-time price information more than ever so they can react and adapt quicker to changes and be more profitable. DTN FastRacks gives fuel buyers an edge in today’s market. It features the fastest, most comprehensive, most accurate pricing information in the industry, and updates all of that in real-time as changes take place. When prices change, the system can alert you accordingly in real-time.

There is no more accurate source of rack price discovery than DTN FastRacks. Gas Availability Tracker. In the fuel buying industry, managing product allocations is critical to ensuring you have product, when and where you need it.

Gas Availability Tracker

Doing this requires considerable time and resources, so it’s important to get it right. Despite this, industry pros often find the information they’re working with isn’t current; costly errors can result from working with old data, like sending a truck to pull product at a location 50 miles away only to be turned away at the rack. DTN Allocation Tracker eliminates that risk. Mydtn. Producing a yield is one thing – getting it to market, and making as much profit from it as possible, is another.


There are so many factors and variables involved, so it’s essential to have the most current, accurate information possible to optimize your decision making and do it quickly. To help protect your yields and profits, MyDTN now provides county-level risk insights for four devastating crop diseases: • Gray Leaf Spot. Myweather. With MyDTN, you gain access to industry-leading ag market coverage, the latest market prices and unbiased strategies, and more.


Weather Reporting Stations. You have a unique opportunity to help your customers succeed, simply by better understanding the weather.

Weather Reporting Stations

The more you know about what’s happening in the fields and what conditions are being forecasted, the more accurate your advice can be. Turbulence Predictor. DTN Weather, December 28, 2017 Turbulence Forecasting Turbulence forecasting when not backed by years of research can leave aviation-related businesses vulnerable to operational issues. Although “shaking” in the wind may be the end result when businesses lack the most accurate turbulence forecasting, dealing with the repercussions of inadequate turbulence forecasting certainly leaves them abandoned to a bad situation – or twisting in the wind. What Is Harmattan. DTN Weather & new acquisition Wilkens Weather Technologies, February 2, 2018 It’s that time of year again when cold air from the mid-latitudes surges into the tropics.

The effect in Africa is a strong east to northeast wind from the Chad basin to Mauritania and northern Gabon called the Harmattan. Harmattan winds blow west to southwestward from the Sahara, with enough strength to carry desert sand and dust to the Atlantic Ocean. This occurs during the boreal winter as deep-layer troughs move across southern Europe and the Mediterranean, penetrating the Sahara. The preceding cold front often loses its identity over the desert due to intense surface heating and mixing. Harmattan winds become amplified as strong high pressure builds behind these troughs. Super Typhoon Wutip Sets February Records. DTN Weather, February 26, 2019 Super Typhoon Wutip Super Typhoon Wutip peaked as a Category Five storm on Monday morning, the first ever for the Northern Hemisphere in the month of February and the first February Super Typhoon since 1911.

Although sea-surface temperatures in the region were not particularly impressive (~81-82°F), Wutip’s rapid intensification is attributed to a period of nearly non-existent upper-level wind shear and a pair of impressive upper-level outflow channels. Three Myths of Working with a Crop Consultant or Agronomist. 2019 Queensland Flood Event. How to get the most out of your crop consultant. February 5, 2019. On-Site Weather Forecasting for the Oil & Gas Industry.