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Dr. Umed Shekhawat

Dr. Umed Shekhawat is a cosmetic practitioner with 20+ years of experience in cosmetic surgeries in Australia.

How Good Or Bad Are Lip Fillers? From the non-surgical facelift to hyaluronic acids, the aesthetic world has truly evolved.

How Good Or Bad Are Lip Fillers?

Now, you can bet on turning back the clock, lifting up your face and lips. The cosmetic treatment does not stop you from communicating, emoting and showing interest. Rather than looking done, the dermatologists put a small dose of fillers for a natural lift. Lip Fillers Defined Lip fillers are natural sugar extract proteins that make your cupid bows pop.

What are fillers made of? Also referred to soft-tissue fillers, the dermal fillers are made from a naturally occurring complex sugar. Gradually, the gel gets dissolved naturally while creating more collagen. The most pervasive filler at present contains components similar to hyaluronic acid-a naturally occurring substance in our body. Uses. This Is What Happens When You Have Fillers in Your Cheeks. The small and flat face often remains unnoticed.

This Is What Happens When You Have Fillers in Your Cheeks

It loses attraction. But, a lift of filler can make it look apart from the crowd for the good reasons. Let’s get through what changes fillers can bring in your cheeks. Who need fillers in the cheeks? Those who have a flat mid face or somebody who doesn’t have significant cheeks, natural fillers prove great. It makes your cheeks look prominent, provided that these injectable have not gone wrong. How To Reduce Fat on Face With Mesotherapy? Ageing skin loses its plumpness and radiance.

How To Reduce Fat on Face With Mesotherapy?

The lost volume clearly appears through the pockets of fat near the masseter muscles and under the chin. Despite selecting the best anti-wrinkle products, lines and creases still persist. Certainly, those scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients are not enough to remove the fat on your face. So! Do we have anything that really works on fat and wrinkles? The answer is “Yes”.

However, this therapy is widely practiced in France to achieve slimmer and firmer look. Nonsurgical Mesotherapy With the age, the small and soft pockets of fat accumulate into your mesoderm (the layer of fat and tissues underneath the skin). Invented by a French doctor Michel Pistol in 1950s, this treatment is administered with the exception of steroids.

The Treatment: Cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat, causing soft and dimpling skin, especially in masseter muscles, thighs and other areas. Pre-Treatment Arrangements Post Treatment Downtime Time Interval. Thread Lift Can Visibly Redefine Nose & Jawline. A curvy bridge or down the tip of your nose irritates your beauty.

Thread Lift Can Visibly Redefine Nose & Jawline

Besides, the jowls on your masseter muscles can make you look aged. The sags and double chin often fade your great looks, which you can enhance with thread lift. The advanced cosmetic science has evolved this atypical skin treatment, which is carried out with minimal to no invasion. However, the facelift cannot completely decrease your years. But, you would certainly turn the clock back with your fresh and less tired look. Consultation Prior to any surgical or non-invasive cosmetic treatment, you should always speak to your skin specialist. Ask him to tell about the options that you can opt for during your appointment. Thread Lift As aforementioned, it involves a minimally invasive procedure to pass threads under the skin from précised points using an ultrathin long needle.

Dissolvable Threads The advanced Aptos threads get dissolved under the skin over time. Preparation Procedure: Potential threats: Recovery Signs: How to Completely Fade Acne Scars With These Skin Treatments. Developing acne around puberty is very common.

How to Completely Fade Acne Scars With These Skin Treatments

Gradually, it may go off. But, getting rid of its dark scars and pits is not easy. Despite trying many acne treatments like medicines, topical, Vitamin C, serums and facials, they still remain visible. Let’s get through how they appear. Causes of Acne Scarring When your skin tries to heal the inflamed acne, it secretes collagen in plenty. Besides, scratching, squeezing and pricking spots can leave your surface full of scars. Types of acne scarring: Boxcar scars-They look broad depressions with sharply defined edges.Rolling scars-They are also broad depressions with sloping edges.Ice pick scars-They look like deep and narrow pits. Unfortunately, these scars are too stubborn to go off. But, the modern skin clinics have cutting edge technologies to completely fade away those scars.

Best Nonsurgical Acne Scar Treatments: Chemical Peel: The superficial chemical peel shows excellent results on dark acne spots, if applied. 8 Proven Anti-Wrinkle Treatments That Make You Look Younger! Tightening, rejuvenating and even tone are the must-have that the aging skin looks for.

8 Proven Anti-Wrinkle Treatments That Make You Look Younger!

The state-of-art skin clinics can help you to look younger at the cost that you incur on your anti-wrinkle products. The bags under your eyes, crow’s feet or bunny scrunch can prematurely outbreak, which instinctively spins the thought around “how I get rid of wrinkles on my face”. It drives you crazy and you quest for its solution in promotional adverts or over the internet. The hollow promises streamed in the anti-wrinkle creams and products’ ads often blindfold you, claiming to fight the signs of aging.

But unfortunately, they skip talking about the permanency of their effect. Wrinkles become reversible, provided that you know about their causes. Causes of Wrinkles: The following causes ultimately decline elastin and collagen production, which provides structure and strength to your supple skin. SmokingHereditySkin TypeExcessive sun exposure Most Effective Wrinkle Treatments: