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Great analysis of #Safeharbor context: Here's how Washington weaponized America's IT companies and why it backfired. No Safe Harbor Is Coming. It's time to take your data classification procedures more seriously.

No Safe Harbor Is Coming

If not, that helpful information-sharing you did in the US could cost you hefty fines for privacy violations in the European Union. UPDATED Jan. 25 -- By passing the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) as part of the omnibus spending bill last month, the US legislature has encouraged American companies to share threat intelligence with the government by absolving them of some of the data privacy liability concerns that stilled their tongues in the past. Yet, the federal government can do nothing to absolve companies of their duties to European data privacy regulations. In passing CISA--officially titled the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 when signed into law--the US made life for multi-national companies, or any business with customers overseas, more difficult. Post-Safe Harbor: What happens on Feb. 2?

Recently, my colleague Phil Lee posted an obituary on Safe Harbor.

Post-Safe Harbor: What happens on Feb. 2?

The article was funny, a touch provocative, but especially well grounded. As we reach towards the end of January, never has the fate of Safe Harbour seemed so uncertain. As you likely know, on October 6, 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the "massive and indiscriminate surveillance" of EU citizens by U.S. public authorities incompatible with the fundamental right to the protection of personal data under European law.

As a result, the Safe Harbor framework was declared invalid and the national data protection authorities (DPAs) were ordered to act accordingly under their respective national laws. Soon after, the Article 29 Working Party (WP29) issued an opinion, which gave the EU and U.S. officials in charge of re-negotiating the Safe Harbor framework (now referred to as the Transatlantic Data Transfer Agreement) until the end of January 2016 to reach an agreement. Last-minute change to privacy bill adds tension to US-EU talks. The European Commission is dismayed by the final language of a key privacy bill that could influence already-tense negotiations over a new data flow agreement with the U.S., according to those familiar with the talks.

Last-minute change to privacy bill adds tension to US-EU talks

The so-called Judicial Redress Act, passed out of a Senate committee on Thursday, includes a compromise offered in response to concerns from some Republicans that the bill was a “concession” to the EU. The amendment, circulated amid a flurry of eleventh-hour negotiations on Wednesday, would require the European countries covered by the bill to allow commercial data transfers with the U.S. In addition, it includes a provision stating that the bill can not impede U.S. national security interests. Supporters have long hoped that passing the bill, which gives EU citizens the right to challenge misuse of their personal data in U.S. court, would help U.S. negotiators reach a deal on a new Safe Harbor agreement. Data Leakage o el riesgo de la fuga de datos. #Outthink16 a picture of the t things to come... Already here. @spenceraltman @Webtrekk empieza el desayuno de Best Practice.

@spenceraltman @Webtrekk Nuestros competidores en el proceso de conversión: Google. Como evitarlo: Branding. @spenceraltman @Webtrekk hay que controlar la adquisición. Hoy Google controla vuestro modelo de negocio y margen. El comercio electrónico en España continua con su imparable crecimiento. @spenceraltman @Webtrekk los equipos de analítica deben pasar de analizar productos/campañas a analizar usuarios. @spenceraltman @Webtrekk se trata de analizar nuestros usuarios, para actuar. Donde encajarán los analistas web en el futuro, que no están cubriendo ahora las empresas @spenceraltman @Webtrekk. @spenceraltman @Webtrekk el nuevo paradigma de trabajo de la analítica web. TIL that the phrase software "patch" is from a physical patch applied to Mark 1 paper tape to modify the program. Cómo convertir el tráfico de tu sitio web en clientes.

Los 75 business angels más influyentes de España. How your innocent smartphone passes on almost your entire life to the secret service. This article was originally written in Dutch by Dimitri Tokmetzis and was published by De Correspondent.

How your innocent smartphone passes on almost your entire life to the secret service

Illustrations by Momkai. Ton Siedsma is nervous. He made the decision weeks ago, but keeps postponing it. How to get rich in tech, guaranteed. How to get rich in tech, guaranteed.

How to get rich in tech, guaranteed.

La AEPD rechaza las soluciones ofrecidas por Mailchimp. Safe Harbor : les CNIL européennes doivent choisir entre force ou faiblesse - Politique - Numerama. Safe Harbor: cuando un "Puerto Seguro" no está seguro. Las normativas de AEDP y como actuar entre el 29 de Enero. De nuevo sobre Safe Harbor y el pánico en las redes sociales. European Court of Human Rights says blanket surveillance is a violation. The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled that the system of secret interception of mobile telephone communications in Russia violated the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

European Court of Human Rights says blanket surveillance is a violation

The case was brought by Roman Zakharov, editor-in-chief of a publishing company, who complained that "mobile network operators in Russia were required by law to install equipment enabling law-enforcement agencies to carry out operational-search activities and that, without sufficient safeguards under Russian law, this permitted blanket interception of communications. " Importantly, the ECtHR found that Zakharov was entitled to claim to be a victim of a violation of the ECHR, even though he was unable to allege that he had been the subject of a specific act of surveillance, since those were all secret. Despite that small niggle in Russia, this is still an important ruling because it automatically applies to all of the 47 countries that have ratified the European Convention on Human Rights.

“Yeah, we ditched Google.” Report by Norway DPA: 'The great data race - how commercial utilisation of personal data challenges privacy' The Serial Swatter. Early one weekend morning in January 2014, Janet was sleeping fitfully in her parents’ home in Toronto.

The Serial Swatter

A junior studying elementary education at a nearby college, she had gone home for the weekend in a state of nervous collapse. For months, someone going by the name ‘‘Obnoxious’’ had been harassing her online. He had called her cellphone repeatedly and sent her threatening texts. Worst of all, he had threatened to ‘‘swat’’ her at school — to make a false emergency call to the police and lure a SWAT team to her door. Janet was afraid to go to sleep; she kept thinking that he was going to swat her in the middle of the night. France: CNIL contacting data controllers following Safe Harbor invalidation. "Safe Harbor" Transferencias datos personales UE EEUU. Europe Seeks to Reach Data Transfer Pact by Early 2016.

Photo Senior European officials said on Friday that they expected to complete a new trans-Atlantic data sharing agreement in the next three months that would allow companies to continue moving online information like social media posts and search queries to the United States.

Europe Seeks to Reach Data Transfer Pact by Early 2016

The renewed effort comes a month after Europe’s highest court ruled on Oct. 6 that a 15-year-old pact — known as a safe harbor agreement — did not provide sufficient protection for the region’s citizens when their data was transferred between Europe and the United States. European and American officials had been trying to forge an updated agreement even before the court’s ruling, and they plan to continue those efforts next week in Washington.

The October decision by the European Court of Justice has caused major headaches for the world’s technology giants, including Google and Facebook, as well as nontech businesses that move information like payroll or pension data between regions. #SafeHarbor, Spanish Data Protection Agency #AEPD sends letter with deadline: January 29 2016. Las empresas españolas tendrán que legalizar el envío de datos a EE UU. The Burden of the Nondiversifiable Risk of Entrepreneurship. NBER Working Paper No. 14219Issued in August 2008NBER Program(s): EFG ME In the standard venture capital contract, entrepreneurs have a large fraction of equity ownership in the companies they found and are paid a sub-market salary by the investors who provide the money to develop the idea.

The Burden of the Nondiversifiable Risk of Entrepreneurship

The big rewards come only to those whose companies go public or are acquired on favorable terms, forcing entrepreneurs to bear a substantial burden of idiosyncratic risk. We study this burden in the case of high-tech companies funded by venture capital. Over the past 20 years, the typical venture-backed entrepreneur earned an average of $4.4 million from companies that succeeded in attracting venture funding. Innovative leaders do this. Adage. Facebook has been going hard after marketers' TV budgets, and with some success.


Now, it's coming armed with research from Nielsen suggesting it's a better reach medium than TV for millennials and Hispanics coveted by so many marketers. Further approach in Germany. New study shows Spain’s “Google tax” has been a disaster for publishers. A study commissioned by Spanish publishers has found that a new intellectual property law passed in Spain last year, which charges news aggregators like Google for showing snippets and linking to news stories, has done substantial damage to the Spanish news industry.

In the short-term, the study found, the law will cost publishers €10 million, or about $10.9 million, which would fall disproportionately on smaller publishers. Consumers would experience a smaller variety of content, and the law "impedes the ability of innovation to enter the market. " The study concludes that there's no "theoretical or empirical justification" for the fee. The full study (PDF) is available for download; it's in Spanish with an English-language executive summary. The law, which provides for fines of up to $758,000 for violators, was passed in October. The NERA analysis found a 6 percent overall drop in traffic from the Spanish Google News closure and a 14 percent drop for smaller publications. Top 29 Mockup and Wireframing Tools for Developers. Wireframing is key to successful and efficient UX development for modern Web and Mobile applications Wireframing tools make the process of creating a cloud computing based SaaS app or website fundamentally easier—allowing you to visually strip the product down and focus purely on functions and user interactivity.

Mockups and wireframes are critical tools for communicating a prototype’s usability and functionality to clients, providing a streamlined, uncluttered visual to supplement verbalized ideas and designs. With the explosion of mobile applications and cloud computing there are more wireframing tools on the market than ever, each offering varying levels of functionality. Some software can be used purely for simple wireframes, while more advanced tools will allow you to create a complete working prototype. Test and Development are moving to the Cloud. InsightMedi. Of all the articles I read on regular basis all over the Internet, the kind of publications of which I never get bored are the ones focused on successful company teams and their stories. At InsightMedi, we cannot claim the kind of success that makes it through to the big news outlets, but we do have an amazing story behind our team. It’s the type of story that should be shared, if not by anyone else, by ourselves.

I’m taking care of that just now, so if you want to get to know us a little better, read on. Uk.businessinsider. What is marketing automation and why do you need it? It’s as easy as switching on your computer, sitting back, relaxing and letting the software do all your work for you while you secretly read Viz behind a copy of Marketing Week. Right? Right??? What is marketing automation? Let’s take a brief look back at the recent past. Marketing automation has actually been around since the 1980s. How to Handle Negative Feedback. There’s no shortage of advice about how to react to negative feedback. Whether the critic is a boss or a co-worker, the same familiar guidance is consistently presented: Listen carefully, don’t get defensive, ask for time. There’s nothing wrong with these three suggestions, of course. But at the moment when an unhappy colleague is telling you loudly that the project plan you created left out some obvious key components, or your boss is taking you to task for the stumbles you made in running an important meeting, it’s hard to recall these valid pointers, move them to the front of your mind, and actually act on them.

Harvard Biz Review sur Twitter : "The right. Two years of evolution for InsightMedi. The Lean InsightMedi. Top Seeds Lab, una startup para impulsar a las startups. Top Seeds Lab sur Twitter : "En @EFEemprende​ publican esta entrevista a nuestro CEO Ignacio Macías #Startup #Emprendedores. UK Shopping Centre Launches Beacon Technology to Connect Directly to Shoppers' Smartphones. “Si nos embarcábamos en esta aventura, lo haríamos con el objetivo de un exit de 100 millones” Izanami Co-Founder Nonabox. Ni mobile ni compra programática: el futuro pasa por saber explotar los datos #OMExpo2015. Ton Wesseling sur Twitter : "Listening to Frida und Fritz buying because of business rules.. You should test that! #wuc2015 #wuc.

Diego Semprún sur Twitter : "@ingdirect NL organization is transforming to multidisciplinary lean teams no dpt bonduaries. @Webtrekk #wuc15 Brutal. Quienes tengan calefacción central pagarán según el consumo.

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Cedege. Privacy. Online resources. Digital & IT Industry. Business Model thinking. Business around the world. Acceleration / Incubation. Background & Research. Harvard Biz Review sur Twitter : "Cultural differences can be complex and can often seem contradictory. Map Out Cultural Conflicts on Your Team. El 64% de las empresas europeas no tiene un programa de innovación. Diego Semprún sur Twitter : "@topseedslab a doble pagina en @Expansioncom @ketekelo y @mybrana en @Lanzadera e @IgnacMac anuncia el VII ciclo. Diego Semprún: “Lo digital se está convirtiendo en un canal clave para la supervivencia de las empresas” #Bonilista  "El Factor M" El vigués Jacobo Elosua imparte una charla en Jesuitas tras su paso por la Singularity University. Entrevista de la semana con Diego Semprún de Castellane.

Software Is Eating The Job Market. The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling. Cuatro adolescentes españolas, premiadas en un concurso de robots para ingenieros. What Maslow’s Hierarchy Won’t Tell You About Motivation. Premios Tu Economía 2015: Iniciativa, innovación y tenacidad, principales valores de los ganadores. El Corte Inglés aumenta sus pedidos online un 40% en el último año. Diego Semprún sur Twitter : "Foto del equipo @TopSeedsLab con el premio @larazon_es TuEconomia... Today's terrifying Web security vulnerability, courtesy of the 1990s crypto wars. ¿Cómo scrapear una SERP de Google? - Flat 101. Isabel Córdova S. sur Twitter : "El #DemosDay de @ConectorSpain en Madrid ha comenzado! #startups #digitales! @TopSeedsLab... Anatomy of a social network Network researcher Ron Burt has identified two… Ahmed Nassef sur Twitter : "Yelp Cries Foul at Google’s Mobile App Ad Declaration #mobile...

Premios Ig Nobel: El científico que dejó que una abeja le picara tres veces en el pene. InsightMedi and the Limitless physician. Apple's ad-blocking move is hurting retailers like Walmart. El viaje del consumidor en la mitad de las compras online es ya multidispositivo. Mensaje para clientes nuestros que quieren cambiar a @PepeEnergy #AgradecidosYEmocionados #OtraCompetenciaEsPosible. Adblocking unleashes anxiety across the advertising industry.

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