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Anatomy of a Winter Break. UK Lectures!

Anatomy of a Winter Break

- The UK Lectures at St. Andrews, Warwick, Cambridge and Queen Mary were a success! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great to meet you! More info here! New shirt! Order it here Need a last minute gift? Click Here! THESIS FUEL MUG BACK IN STOCK! Now shipping! 2014 PHD Calendar - is here! The Best of PHD - I'm happy to announce that we'll be publishing a run of the "Best PHD Comics" on Tapastic! The feed will be curated by me (Jorge), and will feature behind-the-scene commentary on why each comic is special to me. Tapastic is a pretty cool platform for webcomics. PHD Lectures - I'll be speaking at Penn State and Washington College this Tuesday and Wednesday (9/17, 9/18)! GOOGLE+ - Hey, PHD Comics is now on Google+! Need a Graduation Gift? UK Spring Tour - Jorge will be speaking at 4 UK Universities April 15-19! Buttersafe – Updated Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Snowflakes - A comic by James Ashby, Chris Jones and Zach Weiner. Pictures for sad children. Giant In the Playground Games. 948 Behind the Eyes 947 Keep in Mind 946 It's What's Inside That Counts 945 Jumbled Up 944 All of the Above, Actually 943 Everyone Hates Goodbye Scenes 942 But He Probably Has a Halberd Now 941 Relatively OK 940 Resisting a Rest 939 Donation Drive 938 This is Not a Thing That is Going to Happen 937 Travel Time 936 End of the Line 935 Caster Fight 934 All Hands on Deck 933 Getting a Little Carried Away 932 His Number One Fan 931 My Two Dads 930 Overshadowed 929 Through 928 Go 927 Can't Help Himself 926 Through the Wormhole(s) 925 Catching Up with Family 924 Resource Management 923 Breakthrough 922 Payback 921 Shot Down 920 No Running, No Hiding 919 I Went Down, Down, Down 918 These Last Few Are All from the Same Sender 917 Hold On 916 Executive Order 915 Custom Framing While You Wait 914 Last in the Coffin 913 Independent 912 Working Together 911 Operation Desert Inform 910 Marching On 909 Shifting Sands 908 Reverse Polarity 907 Always Hiring 906 Nothing Lasts Forever 905 Blow the Lid Off 904 Live by the Technicality... 902 Mr.

Giant In the Playground Games

PhewthankGod. 2642. Plastic Bags. Wondermark. QC: New Comics Every Monday Through Friday. Least I Could Do: the Comic » by Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.