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Fabricantes de tampas

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Mold-Rite Plastics™ Plastic Bottles, Containers, Jugs, Caps and Lids. Closures : : : Plastic Bottle Corporation; plastic bottles, plastic jugs, plastic jars. Lids – Priority Plastics, Inc. In-Mold Labeling, Custom Closures and Products. Package Closures Benefits and News Releases. Liner Specifications for Product Packaging. Caps and Closurers. Weatherchem liners for product packaging. Weatherchem offers a variety of liners for your packaging design needs.

Weatherchem liners for product packaging

Aptar - Home. Helping you keep a lid on costs. Products. Silgan Plastic Closure Solutions. Packaging & Medical Injection Molding. (Click picture to advance)

Packaging & Medical Injection Molding

Crown Holdings, Inc. - Brand-Building Packaging - Aerosol Packaging, Beverage Packaging, Food Packaging, Metal Closures, and Speciality Packaging. Global Source for Bottles Closures Sprayers - The Bottle Crew. Plastic Bottle Caps for the Dairy, Water & Beverage Industries. Bottles, Containers, Closures, Overcaps, Drink Cups, Consumer Products, Tubes, Prescription Packaging and more Berry Plastics Corporation. Original Equipment Manufacturers and Molders. OEM's and Molders Restore the Product Flow Don't allow your cap lining operations to be an impediment or bottleneck to your cap sales.

Original Equipment Manufacturers and Molders

Look to Danbury Plastics to line any closure design within your product catalog. We are happy to work directly for you or simply refer your customer to us; we will assist them with both liner selection and provide a potentially significant reduction in lead-time for their much needed cap lining application. Think of Danbury as a strategic partner to your quality control efforts. 100% Quality Inspections Take full advantage of Danbury Plastics' 100% quality inspection systems.

MAUSER Homepage - MAUSER will surprise you with our great variety. Find the Bottle Closure to Fit Your Brand – CSI Cap Finder. BERICAP - caps, closures -  Closures. Products - Phoenix Closures. Shallow Skirted Closures A good general-purpose closure, these shallow skirted items have fine-ribbed sides and stippled tops.

Products - Phoenix Closures

Most of these items are stocked in white, unlined and with a wide variety of liners. Colors and special liner combinations are also available. Smooth Top & Ribbed Sides Used primarily in the Personal Care/Cosmetics markets, these short skirted closures feature the clean look of a smooth top and sides. Smooth Top & Sides Medium & Deep Skirted Closures These closures are primarily characterized as having broad-ribbed sides and medium to deep skirts. 63-S01 Buttress Style Closure Our buttress-style 63mm closure is a proven performer in the Food Oil and Agricultural Chemical markets. Dosing and Dispensing Closures Our Dispensing line of closures includes our AccuSeal® Canister Cup as well as multiple closures for liquid or dry dispensing.

Specialty Closures Ranging in size from 24mm to 93mm, these closures are designed to fulfill a variety of special needs. Cap Liner Types. Choosing a liner type and style is one of the most important factors of cap selection.

Cap Liner Types

Certain products such as chemicals, consumer products or foods may require specialized liners. Different liner materials may be used for moisture barriers, chemical resistance, consumer safety, or preventing leakage. Depending on the material, cap liners may also influence the cost of your finished product. For more information on types of caps and closures, visit the Selecting Closures info page . As always, be sure to test your product with the liner you choose to be sure they are compatible. Bulk Packed Liners - BPA Free Stock Plastic Jars & Caps - Parkway Plastics. Caps - Cincinnati Container. Canyon Plastics, Inc. Containers Plus Home Page. Kaufman Container - Products - PP Closures.

Continuous Thread Caps for Product Packaging. Metal CT Closures Wholesale & Bulk Quantities. Caps and Closures - Wheaton. Weatherchem liners for product packaging. Screw Caps - Silgan Plastice Closure Solutions. Newark Liner & Washer Inc. Capabilities We are capable of handling any size project from a few thousand units to a few million units and we have a record of making our goals under deadline.

Newark Liner & Washer Inc

Newark Liner and & Washer Inc. is based out of 10,000 square foot facility that contains: Waiting area Two floor storage area Liner & washer production area with accompanying cleaning area Gasket production area with accompanying cleaning area We utilize three, one-person operated machines, capable of producing over 80 Units per minute.

We also utilize three automated flat bed die cutter machines that are capable of producing 100 units per minute. We also utilize a high power, heavy duty gasket press for all your gasket needs. You will also find that our collection of precision made dies are far above average, ranging from 10mm to 120mm and most sizes in between. R & K Packaging. R&K Cap Lining incorporates 3 lines of efficient, high speed, cap lining equipment.

R & K Packaging

Current tooling allows us to line a wide variety of closure sizes. A partial list includes: R&K has tri-tab configurations for popular sizes such as 24mm, 28mm, 38mm and 43mm. A quick turnaround time for new tooling sizes allow for R&K Cap Lining & Decorating to add specific liner sizes in a timely fashion. R&K stocks a variety of lining materials from all major material manufacturers; pressure sensitive, easy-peel induction, weld-seal induction and Unipac Lift-n-Peel.

Material specifications and MSDS sheets are available by contacting us or you may click on the links below. For more lining material information: Selig Sealing Products unipac For induction sealing equipment: Enercon Pillar Technologies. Johnson-VBC.