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D & S Carpets Ltd.

D & S is a family run business to accomplish a name for themselves as expert and reliable carpet cleaning professionals. We offer our services to residents of Swansea, Llanelli, Carmarthen, Ammanford, Neath and Port Talbot.

Time To Repair Scratches On Your Favourite Leather Sofa - D & S Carpets. Homeowners widely prefer leather furniture in the UK as the material is versatile and valuable.

Time To Repair Scratches On Your Favourite Leather Sofa - D & S Carpets

Though you don’t have to worry about the appeal of a leather sofa you have recently bought, scratches might develop over time. Leather furniture are prone to scratches even when subjected to normal use. Homeowners try their level best to keep sofas protected from scratches but it is impossible if you live in a house with small children or pets. If you feel that the scratches in your furniture are making a negative impact on your room’s appeal, get in touch with a company offering leather sofa repair services. They know how to fix or disguise the deep scratches so your sofa starts looking new again. Know The Type Of Leather And Scratch Even two similar-looking sofa can be made using two different types of leather. Fix The Minor Scratches Dip a cotton ball in olive or saddle oil and rub it into the scratch. Repair The Deep Scratches. How to Prevent Mould on Your Carpet? Know These Easy Steps - D & S Carpets.

Carpets are supposed to enhance the aesthetics of your room.

How to Prevent Mould on Your Carpet? Know These Easy Steps - D & S Carpets

Mould growth on the carpet is typical, and that can prevent your floor covering from making your interior look attractive. Though it is common, it is not a welcoming view to see unsightly moulds on beautiful carpets. Not only do they look ugly, but they are also challenging to clean. Hence, it is required to know the quick and easy processes of preventing mould growth from carpets so that the interior looks beautiful and stays healthy. Reduce Indoor Humidity Level The humidity level inside your home greatly impacts determining the birth and growth of mould on your carpets. Maintain the Indoor Temperature Maintaining the indoor temperature is necessary to prevent the rapid growth and spread of mould on carpets and other areas inside your home.

Pick the Right Carpet Padding. Essential Tips for Maintaining Leather Furniture. Leather furniture looks gorgeous.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Leather Furniture

Whether it is a recliner or a big sofa – leather products always add more aesthetics and value to your interior. However, you must maintain them well to enjoy their aesthetics and functionality for a long time. Leather is durable only when you take correct care of the same. When you have a luxurious interior with stunning leather furniture pieces, ensure that you know how to clean them and maintain their shiny look. Keeping Your Leather Upholstery Clean Unlike fabrics like cotton, linen, or polyester, leather upholstery demands more care and regular cleaning. For More Serious Issues. Simple Ways to Protect Your Home and Your Loved Ones from Viruses. This is the high time you should be careful about protecting your home and your loved ones from viruses.

Simple Ways to Protect Your Home and Your Loved Ones from Viruses

In this time of the pandemic, you cannot take these matters lightly. Even the simple flu can cause severe health issues for some of your family members; especially the older ones and the infants. On top of that, the ongoing pandemic and COVID 19 spread to increase the chance of getting infected easily. Self-Carpet Cleaning At-Home vs Professional Cleaning Service.

It looks beautiful to have your entire house covered with an appealing carpet from top to bottom.

Self-Carpet Cleaning At-Home vs Professional Cleaning Service

At the same time, it can be a maintenance nightmare as well. It is wise to clean your carpets at least once every six months, especially if you have a pet at home or you live in a tropical climate. This will help you get rid of dirt, grime, and debris of the fabric. Better Result. Upholstery Cleaners in Carmarthen. DIY Ways to Deep Clean Your Carpet For Easy Maintenance. Most Effective Ways of Taking Care Wool Carpets and Rugs. In the field of carpets and rugs, wool is considered as a delicate material.

Most Effective Ways of Taking Care Wool Carpets and Rugs

Wool carpets and rugs have their own kind of fan following. There are a lot of reasons why people love to use wool rugs and carpets in their houses. However, today we will discuss the ways of protecting wool carpets from damages. Wool carpets need special protection, and you should know how to do it when you buy one for your house.

Dirt, dust, spots, stains and bacteria – there are a lot of things that can cause the damages and dullness in your beautiful and costly wool carpets. In this new age, most of the carpet manufacturers prepare carpets with protective treatments to keep it safe from the stains and dust, which is common due to the regular wear and tear. Best Professional Carpet Cleaning – Hire a Person or Book a Company. When it comes to the matter of cleaning, you would not like to take any chance with your home, and it’s objects.

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning – Hire a Person or Book a Company

You wish to get everything perfect so that you can experience the job of returning to a perfectly clean house every day after work. While talking about keeping the house clean, you should not forget your carpets. They need regular and special cleaning routine. Bedroom Carpet Buying Guide – Know Before You Invest. Why Hire Professionals for Cleaning the Carpets. Clean, shiny and tidy carpets not only increase the aesthetics of the room, but it also improves the health of the interior ambience of your house.

Why Hire Professionals for Cleaning the Carpets

Living in a home where the carpets are not cleaned can cause many health issues like allergy attacks, asthma, itching in eyes, pulmonary issues, etc. This is the reason you should always keep the carpets neat and clean in your home, and ensure a good and healthy ambience for your family. However, many people think that carpet cleaning is easy, and it can be done with the regular vacuum cleaner. They are not wrong. Carpet & upholstery cleaning in Llanelli. Do you have an old carpet which no longer looks alluring?

Carpet & upholstery cleaning in Llanelli

Do you want to replace it? Do you want to get some fresh look in your house, but cannot be sure if it the right time to change the carpet or not? Well, many signs tell you clearly that it is the high time to buy a new carpet. Carpet Cleaning in South Wales, Neath, Port Talbot.