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DSI Spaceframes, Inc.

DSI Spaceframes is committed to advancing the use of space frames by providing architects, engineers, contractors, developers, property owners…and even artists…with the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. With a trusted system that has been used in the United States and globally for more than 30 years, DSI Spaceframes is well rooted in space frame technology. Our exclusive System III is the most versatile and attractive ball-and-tube system available. To meet your design specifications, our space frames are available in a range of standard colors, and custom colors are available as an option. Find out if space frames are the right choice for your next project. For a FREE engineering consultation. Contact Us to tell us about your space frames requirements.

SpaceFrames Inspire Design - Transform Vision Into Reality. Advances in computer aided design have allowed space frames to evolve from simple flat geometric applications to the complex vertical and horizontal geometric applications that are now commonplace.

SpaceFrames Inspire Design - Transform Vision Into Reality

They allow for curved lines and vast expanses of column-free construction where conventional steel trusses cannot. The modular structural system also marries well with most skin materials for endless possibilities. The experts at DSI Spaceframes are ready to collaborate with you to transform your vision into reality. Building A Better World with LEED/Green Design Impact. As the health of our planet continues to be a global concern, more and more companies, institutions and government agencies are looking for eco-friendly building alternatives.

Building A Better World with LEED/Green Design Impact

Space frame construction is one way to reduce the impact building has on the environment. As a leader in space frame technology, DSI Spaceframes understands the numerous benefits of space frame construction and how it can support sustainable design and LEED certification. Space frame structures create a smaller carbon footprint by using approximately 60 percent less material and therefore being lighter weight than conventional steel construction. Since space frame structures are made from recycled material, they are fully recyclable. Source material is abundant and locally available, thus eliminating the need for scarce, high cost materials.

Designer and Manufacturer of Structural & Architectural Space Frames - DSI Spaceframes. Repeatable Applications - Space Frame Designs. When looking to make an impactful first impression, there’s no need to re-create the wheel.

Repeatable Applications - Space Frame Designs

Companies with multiple storefronts or locations are turning to space frame designs because they are easily repeatable and therefore economical. As a space frame manufacturer, DSI Spaceframes specializes in entrance canopies for hospitals, schools, hotels, and event centers. The company has worked with numerous franchises to develop distinctive designs for their individual brands that can be re-created consistently on buildings in any locale. DSI Spaceframes Exclusive Space Frame System - DSI System III. System III is the most versatile and attractive forged steel ball and tube system available today.

DSI Spaceframes Exclusive Space Frame System - DSI System III

With virtually unlimited span capability, this exclusive space frame system offers the world’s largest span and longest cantilever. As a result, it allows architects and engineers to build just about any design configuration—from flat structures to organic shapes. As with any typical ball and tube space frame system, members are always in tension or compression, evenly distributing the flexing load. DSI Spaceframes Exclusive Space Frame System - DSI System III. Space Frames: Definition, Types, Materials and Primary Benefits. A space frame, also known as 3D truss or space structure, is a lightweight, truss-like structure that is designed using a rigidity matrix.

Space Frames: Definition, Types, Materials and Primary Benefits

It is constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. The simplest spatial unit of spaceframe structure is a tetrahedron which has six members and four joints. This three-dimensional truss is composed of linear elements subject only to tension or compression. Though they seem to look less strong than roof rafters that need massive interior supports at first look, space frames are quite robust and sturdy. They can be able to hold short, medium, and long-span roofs and canopies with even just the minimum interior supports. Materials used for space frames Spaceframes can be made from either timber or steel. · Timber - Used widely during the 19th century. . · Steel - This material is mostly used these days not only because it is lightweight, but also because of its strength and beauty.

Uses of United Space Structures. The last few decades have seen an expansion of united space structures, which was mainly due to its considerable structural potential and aesthetics.

Uses of United Space Structures

New and advanced applications of spaceframe connectors are being demonstrated in building types. For instance, assembly halls, airplane hangars, exhibition pavilion, sports arenas and airport terminal buildings are all buildings taking advantage of the new ways to utilize these into their designs. These space frames are not only possible for buildings with long span roofs, but also on medium and short spans of roofs and canopies. The reason behind the development of spaceframe structures is to able to implement new features used for structural analysis. These design features provide major improvements for the modeling of composite structures and helps by getting to its production more quickly. What are the united spaceframes? United spaceframes are usually created using a rigidity matrix. . ● Auditoriums ● Canopies ● Toll Booths ● Skylights. What Are the Advantages of Using Space Frames in Construction?

A space frame, also known as a space structure consists of a truss-like structure, which is lightweight made using interlocking struts.

What Are the Advantages of Using Space Frames in Construction?

It is the best choice to use as a platform or overhead structure to cover a wider area without any internal support. The space frames offer many advantages including lightweight, versatility, stiffness, and mass production. The space frame structure uses three methods of connections namely welding, bolting, or threading.

5 Primary Benefits of Spaceframe Structures. Cost-saving In constructing structures, time always equals to money.

5 Primary Benefits of Spaceframe Structures

A space frame structure offers cost-saving benefits through various first time and lifetime savings. For this reason, space frame structures have become one of the most affordable building products on the market today. DSI Space frames - Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Installation. What Are the Advantages of Using Space Frames in Construction? What Are the Advantages of Using Space Frames in Construction? What Are the Advantages of Using Space Frames in Construction? Have you been thinking of using the best material in the construction of the new store?

What Are the Advantages of Using Space Frames in Construction?

Perhaps, you can avail space frames to create a solid foundation for your new store.