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Men throwing rocks with the other hand. Suddenly... puppies. Carrot party. Greatest voice crack in history. Kitten fails surprise attack. This cat demands service every week. Mariachi surprise. This woman really loves sponges. Monty Python philosopher soccer game. Ventriloquist prank. Bill Cosby: Master troll. Two Days of Cat vs. Automatic Feeder. If you're having a bad day, then this dog video is for you. What watching TV in the US feels like as a Brit. Boss thinks he's unstoppable.. Annoying doorstop cat. SWAT team storms elevator and sings "I Will Survive" to passenger. What really goes on in the forest at night. Hey Alan Alan. Harry Potter as a teen comedy. Stephen Fry loses it on QI.

Meteorologist freakout. 50 impressions, 50 seconds. Three cats, one steak. Euro basketball team celebrates too early. Hippo has gas. Don't use your cell while I'm playing. Jealous alpha male monkey "attacks" man. Freaked out cat. Meanwhile in Costa Rica.. Lizard bathtub surprise. News reporter blooper.