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Thou Shalt Not be Data-Driven. Web Analytics World sur Twitter : "How does a Data Dominated future affect your Management team? Find out with @RalfHaberich. Spencer Altman sur Twitter : "Where is your company in terms of value from your #digitalanalytics? 'Is #bigdata Relevant?' Javier de la Torre (CartoDB): “El objetivo final es que la gente utilice y entienda mejor la información con datos” Nos recibió una chica joven y de acento extranjero, se asemejaba en edad a la mayoría de los compañeros con los que compartía mesa de trabajo y sostenía una taza de café en la mano.

Javier de la Torre (CartoDB): “El objetivo final es que la gente utilice y entienda mejor la información con datos”

Justo a la derecha de la puerta principal había un espacio grande y diáfano en el que se encontraban situadas unas cuantas mesas alargadas con decenas de ingenieros que andaban revoloteando –más de uno iba en calcetines, dando la impresión de que estaba en su segunda casa– y charlando unos con otros o, todo lo contrario, estaban con sus cascos de música concentrados y absortos mirando la pantalla.

Beware of Cheap Data. This is the conclusion anyway of a pair of computer scientists, ​described in the current issueScience Bias is the key term as we attempt to extract meaningful observations from the non-stop social media avalanche of conversations, pronouncements, locations, images, categories, and on and on.

Beware of Cheap Data

In the face of these sheer volumes, it’s easy to delude oneself into thinking that those volumes are capable of delivering the random (or otherwise specified) sample needed to conduct good research. Ruths and "Not everything that can be labeled as 'Big Data' is automatically great," Juergen notes in a statement. "People want to say something about what's happening in the world and social media is a quick way to tap into that. Developers of online social platforms are building tools to serve a specific, practical purpose—not necessarily to provide good data. External traffic to Spanish news sites plummets after Google move. As expected, Google removed all Spanish publishers from its Google News index on Tuesday, which the company said it was forced to do as a result of a new law — a law that publishers themselves lobbied for — which requires anyone using even a short snippet of copyrighted content to pay a fee.

External traffic to Spanish news sites plummets after Google move

According to the web-analytics service Chartbeat, within hours of their removal from the Google service, Spanish media sites saw their external traffic fall by double digits. Josh Schwartz, the chief data scientist at Chartbeat, said the company doesn’t track every Spanish news site or publisher, but it has enough data on them as a group to indicate just how dramatic the traffic decline was. The service tracks about 50 sites, he said, ranging from small media outlets to the largest newspaper publishers, and looking at the data shows “a pretty massive difference” in traffic compared to a similar day before the removal. En Analítica Inteligente os contamos todo lo que rodea a la analítica, la medición de web, móvil, apps, conversión, campañas… Las tendencias y el foco de donde creemos que las empresas en digital deberían fijarse!!

Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth. There’s no question that the development of better analytical tools and approaches in recent years has given business leaders significant new decision-making firepower.

Using marketing analytics to drive superior growth

Yet while advanced analytics provide the ability to increase growth and marketing return on investment (MROI), organizations seem almost paralyzed by the choices on offer. As a result, business leaders tend to rely on just one planning and performance-management approach. They quickly find that even the most advanced single methodology has limits. The diverse activities and audiences that marketing dollars typically support and the variety of investment time horizons call for a more sophisticated approach. In our experience, the best way for business leaders to improve marketing effectiveness is to integrate MROI options in a way that takes advantage of the best assets of each. Is Web Analytics Dying? Descubriendo Webtrekk. Digital Intelligence Suite: OMExpo Madrid 2014. Cohort Analysis: A (practical) Q&A [Guest Post] My colleague Nicolas wrote a great guide with tips and tricks on how to do cohort analyses which I'd like to share with the readers of this blog.

Cohort Analysis: A (practical) Q&A [Guest Post]

Thanks, Nicolas, for allowing me to guest publish it here. Without further ado, here it is! At Point Nine we believe that the only way to get a real sense of user retention and customer lifetime is doing a proper cohort analysis. Much has been said and written about them and Christoph has a published a great template and guide on the topic if the concept is new to you. With this Q&A I want to focus on some of the more practical questions that might arise when you are actually implementing a cohort analysis for your startup.

Now let's get into it! Q: Which users should I include in the base number of the cohort? ¿QUÉ SON Y PARA QUÉ SIRVEN LAS PÁGINAS VIRTUALES EN ANALÍTICA? How advertising cookies let observers follow you across the web. Back in December, documents revealed the NSA had been using Google's ad-tracking cookies to follow browsers across the web, effectively coopting ad networks into surveillance networks.

How advertising cookies let observers follow you across the web

A new paper from computer scientists at Princeton breaks down exactly how easy it is, even without the resources and access of the NSA. The researchers were able to reconstuct as much as 90% of a user's web activity just from monitoring traffic to ad-trackers like Google's DoubleClick. Crucially, the researchers didn't need any special access to the ad data. They just sat back and watched public traffic across the network. Tor was the only tool that escaped the researchers' dragnet As it turns out, trackers are displaying a surprising amount of information in public.

The result is, for a given pageview, it's surprisingly easy to trace back to a person's name and the other pages they've visited. Cookies that give you away: The surveillance implications of web tracking. [Today we have another announcement of an exciting new research paper.

Cookies that give you away: The surveillance implications of web tracking

Undergraduate Dillon Reisman, for his senior thesis, applied our web measurement platform to study some timely questions. Webtrekk, la solución del mundo digital. The Recent Forrester Wave on Web Analytics … is Wrong Web Analytics Demystified. Recent Blog Posts I’ve Become Aware that Awareness Is a #measure Bugaboo Tim Wilson, Partner A Big Question that social and digital media marketers grapple with constantly, whether they realize it or not: Is "awareness" a valid objective for marketing activity?

The Recent Forrester Wave on Web Analytics … is Wrong Web Analytics Demystified

Why pay for a tool when there is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is free, offers so much, and there is actually no reason whatsoever to pay for an Analytics tool, right?

Why pay for a tool when there is Google Analytics?

In this post, I am sharing the three things in GA that bother me the most – coincidentally, three things that I usually get in paid Analytics tools. And no, it is not about privacy. We all love Google Analytics. So much has been written about the great features it offers. And rightfully so. Arquitectos de Analítica Digital. Why Websites Still Can’t Predict Exactly What You Want - Kaiser Fung.

By Kaiser Fung | 12:00 PM May 22, 2014 It should be a golden age for personalization online, and the predictive algorithms that drive it.

Why Websites Still Can’t Predict Exactly What You Want - Kaiser Fung

Data scientists, supported by the stunning growth in the gathering and processing of so-called big data, can extract patterns from massive stores of browsing and sales data in order to predict our likes and dislikes and tailor marketing experiences to us. The predictive algorithms are often built to impress, designed over years by teams of PhDs from top universities. In 2006, Netflix tapped these brainiacs by offering a million dollars to anyone who improved its home-grown algorithm to predict movie ratings.

It took three years before a combined team of seven researchers reached the target of ten-percent prediction improvement. Outils d'analyse. Socialbro - Explore your Community. Optimizely: A/B testing software you'll actually use. Modelo de estudio de cohortes. Lean Startup Metrics & Analytics. Easy Social Media Analytics & Measurement. 9 Data Sets Every Ecommerce Company Should Measure. To see big wins in e-commerce today, entrepreneurs need to cover all of their bases, from organic SEO to mobile advertising.

Analytics tools can create a pretty detailed snapshot of where your business stands — too detailed, in some cases. Curious about which metrics really matter, we asked a panel of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs which pieces of data they measure regularly and what it tells them about their overall strategy. Their best answers are below. 1. User Acquisition Costs If you are in the e-commerce world and you don't know how many users are landing on your page, the conversion rate of users to paying customers and the cost of that user landing on the page (versus the profit you make in sales), you may not be in the industry too long. . - Joseph Ricard, Tunebash Inc 2. You work hard to get people to your site. . - Brett Farmiloe, Digital Marketing Agency. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software. Make Analytics Better with Tag Management and a Data Layer.

There’s something new in the world of tracking: the container tag. It’s more commonly known as Tag Management. You may have heard of it over the last year or so. Very quickly this technology has spawned a number of companies and investment in this area. Some of the more well known tag management tools are (in no specific order): [NOTE: I've been updating this list as more and more tag management tools become available.] 5 Things Vendors of Tag Management Systems (TMS) may not tell you. Tag Management Systems (TMS) promise independence from IT and thus quicker deployment of new tracking code, faster load times, lower switching costs, and a lot of other wonderful things.

But even though TMS definitely have their benefits, you should know about some issues vendors may be reluctant to tell you. Tag Management is “da hype” in the realm of Digital Analytics and Online Marketing. There are at least a dozen vendors with a sensible offering (Tealium, TagMan, Ensighten, BrightTag, DC Storm, Impact Radius, QuBit, Site Tagger, SuperTag, Tag Commander, UberTags, Google Tag Manager, and you name it). ¿Cómo tendría que ser mi servicio de analítica digital? Si en los años 90 se establecían las bases de la medición online, no fue hasta principios de la década del 2000, en pleno estallido de la burbuja 1.0, cuando se consolidó el primer modelo estable de medición en Internet.

Audientia, la primera herramienta basada en marcadores lanzada en España. Universal Analytics: The Next Generation of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is introducing a number of new technologies, collectively called Universal Analytics, that will create a better way for businesses to measure their digital world. The cornerstone change in Universal Analytics is that Google Analytics is becoming user or customer centric rather than visit centric. Eulerian Technologies. INFORMATE MOBILE INTELLIGENCE. Telemetry.