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DAW Bench : DAW Performance Benchmarking. The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course. Home: Sound On Sound music recording technology magazine. Pro Audio, Live Sound, Music Recording and Live Post for Audio Pros. Outboard Gear. RECORDING & Sound Engineering Forums. 3dB. OsCommerce. The 3D Pre CD Volume 1 features 34 female vocal recordings in mono, using a Manley Reference microphone through 30 different preamps and 30 samples of a McPherson acoustic guitar, recorded in stereo using a Neumann KM-84 and an Audio-Technica 4033.


The CD includes pictures from the 3D Preamp Listening Party, a complete list of the preamps, with URLs and pricing, a description of the testing procedure and a key to identify the preamps. Preamps included are: Amek 9098 Dual Mic Amp, Aphex 1100-Tube, API 512, ART Tube Channel, Audio Upgrades High-Speed Mic Preamp, Avalon VT-737, Buzz MA-2, Cranesong Flamingo, Daking 52270, dbx 386, dbx 786, D.W. If you would like to purchase this CD, click on the ADD TO CART button below. Microphone Database. Juke Box Limited - Importateur de Matériel Audio Professionnel - France & Benelux.