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DAW Bench : DAW Performance Benchmarking. The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course. Home: Sound On Sound music recording technology magazine. Pro Audio, Live Sound, Music Recording and Live Post for Audio Pros. Outboard Gear. RECORDING & Sound Engineering Forums. 3dB. OsCommerce. The 3D Pre CD Volume 1 features 34 female vocal recordings in mono, using a Manley Reference microphone through 30 different preamps and 30 samples of a McPherson acoustic guitar, recorded in stereo using a Neumann KM-84 and an Audio-Technica 4033.


The CD includes pictures from the 3D Preamp Listening Party, a complete list of the preamps, with URLs and pricing, a description of the testing procedure and a key to identify the preamps. Preamps included are: Amek 9098 Dual Mic Amp, Aphex 1100-Tube, API 512, ART Tube Channel, Audio Upgrades High-Speed Mic Preamp, Avalon VT-737, Buzz MA-2, Cranesong Flamingo, Daking 52270, dbx 386, dbx 786, D.W. If you would like to purchase this CD, click on the ADD TO CART button below. Microphone Database. The RecordingHacks Microphone Database Organizing the world's microphones HOW TO use the Microphone Database (pictorial guide).

Microphone Database

This is the RecordingHacks searchable microphone database. Juke Box Limited - Importateur de Matériel Audio Professionnel - France & Benelux.