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Electronic Kits, Electronic Hobby Kits, Electronic Kit. China PDA,Handheld Device,RFID Reader,Scanner - China products catalog. The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast. Browse News. 56 GSa/s 8-bit ADC Development Kit Posted Feb 20th 2014 The 56 GSs/s ADC evaluation board (BATBOARD) allows early silicon characterization of Fujitsu's CHAIS (CHArge-mode Interleaved Sampler) ADC technology, and provides very fast data capture for high-speed signals.

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With two channels of 56 GSa/s 8-bit ADCs packaged in a single ROBIN device, the evaluation board provides unique features to simplify measurement and evaluation in the lab. The board is ideal for prototyping next-generation test and measurement systems as well as for testing new... Embedded Ultra-Low Power Module Solutions. .NET Micro Framework. Electronics Kits Complete List. - Electronics Kits, Electronic Projects, Electronics Technician Certification Home Study Training, Basic Electronics. Hobby Engineering: Building Kits Department. Building kits are a great way for kids to develop important skills while having fun that doesn't include video games or television.

Hobby Engineering: Building Kits Department

Building activities encourage imaginative thinking and creatively while also teaching about materials and construction, developing problem solving techniques and improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They also teach your child the value of organization and neatness. Thats a lot of learning in one little box. You and your child will learn an amazing amount about each other and the world while you have fun building models. QKits Electronic Kits. Electronics Kits - RF Cafe. Gibson Sales Systems | gssteched.comTelephone kit, robotic arm trainer kit, solar car (with solar panel), hand-held police siren, two-LED blinker for bicycles, DMM kit, burglar alarm kit, telephone amplifier kit, 15-LED spectrum analyzer, 25W audio amplifier, 8 melody generator kit, universal musical alarm, 4A universal DC power supply kit, super sensor motion detector kit, digital roulette, dual-band AM short wave radio kit, variable strobe light kit, sound operated switch kit, parallel PC interface kit, MicroBug robot, voice changer.

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Hobby Engineering | hobbyengineering.com650-589-2878 | San Francisco, CAA supply store for people who want to build robots, electronic gadgets, kinetic art or anything else that moves, beeps or flashes. | hobbytron.com818-675-9002 / San Fernando, CAElectronic project kits & parts. LNS Technologies High Tech Products for Hobby, Education and Business. Robot Controllers. Pololu’s Orangutan robot controllers are combinations of microcontrollers and additional hardware useful for controlling robots.

Robot Controllers

All Orangutans feature Atmel AVR microcontrollers, multiple H-bridges for direct control of DC motors, and most units have integrated LCD displays. All units except the Orangutan X2 and Orangutan SVP require external programmers such as Atmel’s AVRISP or the Pololu USB AVR programmer. The Orangutan family currently has four members: Machine Science Inc. Information Unlimited - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits.

100's of ELECTRONIC KITS TO BUILD. Electronic Kits and Product List of ApogeeKits. Original ApogeeKits Electronic Kits and Others No Solder Kits - Electro-Mechanical Kits that Require NO Soldering Fun and functional - for the kid in all of us!

Electronic Kits and Product List of ApogeeKits

Simple electro-mechanical devices, Labs, and "dino-bots" that assemble with NO electronic soldering or gluing required. Hobby Engineering: Electronic Kits Section. Function Generator (Kit) This versatile function generator kit utilizes surface mount components such as IC's, resistors and capacitors.

Hobby Engineering: Electronic Kits Section

The completed generator producees Sine, Square and Sawtooth waveforms, continuously variable to 1MHz. The kit includes all parts, printed circuit board, case and extensive training manual. Specifications: Catalog number: 21048. Ramsey Electronics. News.